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  1. Romo also has the advantage of seeing the formation and then telling us what the play is. Defensive coord... not so much
  2. Well my name is a reference to Dunn-Vick-Duckett lol. So that long
  3. So we hired someone for OC that we fired from the same position 4 years ago??? Falcons gonna Falcon....
  4. For as good as Quinn is at drafting fast and physical at every position isn’t doing it, and they’re more injury prone
  5. Please don’t tell me this **** is gonna save Sarks job
  6. Worse part about all this is... our window is gone. This team is simply so bad it almost needs a rebuild. Or will, by the end of next season
  7. Majority of them are only millionaires til they retire and the checks stop coming
  8. Contested??? He’s throwing balls to positions where they’rs defenseless and getting smoked. He’s going to get someone killed today
  9. He is def throwing passing that are leaving our guys out to get smoked
  10. What the **** good are our picks? We’re just gonna pick an undersized “fast and physical” defensive back
  11. On a first and 10, with 11 minutes left in the first
  12. What happened to the team we saw in Washington??
  13. He has the best intentions but can’t run a football team.
  14. CLOWNS, this team is full of absolute CLOWNS