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  1. This ^^
  2. He is my Xfactor this season
  3. We are stacked but so is the NFC if we win it all we’ve earned it.
  4. But our cap situation was different I don't want to lose any players because Julio wants more than 14.5 million a year averaging 4.5 TD's over the last two years and has hit double digit TD's only once in his career. While Antonio Brown came within 1 TD last year of hitting double digit TD's 4 years in a row. If he wants a raise then make it an incentive laden contract that won't kill our cap.
  5. Smart young man I hope kills it
  6. Up to Sark
  7. Happy Birthday
  8. Love Sanu and I think he would be perfect in the slot with Julio and Ridley on the outside.
  9. True quit picking on me
  10. Not using a weapon like Gabriel to help Julio and the God awful play calling at the end of the Philly game. For me it seemed like no one was comfortable in a simpler offense. It was very strange not one WR dropped the ball they all did everyone including Matt seemed out of sync
  11. I’m at a big SB party with friends and acquaintances I’m the only Falcon fan representing and quite a few Pat fans. By the 3rd quarter up 28-3 everyone even the Pat fans were high fiving or shaking my hand offering congratulations and I was having celebratory drinks. Then IT happened. I was so pissed my wife and I left the party and I blew by a cop who proceeded to pull me over could this night get any worse. She walks up to the car and asks me do you know why I pulled you over ? She saw my Falcon gear and said you’ve been through enough and gave me a warning. True story This year ? I’ll let you know
  12. Matt Ryan / Julio Jones will be traded to the Cleveland Browns for Tyrod Taylor and Josh Gordon. Atlanta will take the cap hit on both players. The Falcons will have no cap space Grady Jarrett and Jake Mathews will be released this afternoon. In other news Calvin Ridley dropped his first pass at rookie camp without a contract signed he will be traded to the Saints for a future 3rd round pick
  13. Well that didn’t take long