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  1. Phillips first choice but he is 73 Ulbrich is 43 I’m not sold on him but could do worse Alot of it will depend on the HC and his ties
  2. I have been in Bieniemy’s camp but I like how Morris has finally brought some accountability and discipline to the team. I also like his no BS and no coach speak during his press conferences. The defense has been more aggressive and there has been improved play from Terrell, Foye and Jones came back to life. If he can stop this fourth quarter nonsense and go on a run during the rest of the season he deserves it and I would be happy with Morris. If not and blowing leads keep happening then bring me Bieniemy.
  3. "A doozy of a find in Round 3, and well worth trading up from No. 79 to get him. Elflein was the best center in this draft, and I think he can be Minnesota’s man in the middle for years to come." — Chris Burke, Sports Illustrated draft analyst Elflein, 26, was moved to right guard in 2020 after spending last season at left guard, a move made after the Vikings drafted center Garrett Bradbury with the 18th overall pick in 2019. Elflein played center for his first two seasons with the Vikings after winning the Rimington Trophy at Ohio State. A shoulder injury in December
  4. First few games are brutal for a rookie CB but Terrell has picked up his play not only in his first year but looking like a 1st rounder and he's only going to get better
  5. Nothing against Stocker but he is terrible
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