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  1. I don´t care at all about former players but I can´t stop watching this GIF
  2. I am as anti-religious as it gets but I really fail to see that most modern wars were fought for religious reasons... unless you count ideologies as religion as well.
  3. No kidding, I just sat there mouth open and listened to the very last second of the end credits. The last time I was so stunned was 25 years ago in Star Trek TNG when the Borg annihilated the Starfleet at Wolf 359
  4. I think I go with Edwin Moses as well. I watched him quite alot when I was young because he greatest rival was a German named Harald Schmid, who was really good but could never beat Moses. Schmid could run new records, Moses would just run even faster. He won one of the greatest races ever at the World Championship in 1987, look for it on youtube.
  5. Matt Millen lol... but to be honest, we spent even more first rounders on WRs than the Lions... 2003: P.Price (Trade), 2004: Jenkins, 2005: Roddy, 2011: Julio, 2012: Julio (Cle Trade)... thats 5 first rounders in 10 years on WR
  6. Especially with the quite huge cap hit that comes with Tony. If we ever thought we could replace with a first round TE, we could have easily saved the cap money and sign any CB(s) in FA.
  7. Very possible... I believe that we will use our third and fourth pick to move up 8-10 spots in the first round to get the CB we rate directly after Millner.
  8. I´d rather have someone almost guaranteed to become a probowl CB than a bunch of CBs with lesser talent trying to figure who sucks the least. So if TD is sure that trading up lands us that one player (like it did with Julio), then I am all for it. I trust our GM more than Peyton anyway
  9. I agree, not much information here... he might be just playing the gay card
  10. My stance on circumcisions hasn´t changed, only actual physicians should be allowed to perform that surgery. The health and safety of children outweights any other "right". And that specific practise with the oral job would be child molestation if it weren´t for the religious smoke screen.
  11. RIP Iron Lady Without you, the UK would be as rotten as most of Europe. I didn´t fully appreciate you until I saw for myself what monster the EU is.
  12. In the 2008 season, Morten Andersen did not get a contract with any team, but waited until December 8 to officially retire.[1][8] If Morten Andersen had played on or after December 6, he would have been the oldest NFL player to play, breaking George Blanda's record 48
  13. Oops I forgot our kicker, so we actually have 6 players over 30.
  14. Offense: Roddy (31) + Gonzo (37) Defense: Babs (31) + Osi (31) + Asante (32) Gone: McCown (31) + McClure (36) + Clabo (32) + Abe (35) + Robinson (31) + Grimes (30) For what it´s worth, we are definately getting younger. Now I don´t know if all works out but we were one of the oldest teams in the NFL last year and it showed in the playoffs, we simply ran out of gas in the 2nd Half of either game. Thoughts?
  15. You are just having fun at my expense, you mean troll
  16. I don´t follow the logic, in the cowgirl position my activity is nearly non-existent compared to missionary
  17. Are you sure you are supposed to use the internet
  18. And why should people only procreate in missionary. That is not even the most efficient position by a, uh, long shot
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