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  1. 17 hours ago, BirdGangATL said:

    Yes, Julio isn’t worth that big money because he takes plays off!  I was at the game Sunday and every time after Julio is targeted, he skips the next play and stand on the sidelines smh I remember Randy Moss, Jerry Rice, TO all them never took a play off!

    Yes because that has nothing to do with coaches decisions...

  2. How about, this team just is not that good?  Sure theres some individual talent that makes people want to believe on paper this is a playoff team but reality is, outside of Ryan, Julio, Sanu, Debo, Neal (done now), Grady, this team pretty much sucks.  Oh add Hooper to that short list

  3. 1 hour ago, thanat0s said:

    As well as a half dozen other guys. Sanu has been a good influence in his time here, but he’s aging, and highly expendable now that Hoop has made him mostly irrelevant.  

    Everyone is aging lol, and he just turned 30 2 months ago, younger than Julio lol

  4. Just now, MD-FalconFan13 said:

    Both teams looked far better than the Falcons. 

    Seriously sucks to watch your arch-nemesis constantly look good in big moments while our team completely falls flat on their face..

    Yes it does.  It’s like this team can’t get anything ******* right

  5. 2 minutes ago, Faithful Falcon said:

    Looking at Johnson and Hyde, I wish Ollison and Hill were active yesterday. I know Freeman runs hard, but he's not gonna have the impact that the bigger back have. I'm ready for a power running game.

    I’m ready for an offense that can move the football with the ease teams like the Texans and Chiefs can... even when we DO move the football, it’s like clawing for every... single... yard, like we’re climbing Everest with no equipment and no oxygen

  6. 56 minutes ago, FalconsAirMiles said:

    I know everyone on this board wants to kill the Falcon's coaching, but if the two championship game showed anything there is bad coaching everywhere.

    Rams - Probably shouldn't have won. Their DBs are coached terribly from not turning around for the ball and blowing coverages. Goff made some bad throws and did not have good pocket presence at times. 

    Chiefs - A defender lines up in an offside position. DBs and their coaching staff constantly do not recognize plays that Romo calls from the booth. Andy Reid does not understand clock management leaving too much time for Brady and doesn't call timeout to slow down the Patriots.


    Romo also has the advantage of seeing the formation and then telling us what the play is.  Defensive coord... not so much

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