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  1. I only asked because I was wondering if there's a typical American food, nothing more. I don't really understand how you can judge how much of the country I've seen, and who I've seen it with? I'm not talking about all the different foods available from countries all around the world, it's like that in any modern country. I'm talking about what's considered "American cuisine" which in my eyes lacks variety.
  2. <p> But, what is a truly American dish? The American cuisine is pretty basic if you ask me, and not for the lack of taste but for the lack of variety. I never said that the American cuisine lacks flavor, just taste. If anything y'all over-do it on the salt, sugar and spices. I've been to the States (the South mostly) so many times, even lived there for two years and something I will never understand is fried foods. Some of the food y'all choose to fry, it's just weird. Alright, I am getting hungry now.
  3. Really? I've never in my 28 years heard anyone say that English food is bad, just a bit bland. American fried foods however get's "attacked" quite a lot here in Europe and for good reason of course. And what is a truly American dish? Looking it up online I see mostly things from other countries with an American twist.
  4. Well, it's true that some (by far not all) English foods are pretty bland. But I mean, come on. As an American, to complain about the lack of taste in English food, pretty hypocritical don't you think?
  5. I kind of like it. Haggish really isn't as bad as it sounds, and fish and chips is pretty delicious. Most American fried foods on the other hand, gross. Frying foods that aren't supposed to be fried, I never understood that.
  6. <p> Haggish is Scottish, and blood soup is just as much of an American food as it is British, meaning that it isn't.</p>
  7. The Falcons got more coverage on their beat down of the Bucs here in Holland.
  8. Honest question; Why is this one of the greatest interviews you have seen? In my opinion all the guy does is say a whole bunch of cliche's, things everybody has heard a million times over and I find it annoying.
  9. I was just thinking "What would I do if I were his teammate?" Punching his lights out would probably make him less annoying...
  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking this... Saying cliche things that have been said by others millions of times is now inspiring and motivational? I thought it was funny at first, then it got highly annoying.</p></p></p>
  11. I already have to pay nearly 2000 bucks to go to a Falcons game. The issue for me is that I can't watch all the games, some are simply too late and I'm not always home due to my job. But since I got spoiled with being able to watch the games in HD instead of crappy (s)tream (Really, this is censored?) quality, I did spend the cash for NFL Game Pass. Thankfully FOX Sports is starting to broadcast NFL games (American games in general) more and more in Holland.
  12. I've seen posts of forums that quite a few Americans were using that method. Game Pass support even gave it as the reason, it made no sense to me why they would stop offering it for free after 3 seasons so I decided to email them. I can't really blame the people using the VPN method, I would have done the same most likely!
  13. As someone who lives in The Netherlands, I absolutely loved the free NFL Game Pass for 3 seasons. However, because of Americans using a VPN, it's not free anymore for me either. So, thank you for making it even harder for me to watch the games.
  14. Anyone can take a picture with a pretty girl. Did he close the deal? That's the real question.
  15. Are the authorities not allowed to carry weapons in Australia? ;)We were having a civil debate, and here you are throwing around insults. You have lost the debate by default.
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