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  1. I mean Discovery is really really bad and next to no one is saying otherwise. You really didn‘t miss anything, I wish I had stopped watching it early but I am a masochist (you have to be to be Falcons fan right? And my local soccer team sucks too). Picard on the other hand has at least some fun moments and familiarity. But I am still saddened that mentioned Escapism from the TNG to Voyager days is now truly dead. Everything on TV now has to be dark and gritty. I grew up with Star Wars and Star Trek in the 70s/80s and both were fundamentally uplifting. I guess it is just what the world is now.
  2. The idea was great, unfortunately those links acted totally out of character. They literally and figuratively butchered old characters. And the Escapism of old Trek is truly dead. People are now smoking, drinking, whoring and murdering. The federation looks more like North Korea. And the worst thing is, all that wasn‘t even remotely necessary, it added next to nothing to the plot. But the writing is so bad and dull they couldn‘t fill 45 minutes per episode, so they went for cheap sub plots to vill the void.
  3. The Orville is the only Trek on TV. It is a great show. STP is better than Discovery, I will admit that. But some episodes were just donright insulting to a decades long Trekkie like me.
  4. I think we should do that anyway, Hill is not worth 2 million.
  5. Something has go be very very wrong with Todd Gurley, the Rams know it and every team would be wise to investigate what the situation is. He is 25 and talent wise a Top3 RB in this league, you don‘t just cut him.
  6. Just watched it. Beyond terrible. Even worse than the one before. And Trek is even dead as well, ST:Picard is another perversion of „new“ Trek.
  7. To be honest, Matt Ryan killed off Stocker with those crazy interceptions thrown at him very early in the season.
  8. Extending Mack would free a lot of cap space for 2020 but Mack had a bad year (by his lofty standards) and you have to wonder if age is finally catching up with him. But if the FO is convinced that his 2019 performance was more because of circumstances than an extension could happen any day to free up money for a free agent pass rusher.
  9. I am happy for Wes. He gave everything, which wasn‘t much but he was just a 6th rounder for a reason. His contract with the skins might very well give us a 6th back as comp pick, unless our FA signings cancel it out. Anyway, he was a solid backup for 4 years and I wish him all the best.
  10. How do you trade Hopkins? The guy is the only non drama elite WR besides Julio.
  11. Well we have him 2 years on his rookie contract plus the 5th year option. That is worth something. The price is a bit too steep, a 3rd rounder without the 5th/4th round swap would have been better.
  12. I meant Redskins will be disappointed after one year with Hooper, not with the signing. He is not the security blanket for Haskins or whoever rookie QB the Redskins might draft. So yes, the Redskins will throw a party if they sign him, but they won‘t throw one after realizing that Hooper can not be used as the go to guy.
  13. He actually might work for the Browns if OBJ and Mayfield get their act together. He could continue to exploit holes in the zone, designed to limit OBJ and Landry. But if Hooper signs with the Redskins, people there will be disappointed. No veteran QB and no outside threat, he will receive man coverage every play and he simply does not beat coverage very often.
  14. Both players are #3 or less running backs for most teams in the NFL. I think the team will bring in a cheap vet and a high draft pick to compete for the starting gig.
  15. Depending in the situation in April, I also believe that the won‘t have players at the event as well. There might even be restriction in the war rooms. Countries in Europe are limiting meetings to a maximum of 5 people, the US will eventually follow. And by the rate the corona virus spreads, there is no chance the situation is resolved by April.
  16. I like your optimism but I just don‘t see it happening. Not only would the first round draft pick be a home run, we also need to sign and top free agent pass rusher, besting out teams with much more salary cap and then have him also playing like a world beater. And all this does not address the strange issues we have on offense and DQ losing control of the team for a huge stretches during the season. My expectations for 2020 are that it will lead to a regime change afterwards and a very high draft pick and a complete rebuild that only some players like Julio and Grady survive. If I am wrong and we actually hit jackpot on the new players and DK and DQ get their act together and we go deep playoffs, great as well. Just please no more 7-9 seasons.
  17. Yeah the definition probably is different. Anyway, you are right, he was good in 2015 and 2016. Unfortunately his play declined as his salary went up. Nothing new in ATL, he was just the latest of so many here.
  18. I think he was a punk, his whole act. Running full speed into a solid wall of defenders for zero yards and then flexing muscles at them. Didn‘t take him serious anymore and neither did the defenders.
  19. Franchising means that we cut all those players simply to make room for Hooper‘s salary under the tag. He immediately counts against the cap. We would be back to square one and could not do anything in free agency. And other teams know that and use it as leverage against us. In the end, we wouldn‘t get anything other than we will get from the comp pick in 2021. But we would have wasted the first days and weeks of free agency.
  20. You don‘t get comp picks for players you cut. Only from players with expiring contracts.
  21. Yeah... and that is why it just can‘t happen. Cutting Alex Mack, they might as well fire DQ already.
  22. We‘ll see. The defense will be bad again unless we hit the jackpot in the draft on 3 starters. The offense has to make a huge jump in play calling and execution to carry the defense. I remain sceptical.
  23. Alex Mack won‘t be cut unless DQ&TD have job security beyond 2020, which I doubt very much.
  24. He will make much more money than he was ever worth to this team. Seeing that today we finally cut two players that made much more money than they were ever worth to this team (Freeman & Trufant), should make even the most die hard Hooper Trooper realize that we had to let him go.
  25. I can predict that if we start the season 1-7 again, we actually will fire DQ, we will trade 1-2 players and we will tank hardcore.
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