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  1. Yes because that has nothing to do with coaches decisions...
  2. How about, this team just is not that good? Sure theres some individual talent that makes people want to believe on paper this is a playoff team but reality is, outside of Ryan, Julio, Sanu, Debo, Neal (done now), Grady, this team pretty much sucks. Oh add Hooper to that short list
  3. Everyone is aging lol, and he just turned 30 2 months ago, younger than Julio lol
  4. The seats are paid for, they don’t care if theres an *** in the seat or not
  5. Yes it does. It’s like this team can’t get anything ******* right
  6. Julio would be doing that **** if we had a QB like that and a ******* offensive coord that could dial up plays like that
  7. Thats the **** I’m talking about, since Shanny left, **** like that went bye bye. Good god Deshaun
  8. I referencing everything else I see him capable of
  9. Without question... our next QB needs to be a young athletic gunslinger. Enough statues
  10. We have talent and bad coaching. With Julio we should be a high flying offense and we’re not. We’re having to claw for every yard.
  11. I’m ready for an offense that can move the football with the ease teams like the Texans and Chiefs can... even when we DO move the football, it’s like clawing for every... single... yard, like we’re climbing Everest with no equipment and no oxygen
  12. Typical Quinn “we knew it was gonna be a battle” ... tell me Quinn, when are we going to win that battle?
  13. Exactly, sucks, but meh. We aren’t about to go parading through the streets in protest
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