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  1. And I thought the 2019 draft was bad.
  2. And neither does Tommy. His track record indicates as much. It doesn‘t matter anyway, 2020 is a gap year no matter what. DQ‘s farewell tour. At least AB didn‘t allow those clowns to use 2021 picks trying to save their skin. I just hope corona doesn‘t cancel the 2020 season. I would hate to see those clowns here in 2021.
  3. I am finally done with TD. So many drafts where we used 4th/5th round picks on guys who were projected to go undrafted... and almost all of them turned out be just what everone else thought, a waste of time... and it won’t be any different with these guys... Jarrett was the one time we went for someone who slipped (he had a 2nd/3rd round grade) but since then TD developed the „smartest guy in the room“ complex and believes he can turn trash into gold. No little Thomas, you turned 4th round picks - supposed to deliver rotational pieces, future starters - into completely lost picks. I have no problem with those players itself and will give them a chance... just don’t reach for them in the 4th round. Trade back into later rounds, add even more bodies and pick them in those later rounds. Even saves a little bit of cap. But watching those picks today made me wish we had actually traded up and surrendered those pick all gogether. At least we wouldthen not have drafted Alford 2.0 or Konz 2.0. The only player who will actually be with this team in 5 years will be Davidson. Maybe. But at least we didn‘t trade away 2021 picks so our new GM and new HC will have a full arsenal of picks.
  4. Alford had a nice career here. But we drafted him in the 2nd round, some 40 picks later than AJ. The kind of have similiar issues which will most likely mean that AJ will never be a shutdown corner. But looking at the run at CB in this draft, Alford would probably also be drafted in the first round in 2020. It feels like half of the first round picks were either WR or CB, that is where you have to win the battles these days. My comment wasn‘t meant negative or positive anyway.
  5. Trump is a great scientific experiment. We now see with our own eyes how shamanism worked in ancient times.
  6. I am still scratching my head and probably will until he proves me otherwise. We probably drafted Alford 2.0 but this time we spent first rounder for him. That being said, FU 49ers... I was so sure the 49ers (and then the Broncos) would take a WR and we would get Kinlaw... but being the Falcons, we would probably would habe drafted Terell over Kinlaw anyway.
  7. Oh and about the virus, Germany is pretty much open now. But it is on knife‘s edge, we just recently managed to get the new infection rate below what is manageable. I guess we voluntereed to be the test subject of a big (bigger, not like tiny crazy Sweden) western society reopening the country. Well reopening is the wrong word because borders remain closed for now but most shops are open, our massive public transportation system is, even Bundesliga is about to start in two week, but with empty stadiums. It is a bit of a gamble though. A second wave would eliminate what ever we did good so far. Though we have nearly as many ICU beds as the US with a population of just 82 million on a space just 2x bigger than Georgia... so health wise we could always manage. But economy, it is a huge gamble. If a second wave comes, we lose big... if it doesn‘t, we win even bigger because not only does domestic consumption start early but also we gain a significant advantage in our all so important export industry.
  8. I think the 2020 circumstances saved him, not Corona (we didn‘t know back then) but the upcoming CBA, the restrictions and also our cap situation. Would have been a bad situation for any new coach and it should be better in 2021, especially the cap... that is why I would absolutely hate to surrender 2021 picks today, I want our new coach to have the full arsenal of picks next year.
  9. It is still DQs fault that players don‘t always play with urgency. I mean it happened during almost every season during the DQ era. So if anything, we better hope DQ is COACHING with the same kind of urgency ALL season.
  10. I wouldn‘t mind a player like him but nit at that cost. We should have just fired DQ midway through the 2019 and would be in position to draft him. And not having DQ anymore would be such a nice bonus.
  11. We should have fired DQ when we were 1-7. Not only would that have been the right move in itself, we could have tanked to get Chase without having to trade up. I can‘t blame TD to get elite talent to improve this team but letting DQ continue his hopeless fight to save the job is really hurting the Falcons.
  12. That is one interesting chart but it really needs to be split into Dem/Gop voters. I am pretty sure that its 90% „bothers me“ among white dem voters and just 20% „bothers“ me among white gop voters. Ironically that would mean that black/hispanic voters are much closer to what white gop voters think about the issue.
  13. I watch the corona numbers every day and the US now has a climbing numbers of infections again (compared to the average of last 7 days)... that is a first of all countries I monitored, once all other countries flattened the curve, it was decreasing.
  14. The US had more corona deaths in the last 36 hours than Germany in total...
  15. I think the US, Europe and East Asia will get out if the corona mess more or less fine. But the developing countries (like Brazil) and especially Africa will see millions of deaths. One of the reasons are family structures. Old people live with their children, that is how it works in those countries. It partially also explains why Southern Europe was hit worse than Northern Europe because there also different generations live in one house.
  16. I think people care more about what Trump does internationally, like initiating trade wars, cutting funds to WHO and several UN entities etc... what he does with the US itself, people really stopped caring. I am old enough to remember the initial reaction and empathy after 9/11 and it is all gone. But to be honest, people just are busy with their own problems, their own corona situation and their own economic crash.
  17. There are a lot of jokes on the US and Trump, too many to list. People pretty much have given up on the US acting rational on anything, jokes are probably the most polite things you hear anyone say about the US.
  18. She kind of redeemed herself after the refugee debacle. Her party went from 25% to 40% in the last two months (keep in mind 40% is a huge number in a landscape where 6 parties are relevant) and her personal rating is close to what it had been before the summer 2015. She is a scientist and understood the models from the start. She is actually capable of doing the math and projections herself. She mediated between the state governeurs - like in the US, the states in Germany do have control over the issue - and delievered calm but definative messages to the public. Have only good things to say about her handling the situation. Glad I didn‘t give up on her and the feeling is shared by most Germans. I am excited her party CDU is now doing so well (because that is my political home) and that her two potential successors are both the most important state governeurs, who also are doing very well.
  19. The lack of talent on that defense also played a role. I think he and Mike Smith wanted to be creative to compensate but it made the mess only more real. We had probably the worst LB crew in the history of the NFL as well as having no pass rush and cornerbacks that were first overaged and then rookies.
  20. Hooper just took what some silly schemes to contain Julio opened up for him. There is no reason why someone else could do the same. Also keep in mind that Hoopers numbers on average are just what Jacob Tamme brought in his only full season as a Falcon.
  21. We are not angry, we are just very straight shooters. If we don‘t like something, we will tell you to your face.
  22. Yeah the irony is strong with this one. But I hope he survives, unlike Trump he is kind of likable at times.
  23. His problem was that he lost his cool in the last season. Tried to behead players and QBs, got fined for out of bound hits and even tackled Alford to make room for a silly rushing TD by Drew Brees. Just a lot of undisciplined stuff that let to his departure from the Falcons. That being sad, he had a good season with the Jets. But it just didn‘t work for us anymore.
  24. Looks like Hill will be gone after the draft. His 2 million tag is too much for a 4th stringer. Kazee seems to have won the FS gig, though nobody knows if Neal will ever be the same. We also might play a lot of three safety sets. Senat would probably still be inactive even we have only three DTs We need DT/LB/CB/DE in the draft, those should be the first 4 picks (no specific order implied). We should also draft a blocking TE, a speedy RB and a backup C in the later rounds.
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