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  1. I love how people continue to underrate Julio. I’ve seen ONE CB earn the right to say he contained Julio and that was Rhodes last year. Otherwise, I’m still waiting
  2. Arthur Blank, while having the absolute best intentions for this team and is a great owner, is to sentimental towards personell to ever let heads roll. Even when he fires people its in the absolute nicest way possible
  3. Not only Kazee but theres has been NUMEROUS ejections this year for those kinda hits under the new rule
  4. I didn’t mean trash as in the team stinks... I meant trash as in trash which is exactly what they always have been under that pos headhunting trash coach Payton...
  5. I know the game was already over but htf is that legal to lay on the **** ball like that? Saints proving why they’re such trash.
  6. McVay gonna pull a LeVeon in the fall next year, he’s gonna be like “restructure please ... ”
  7. Is there a reason our offense can’t move the ball like this? Or that our QB can’t find our #1 WR in the end zone ever? And don’t tell me it’s Julio.
  8. This team is going to give up 40+ per game with all the injuries. Embarrassing
  9. Every time I hear about JuJu I can’t help but think of that Martavis Bryant tweet... “aint no way JuJu better than me FOOL”
  10. We win that game with Jones and Neal. Season is pretty much toast if this is what we can expect before Jones comes back
  11. 12 Pack of Matty Ice, it’s a work league I’m in lol, so I highly doubt it! But now I’m curious, whats your team name lol.
  12. Give the ball to Gurley, I’m down by 8 points lol.
  13. Why can’t our offense move the football like that
  14. Explain how he can look so good under Kyle... and very good under several others, to looking like a complete SHELL of his former self under Sark? It isn’t just the playcalls, it may be confidence, they may not be on the same page, who knows what happens the other days of the week, but it’s pretty obvious the two of them are like trying to mix oil and water even if they say they get along fine to the media
  15. The positive thinkers will keep saying “it’s still early” until it’s to late
  16. Well idk about that, someone else put it well in another thread, everytime he DOES rush the passer as soon as he starts getting blocked he seems to just give up, where are the freakin moves Freeney was teaching him????
  17. Sark defenders keep saying he isn’t throwing the ball he isn’t the one dropping passes, missing blocks etc... it’s just funny to me that we, with practically the sale players, had hardly any of these issues in 2016, heck even a lot of seasons before that when we were always an offensive team that just couldn’t stop anybody. Now we struggle mightily to score ONE EFFIN TD per game. Its not just playcalling that goes into being OC, though he does suck at that, also.
  18. The question is what kind of good team do you wanna be. There are 2 different kinds... there is championship contending good, and make the playoffs only good. We are IMO only make the playoffs good with the buffoon running this highly talented offense. I’ll frankly take missing the playoffs for 5 straight years if it means a championship vs making the playoffs 5 straight year but having no real chance at getting past the big boys in the league
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