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  1. Very short I thought the Knapp hire was plan B all along.
  2. Count me in
  3. Happy Birthday
  4. Quinn evaluating 33 rookies and could give a rats *** about the game
  5. Happy Birthday
  6. Winner longest post in AFMB history
  7. I thought Senat flashed a bit If Kazee played like that the whole season he wouldn't last 6 games lol
  8. I agree preseason means nothing but there has to be execution at practice and in preseason games. After that first series Matt & company should have went out for a second series to accomplish what they trying to work on. I was disappointed in the way they looked after hearing how the team was having a great camp.
  9. Ridley, Senat and Oliver.
  10. Welll Hash you had me until I read Sark has to learn 4 offenses. /p
  11. But they weren’t allowed to run with the spears