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  1. Blank could fire Quinn today and that wouldn't create the impression you suggest. Time after time Blank has proven to be patient with his HC... more than patient with Q. This simply would be deserved... Koetter could serve interim for glue and see if he can right the ship with 14 or 13 games. Morris might have to go too.
  2. Happy B day! I'll be 51 in January.

  3. I'm a Georgia fan... get over it. This kind of BS embarrasses me as a Dawg supporter.. The Falcons had a great draft and picked the right man for the franchise at this moment.
  4. It we're going into Salary Cap Hades with and already overpriced offense why not Adrian Peterson or Ray Rice? No! It's time to focus on the D!
  5. The Falcons have been tackling much better this year and swarming to the ball. I like our odds!
  6. He's starting on my Fantasy teams! I sure hope he does and I agree with your assessment!
  7. Dixon is no more a third string running back than Jason Snelling is a 3rd string RB
  8. I was thinking the same thing... Tennessee couldn't even put up more than 11 points on the Steelers at home today! Not to mention that our game last week was the third road game in a row for the Falcons!
  9. +1 I agree... there is no excuse for anyone privileged enough to play professional sports not to go all out on every play. I understood your point. It has nothing to do with the play, the loss or whose to blame. It has everything to do with the heart! I will however give Dunta a pass because it was obvious missing the preseason didn't help him.
  10. [quote name='poutlipper' date='13 September 2010 - 04:35 PM' timestamp='1284413709' post='5729247' Also as said above, a chat room(leave it open 24/7) would cut down on a lot of the useless posts/threads, especially during gameday. I bet 99% of the people posting on the Game threads would rather be able to post in a chatroom. Yes to the chat room! It is archaic to be manually refreshing the browser every 30 seconds..... Talk about taxing the database!
  11. The Falcons are forcing us to run "Skinny Post" routes.
  12. Which is part of the problem... why is a fix coming in mid-season? This has been an issue for years and ignored. No live chat either... I never used the board during the games because of that. Even if/when I could get in on gameday to follow the comments you have to manually refresh the pages every 15-30 seconds. I will continue to view both boards but my hunch is by the early October "fix" the new board will have created a very popular following. About the only thing I care about here now are your great cartoons and Hickory Stick Award! I can get the Jay Adams stuff at AF.com and Twitter.
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