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  1. I can see it in this clip in particular.
  2. If these 5 players step up another notch than we have a good chance of doing some things this year 1. Isaiah Oliver 2. Foye Oluokun 3. Kaleb McGary 4. John Cominsky 5. Chris Lindstrom
  3. If everything goes as plan we get to battle common opponents this season. Lions - plays the NFC North (Packers, Vikings, Bears) and the NFC South (Panthers, Bucs, Aints) Falcons - plays the same teams above
  4. What's not to like? Just because he didn't answer the question the way they wanted him to answer it?
  5. Outside - CJ Henderson, Jeff Okudah, AJ Terrell, Reggie Robinson , & Gladney Inside - Amik & Kindle
  6. My assumption: The front office probably anticipated most fans no liking Henderson so they signed Gurley this offseason to soften the blow.
  7. How I thinks the draft will go: Bro.wns trade pick 10 to the Falcons for pick 16 and 78 01. CJ Henderson, CB (1st) 02. Matt Hennessy, C (2nd) 03. Logan Wilson, LB (4th-1) 04. Kindle Vildor, CB (4th-2) 05. James Smith Williams (7th) ****************** Players I like 06. Terrell Lewis, DE 07. Josh Uche, LB 08. Grant Delpit, S 09. Justin Maduibuike, DT 10. Nick Harris, C 11. Willie Gay Jr., LB 12. Jeremy Chinn, S 13. Kyle Dugger, S 14. Antoine Winfield, S 15. Davion Taylor, LB 16. K'von Wallace, S 17. Terrell Burgess, S 18. Cam Akers, RB 19. AJ Terrell, CB 20. Jack Driscoll, OG Tie Breaker 1: CB, C/OG, OLB, CB Tie Breaker 2: CB, C/OG Tie Breaker 3: CB
  8. Oh ok got it. I think the pick is either Winfield, Delpit, or Henderson
  9. Just like we're not drafting a DT in the first
  10. I think he could be a surprise pick for us at 16 if the Falcons are comfortable with his medical. (Winfield) With Delpit if they draft him I’m not sure where he plays year 1 with Neal and Allen/Kazee manning the SS and FS positions.
  11. I think he could’ve stood or attempted to stand DJ up on the first carry in hopes of getting help from the safety and on DJ second carry I was looking at the wrong player. CJ had a clean shot on him and should’ve brought him down. I won’t be mad if we selected him at 16 but I’m silently on the Grant Delpit / Antoine Winfield train. Both are interchangeable (Grant could play Free or Strong and Antoine could play Nickel or Free) and would bring great value.
  12. Y.B. although I don’t post in the college forum much I see and read your post, so I never doubted your intel but that was H.S. He’s 3 years removed from there. But going back to the original two plays you mentioned to @Stryka earlier I will point this out because I know it’s going to happen this year with Gurley and Julio. When Koetter dials this play up and Julio is locked up on a corner do you expect whatever corner he’s blocking to get off the block last second and make that play in the clip above one on one? Given the same angle CJ had?
  13. I read that article and it’s not saying anything. He made that statement as if it was a continuous thing but he was basically referring to that one play....the first one in which he showed his athletic ability to stop him from scoring. That is what you call lessons learn and coaching. You go back and assess from a player and coach.
  14. C’mon Youngbloodz you are a good poster but you forgot to mentioned how others had a opportunity to tackle him but also missed him too. Those plays should’ve never made it to the secondary level. The linebackers should’ve handled it but didn’t. In the the first carry you can see that Henderson was basically tied up/locked up with the receiver until the last second and wasn’t in proper position to make a tackle. He surely wasn’t making a tackle on him that play or the second carry. Its definitely not a indication of him being scared or avoiding contact like most are trying to portray.
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