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  1. That shank punt came at a crucial time during the Tampa Bay game giving Brady a short field. He should not be on the team and it will happen again. Where is Parcells when you need him.
  2. We need a excellent route runner who can find space quickly with good hands. Ridley is the best we have. Pitts is raw and Gage is a number 3. Brown is nothing more than a deep threat like Hill and after watching for 2 weeks that’s not in our playbook.
  3. After the play when the announcer said pick up of 24 I had to double check. He can cover some ground in a hurry.
  4. C’mon jdawg Belichick won what 3 games his first year in Cleveland ? To soon to be making calls like that. The game didn’t seem to big for him he’s a rookie HC and I’m sure his play calling will improve as he does. I actually liked his presser seems intelligent and determined. One more thing I really like how he is involved during the game on the sidelines. Constantly barking into the mic, running down the sideline telling Gage to get down, working the refs. He’s made some questionable calls and mistakes but give him time we really have a bad team but I did see improvement in week 2 and that’s saying a lot with this team.
  5. Good speech Arthur Smith but we currently don’t have the talent or depth as a team to compete in this league. I’ll watch every game and pull for my Falcons but reality is you need another draft or two and some cap to sign some quality free agents to go along with the few talented players we do have.
  6. I’m getting a t-shirt made We don’t smoke grass we block it
  7. Let this sink in DE NDAMUKONG SUH NT Vita Veah DE William Gholston OLB Jason Pierre-Paul ILB Devin White ILB Levonte David OLB Shaquil Barrett
  8. You are correct they weren’t getting blown up. They were blocking grass Best line ever
  9. Even if they block the design of these two plays are awful
  10. I knew it was bad I watched the game but **** I had no idea it was that bad. I'm sitting here looking at the screen and I'm still shaking my head
  11. I can't believe what I'm seeing with the Guard play
  12. Rumor is Jarrett, Ridley and Pitts to the PS to make room for 3 players about to be signed.
  13. The game was about as weird as Arthur Smith’s wardrobe inside a dome. I’ve been a fan for 40 years so this definitely wasn’t the worst debut but it was ugly. After watching a lot of games Sunday I started comparing to what I witnessed earlier in the day of my beloved Falcons. 1) We’re bad I mean really bad it may only be only one game but that was hard to watch. 2) Penalties when you have almost as many penalties yards 99 as rushing 124 and passing yards 136 they weren’t prepared. 3)Vanilla we started off strong but it seemed like after Arthur finished his 10-15 opening script the sheet was blank. 4) Pitts Take the bubble wrap off let the highest drafted TE in history and our number 4 pick play. While other rookies we're scoring TD’s ours was being coddled like he was made of porcelain. 5) Ryan It pains me to say this but Ryan looked old yesterday and lost. Between the OL and the play calling he looked like a shell of his former self. 6) The OL it will take years to fix this disaster no QB including Brady would fare much better. 7) No pash rush Fowler and Means were beyond terrible. It’s going to be a long year we don’t need 1 DE we need 2 and we have no one behind them. We are cash strapped void of talent and depth on both sides of the ball. It will be a long time before we are near the top again and competing for a division title. But as Rodgers said after his 3 point performance yesterday it’s only one game so maybe I’m wrong but I doubt it.
  14. Cautiously optimistic but depth is a big concern.
  15. I thought that was a good game last night. I hope Matt and the offense comes out firing. The key will be how our OL holds up against Philly's defensive front.
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