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  1. Justin Hardy is a FA so there's at least one spot. Godwin can return punts also so essentially he would just be replacing a body for a body.
  2. Easy fix. Sign Rodger Saffold and draft Cody Ford
  3. I’m trying to see how DT, Ricky Walker does at the East-West Shrine game.
  4. How do feel about Dalton Risner who by the way will be 24 before he plays his first NFL snap?
  5. Hash, I agree with everything you said but how can you leave off Matty Ice?
  6. Oh ok good. If we can somehow get him and draft Ford that would be crazy.
  7. Jbo you think TB will cut him? If anything they could use McCoy next to Vea and go after a PR in the draft.
  8. And he does not provide versatility like Ford can. Ford could play RT, RG, and even LG like he did the season before last.
  9. My bad I didn't realize you posted this already. I believe Ford will turn out better than Dillard. Not to say Dillard is no good but he's kinda finesse like Jonathan Martin, Dolphins old tackle.
  10. @atljbo @A-TowN.- @Vandy @Ergo Proxy @kiwifalcon @osiruz @Francis York Morgan I think that is all who support Ford, but it could be more.