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  1. Hope you get well Takk life is to short
  2. Have to say a resounding yes since it seems Kubiak wants to be an advisor instead of putting in the hours as an OC.
  3. After the Super Bowl loss I was so upset the thought crossed my mind of why do I continue to pull for this team. Then I remember Dad taking me to the games at Fulton County Stadium getting my first Falcons jacket as a kid at Christmas still have the pic. Nope to many memories and they have been a part of my life for so long. Unfortunately I have the double whammy my mother God rest her soul was a die hard Braves fan soooo I never had a chance love the Braves too.
  4. Gotta earn it
  5. Lol before you make the trip it’s the NFC team turn to be the home team so the Saints will be in our locker room Now go make your drink
  6. Embrace the suck
  7. Patriots vs Saints In our house playing in the Super Bowl /smh
  8. It will be a long offseason but definitely a more interesting one. We have a lot of decisions to make. Coach says he trusts two guys on the OL yikes. Gotta pay Jarrett Gotta pay Julio (again) What are we gonna do with Beasley? Can’t pay him 12 do we try and keep him or cut him ? Coleman let him walk ? Is Freeman truly healthy can he be our back that carries the load ? What to do with Alford what was once a strength is now a weakness unless Trufant can find his game. Probably count us out of FA again this year due to the cap and the contracts coming up. No thank you to another Fusco. The draft is so important gotta knock it out of the park. All of this scares me way more than our new staff
  9. I like the Koetter hire for a couple of reasons. Ryan can thrive immediately and with Koetter’s experience Quinn can concentrate solely on the D.
  10. KOG someone put some stats up about Koetter’s success in the run game and it was surprising and not just In Jacksonville. It seems if he has a horse he will run him the question is do we ? No idea what to expect with Freeman. Here is where you can get excited Ryan loves Koetter and should thrive immediately. No huddle offense this is made for Ryan and it’s a thing of beauty to watch. With the weapons we have today I bet we put 30+ on teams next year. Saved the best for last we hired Quinn for his defensive prowess and with this staff he can 100% concentrate on the defense. The defense is 100% his baby now let’s bring it. Ryan in a no huddle and Quinn being the DC I’m excited
  11. Never mind didn’t see it
  12. With Quinn running the defense I’m really warming up to Gase as our OC. I think Quinn and Gase could be dangerous. I saw his pic on the front page and thought we had made a move. Anyone heard any news on Gase We haven’t even interviewed him have we ?
  13. Watching all this play out I hope in a few weeks I don’t say who ?