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  1. Good day Falcon faithful! Only one more week before the start of what looks to be an awesome season of Falcons football. I have been on these boards during seasons for going on about 5 years. Last night some bartender at my job was trying to talk smack about ye old Falcons saying the Seahawks would make either have a better regular season record or go deeper in the playoffs or both. I told him to put up or shut up. $150 bet made- planning on what to buy already. Seahawks vs Falcons? Not this year. I am back, I am ready, and my bet has been placed. Home team all day- erray day, ya heard me?
  2. Here we are again. I don't know who to blame but I have to lay some sheet out-------------- We need a defensive line not named Aberaham. Matty Ice... Why did you have to fumble the snap and throw a pick? Why couldn't we get a fckng field goal in the entire second half? Why couldn't we do anything? Why did the refs call a roughing the passer on nothing when it would have ended 49'ers drive? Why do I get myself built up over the season when I know it will always end in crushing defeat. CRUSHING DEFEAT. Lastly, and what is hardest, I can no longer play the media game. Yea we won a playoff game
  3. I was speaking to a guy at work who came in yesterday about the upcoming game and we also both agreed on that strategy for getting the win. Contain the QB and force him to beat us with his arm. Try our best to keep Gore from breaking big gains or conversions. We do that and the Falcons have a good shot. Either way should be a great game.
  4. I dont care. I have nothing conrete to add here--- because there is nothing TO add except WINS. So I perhaps will choose to baffle with bs instead of dazzling with brillance. Key strokes for diff folks dig? My boy Ryan is on the gravvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvy train and that rookie Wilson is not up to par yet. To add a sliver of credible analysis here: The NFL is a QB driven league. That being said I fully expect our QB to fck up their QB.
  5. Is that we had better not lose to a rookie in the divisional playoffs. Seriously, no excuses, we had better not lose. The guy is a rookie, Matt Ryan is in his fifth year and his fourth play off appearance. If we lose, which we WONT, we deserve all the hate and criticism from now until we lift the Lombardi. We will win though. Cuz ant no way are 13-3 squad is getting pounded by a Fckng rookie. End of discussion. IDC how well the guy has played. SHUT HIM DOWN
  6. Just came across a hilarious commercial--- only bad part is that its a Cam Newton Steve Smith spot. It is really funny though. What you think? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Lp8ZX1x1UE
  7. The 11-2 Atlanta Falcon's until this year have relied heavily on running the football. Since drafting Matt Ryan in 2008 and bringing in Micheal Turner the Falcon's have been known as a run-first football team with a strong number one receiver in Roddy White. Micheal Turner coming in 2008 helped carry Rookie quarterback Matt Ryan and the offense to a 11-5 record. The seldom used Chargers running back ran for a total of 376 times for 1,699 yards. That is a season average of 4.5; he also had 17 touchdowns. In 2009 the Atlanta Falcons suffered a set back in a leg injury to Matt Ryan resulting in a
  8. He has not been explosive for weeks now. He is limping after that screen pass. Im wondering what kind of nagging injury he has because he is not impacting the offense like he should be doing. roddy is continuing to be our best receiver.
  9. Deserves some love. He has been the anchor of our line since Kerney left and continues to make impacts week in and week out. Just felt like showing him some love. Also, Roddy White is a beast. He is my new Terrance Mathis.
  10. Bleacher Report released "Every Teams Most Classless Player." Well, I was curious since we lost Dahl, who would they pick as our "classless" guy? For the record-- Dahl wasnot classless, he was just nasty. Big difference. So, Falcons Fans, here is our Goat. Two years in a row, Dunta Robinson has made reckless hits on Philadelphia Eagles wideouts. In 2010 he delivered a crushing, but illegal, on DeSean Jackson that could have resulted in an even more serious injury.This season he delivered another hit on Jeremy Maclin.Although some people may believe that these hits are clean, Robinson can
  11. I like getting national attention. We are not the Eagles who make excuses for our performance for or against because of the medias interpratation of our team. We are the Falcons- We fly under the radar but lately we have been gaining altitude. I don't know about the rest of you all, but I want our wings next to the sun.. I know our team is solid so it wont matter how close we get to the sun. we are not held together by glue, so we will not falter or fall. We will soar above and beyond the sun until we reach the heavens above. then they will know the Falcons.
  12. Lol, thats a typical response. How longs your beard right now? Bet its pretty bushy.
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