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  1. Blank could fire Quinn today and that wouldn't create the impression you suggest. Time after time Blank has proven to be patient with his HC... more than patient with Q. This simply would be deserved... Koetter could serve interim for glue and see if he can right the ship with 14 or 13 games. Morris might have to go too.
  2. Go back and read the letter... said I stood with the NFL even though I disagreed.... They can kneel all they want! I can disagree all I want! That is Freedom of Speech. Maybe you need a civbics lesson! The NFL has a double standard... when VetAm says #pleasestand they are not demanding it but respectfully asking... yet their Freedom of Speech is denied. Do you understand that now or is Freedom of Speech only valid when it appeal to you? Which by the way is not how it works!
  3. Let me rephrase that for you... the hardest letter I've ever written. Board here has always been full of smart as$es taking cheap shots. I'm pretty sure you knew my meaning.` I stood by the entire season and watched the NFL pander to liberal BS political crap. However to refuse to allow AmVet which has has a highly touted charity rating to run a simple #pleasestand ad is absurd. The NFL has lost it's compass. I said I'd share it and so I did... regardless if anyone else agrees... Everyone has their own conscience to follow. I hope they'll make reconciliation... if not then I'll follow mine.
  4. One of the hardest things I've ever done was to write this letter today! To Whom it May Concern... I am a 57 year old American citizen, native Georgian and a life long Falcon fan. My loyalty to this team is deep and is something I inherited and shared with my late father his entire life. It grieves me deeply to write this letter! Until you support "Freedom of Speech" for All Americans including our honorable veterans I will no longer support the NFL and my hometown franchise the Atlanta Falcons. To not allow a charitable organization such as American Veteran's to run their print ad in the Super Bowl program this year is a disgrace to the entire NFL. It is my understanding that Mr. Blank has been highly supportive of Commissioner Goodell and his administration. That he voted to keep him as commissioner. Shame on this beloved organization for not calling out the NFL for it's hypocrisy! In a year where I stood behind the NFL thru the controversy (even in disagreement) this act is a blatant act of double standards. Until I see in print or media otherwise this franchise calling out Goodell and his administration for this stupid, ignorant and insulting act I will no longer purchase any NFL licensed products from merchandise to tickets. I will also make sure every media box in my home is tuned out from any NFL product for broadcast. I will also use social media and other outlets to encourage others to do the same. In regret,
  5. Tampa had nothing to lose and we came out a winner in a trap game... Take it and celebrate it!
  6. Two words would have improved this entire season! Matt LaFluer
  7. He's made the quota... no more moving forward. :-)
  8. Would have been more epic if he had a better game!
  9. What's funny is it was the audio guy that picked up Matt's f bomb! I guess he survived his leveling! I posted on Twitter that the tumble looked like a Chris Farley skit from SNL! Being the 20th anniversary of his death.
  10. Saints and Falcons are never sure money... Freeman will run a few toss sweeps right past that wussy Payton and point at his privates and say choke this!
  11. Show me any quote by Quinn where he owned that idea... that he needed to improve. He was pretty arrogant after the Super Bowl and held on to his wouldn't have changed a thing speech... seems to throw his players under the bus and blames it all on execution. I guess I'd want to move on from that melt down as well if were the one mis-managing the team.
  12. Here's what I heard today from someone I believe to be a reliable source... for what it's worth... It's a programmable fix that has already been calculated by another firm that the Chief Engineer refuses to sign off on. Another firm has it coded but the engineer won't accept it and is stubbornly refusing their assistance while working to solve it himself. Basically a pissing contest I was told. I would imagine that law suits are about to be passed around if this is the case? I really don't know.
  13. Dude was knocked silly... swear I saw him say while sitting on the turf to the trainer... "Daddy... Chuck E Cheese is over there!"
  14. I would imagine it's an annuity... still pretty good income.
  15. A win tomorrow puts Atlanta in the 6th seed playoff picture thru week 11th. We'll have the head to head tie breaker with all of the 6-4 teams. IMO however every game remaining is a must win! Can't afford any mishaps... 10-6 won't get it this season and I don't think 11-5 will... too close. One week at a time.
  16. Process in MBS everywhere is slow... Backed up lines everywhere, busted bathroom stalls! Go watch the replay and see just how empty the stands are for the second half kick off!
  17. The point is made but great teams capitalize on opportunity. Today we capitalized!
  18. You ain't kidding! I was actually laughing at their optimism on Marta before the game... was I ever schooled. It's what being a fan of this team has been my like entire life... and I'm just shy of 57.
  19. I understand but disagree... This guy in 5 games has turned what was the league's best offense and MVP QB into a wreck. He won't be fired at least not during this season... but if this nonsense continues with this much talent he'll be gone.
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