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  1. Cowboys next
  2. Larry Csonka growing up As an adult got to meet him great guy and felt like a kid again My wife as a kid lived next door to Mercury Morris he would say hi to her everyday as he went for a run
  3. I'm not eating mine he was one of the worst CB's last year and I think our new DC had a closed door meeting with him. He could have played at this level last year he got paid and got lazy
  4. McGary Did Not Participate So practice could continue
  5. Good move Bryant hits 50 yarder starts doing kick offs next FG shanks one left into the upper deck nope leave Money Matt alone.
  6. I was looking for the Bring Ramsey home thread. At least it didn’t disappoint. Oh btw **** no to Ramsey
  7. I think all 3 came while throwing off of his back foot
  8. Isn’t that the truth and they also need to scrap that stupid PI rule especially if Julio didn’t get the call. Can’t blame Quinn on that challenge
  9. Congrats to Koetter or Ryan on one of the gutsiest calls 4th down with game on the line. To pull Mathews off the line after they had been blitzing all night to deliver the block was a thing of beauty. Also wanna say I was ready to run Oliver out of town but he saved our *** on that great 4th down tackle. Now he just needs to clean up his penalties and cover. Also McGary is a **** man and the will and want to play after being carted off the field was amazing to see. I can hear him screaming GET ME BACK OUT THERE the man is a beast. Finally I’m so happy to see us standing up to Philly our Lines did not get bullied our DL whipped their ***. Also our OL stood up to them considering. Sure they hit us in the mouth but we knocked them the **** out. Great game Falcons
  10. You in a 4 team league ? j/k
  11. The passing game is the key in this one but the OL has to give Matt time. Freeman can showcase he’s 100 percent in another game I really bought in that Freeman was back from what I was hearing out of camp so much so I drafted him in my fantasy league. I hope he is but he looked slow against Minnesota.
  12. I was amazed at how good some teams looked and how bad we looked just trying to do the basics.
  13. It depends on how bad we flop if we stink up the joint I think Quinn could get fired. TD umm no he did everything Quinn asked of him and is a excellent GM. I think AB really likes Quinn I think the right person would have to become available along with a disaster of a season then he would make a change.