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  1. A great TE opens up so many options
  2. Learn to block
  3. I love Levitre if he’s healthy no then draft Wynn.
  4. Gabriel is a very good #3 receiver with elite speed. If he gets on the right team he’ll be good for 6-7 TD’s again. Dont blame him because Sark has no clue how to use him. Our number 1 and maybe the best receiver in the NFL had only 3 TD’s under this clown.
  5. How can you remember that I can’t even find my glasses
  6. I would hate to see us trade Coleman who would have won us the playoff game against the SB champs if Sark would have used him more.
  7. He could wear a dress for all I care if he was in our backfield dude or dudette can play
  8. My dad taking me to a game in Fulton County Stadium when I was around 10 years old. I don’t remember who but I do remember the day it was a beautiful sunny day and had one of the bluest skies I’d ever seen. I even remember where we sat. Unfortunately Dad is now in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s and doesn’t remember who I am soul crushing. Sorry about the last paragraph but I associate my first Falcons game and jacket with my dad.
  9. Sorry Takk the wife and I had a nice Valentine’s Day
  10. Wow just wow
  11. Yo If you're gonna post these you have to include my favorite against Carolina Every time I see the catch in the Super Bowl it pisses me off all over again that's a game winner and should have been.
  12. Happy Birthday
  13. Let’s just get to our house in February