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  1. I agree to old to extend do a restructure on both 9 mill for Julio and I would take the 14 mill on the restructure of Ryan makes zero sense to extend either one to gain what 3 mill no thanks. Take the 23 million and be happy.
  2. I did read this Julio Julio Jones is a future Hall of Famer and the Atlanta Falcons are better off keeping him instead of trading him unless they receive a king’s ransom. The Atlanta Falcons need to still do something about Julio Jones’s contract. The best option is to restructure his contract. If the Atlanta Falcons restructured Julio Jones’s contract, they would receive $9 Million in cap space. Matt If the Atlanta Falcons traded him after June 1st, they would gain $23 Million in cap space but have $17 Million in dead money this offseason and the following offsea
  3. I think Mathis was leaning towards Pees keeping Neal if we cut Allen and maybe draft a safety for the future. If we do that how do you structure Neal ? We can't go with Hawkins and a rookie day one lawd
  4. Agree and I did like his breakdown on both sides of the ball and his approach to the draft. I know this video is 23 minutes long but good stuff and thanks for watching.
  5. Found this imo pretty much on point. I personally agree with Mathis what needs to be done. If posted earlier sorry about that
  6. I see nothing wrong with drafting a QB at 4 sit a year and learn. The cap will go up in 2022 and a 17 mill hit wouldn’t be that bad especially due to your new franchise QB is on a rookie deal.
  7. Like that would matter in a big game. /p
  8. Matt and Julio aren’t going anywhere this season
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