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  1. I agree and I think he’s spot on if Green Bay drags us up and down the field on MNF that should do it.
  2. The whole reason for hiring Dan Quinn in the first place was he was this defensive guru who would shore up our defense to go along with our offense. We have always been stacked on offense and no problems scoring points. We had our franchise QB in place the best WR in football at the time and he NEVER could do what he was hired to do in fact it’s gotten worse and now I believe we are dead last defensively in every category. I don’t know what Arthur could be thinking. Quinn came here and failed to put a defense on the field to win and close out games. **** Arthur wake up and move on.
  3. I’m at the point where I want Quinn out so bad I don’t get upset with a loss. I’m so ready to hit the reset button and pray that we get a coach and staff in here that we can get behind and start caring again
  4. We have the talent to win now they need to get healthy and get coaches in here that know what the heck their doing.
  5. I thought Hill looked good yesterday and Gurley was average still like him in the red zone
  6. Don’t do this to me Koetter as H/C hires Jason Garrett as coordinator
  7. It makes no sense looking back the 4th quarter looked like a bad edit job from a different game. The first 3 quarters had a completely different feel balanced running/pass decent defense 26-10 QB benched To me it was even more startling than the SB how quickly we switched gears for no apparent reason and it wasn’t due to Foles. We gave the ball back to Chicago 3 times in 2:48 seconds that’s unbelievable when you’re trying finish a game. That 4th quarter was even more disconnected than the SB
  8. Jim Harbaugh as HC Rex Ryan as DC LOL it would never be boring
  9. Basically the same roster while we have first round draft picks galore and can’t win a game
  10. I think our illustrious HC said that or some idiot in our organization has Green Bay sitting at 3-0 undefeated. Lord have mercy
  11. Best article AJC has ever written. Please make sure a copy of this hits Arthur’s desk.
  12. Not on you Ridley you played your *** off
  13. I forgot Ulbrich is Assistant HC I guess he would get the job anyway.
  14. LOL ok pick one Morris Koetter Ulbrich Knaap Sutton
  15. Who would you suggest Ulbrich who has looked worse at least Morris had some success on 3rd down and was instrumental in the 7-2 run last year.
  16. My first vote was Ulbrich as well but my goodness his calls are terrible. I agree no one on this staff looks good but Morris did get results last year and maybe getting Quinn out of the building he could do it again. /shrug
  17. If you want to fix this part then hire Harbaugh
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