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  1. Poole was average
  2. Nice way to go Julio.
  3. If used properly he will be a force.
  4. I think if we use a pitch count Gurley can still do some damage at a critical part of a game 5mill I’m in
  5. Well this officially kills the Falcon filter thank God
  6. I’m good with this.
  7. Hurst will be fine and is a better blocker
  8. Good luck Hooper
  9. Half the guys stay at home anyway just do a remote draft
  10. 8-8 new GM and Coach after this year and we can move on from here
  11. I don’t think the team can give away draft picks we will need everyone after this year
  12. Throwing away 2 first round picks on a bust and Joe average wow just wow.
  13. I like it