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  1. I would love for Mack to be 100%.
  2. Now stop Barkley
  3. Great analysis g I've been high on Senat from the beginning watching him throw pro-bowl lineman to the ground in his first year is a pleasure. I think he still has upside especially in year 2 and will be a starter beside Grady for a long time. Foye jumped off the tape for me not hard playing at Yale but the kid has talent excited for his future he can play
  4. Stats brother
  5. With the defense decimated by injuries it’s forced Sark and Ryan to play aggressive and open it up. I see the Matt of 2016 spreading the ball around with confidence again Lets hope Quinn and Sark see what this offense is capable of when we get our D back and stay this aggressive next year
  6. Beasley remains unchanged from his college years here in SC every knew he would struggle at the next level. He would play soft and quit on plays then and he's doing it now. The amazing thing I saw yesterday was when Takk and Beasley lined up on the same side and Takk had his guy pushed back three yards while Beasley was still trying to move his guy even on the stunt. Takk has dawg in him while Beasley has poodle
  7. He’s a great guy but he’s not getting the job done not even close. If he continues this level of play he shouldn’t be offered an extension.
  8. The defense right now is done until we get people back. The offense stepped up in prior weeks so Pitt decided to bring pressure and our OLine allowed 6 sacks. Now that’s on film and a lot of teams will copy Pittsburgh since our D is garbage right now. I would establish the run with Ito the more he gets the ball the better he plays. Get Coleman open on some short pass plays and draw those safeties up and everything else will open up
  9. Senat will be a good one
  10. In my best Rocky voice a lazy bum.
  11. Getting sacked 6 times can have something to do with it. Last week against Cincy he threw 5 TD's and had a QBR of 148.1 and still lost Creating a thread about trading Ryan is ludicrous
  12. We have a lot of issues with this team Matt is not one of them