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  1. "When you have a defensive lineman that can keep the center from coming out quick, that's a big positive for us," Ellerbe said. "I mean, we're able to run free to the ball." Given his nature to put the team first over his individual statistics, it doesn't surprise that Davison indicated he doesn't require accolades from outside the locker room. "Our defense excelling is what the goal is, so anything that helps the defense exceed overall, that means I'm doing my job well," Davison said. "As long as that keeps happening, that's all you need, really." InBrotherhood
  2. Shead has not been the same since his knee injury
  3. I doubt Richie Brown makes the team.
  4. Look at Hooper in the back
  5. In 2017 he was but you said last season. Thats what I’m talking about.
  6. Just so you know he was not with us until late in the season. He was a Cleveland Brown during mini-camp, training camp and preseason.
  7. You see how fast Julio split after he said what he said.
  8. Proof that the plan D program works.