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  1. On all seriousness, we should fire DQ at half time. This is even worse than I expected. The bad decisions on iffense are one thing but this defense... Jesus when will DQ finally be fired for this mess?
  2. Or maybe that #21 guy who is really good at it? Oh yeah we also pay B. Hill 2.1M this year and nobody in the league knows why we used such a high tender on him.
  3. Brian Hill as third and short rb? Fire DQ Going on 4th down in first wuarter? Fire DQ
  4. He should have been fired many years ago. Arthur Blank might have given him one last chance but I want him fired as soon as possible.
  5. But I won‘t watch the next season of Star Trek Discovery because it was already bad and full of political BS and now they now push another woke character down people throats that will probably add absolutely nothing to the content itself. They are completely missing the point of Star Trek „Escapism“. You can still address social issues but you do it by constructing intelligent stories not by downright pushing it into the throats of your audience.
  6. I considered not watching football in 2020. But only because of football related reasons, e.g. Dan Quinn still being the HC, DK being the OC and the Falcons most likely having another 7-9 while another NFC South team might win the superbowl.
  7. There was a slight dip in Trump‘s rating after the comments on dead soldiers. This was quite worth noting because it marked the end of improving numbers in popularity after the republican convention. If the Woodward tapes hit him just by 1% to 1.5%, he would have lost nearly 3 months for nothing... and only 7 weeks until the election.
  8. I really liked her in that role. She was perfect. Always sad to lose people... well unless you are the president of the US, then losing people just means „staying calm“
  9. I think all the money Biden collected is finally about to pay off. Wonder if the NFL Gamepass let‘s me watch those ads, I really hate when they blackscreen political ads for people outside the US.
  10. You forget the part where he should actively protect the population and lead all efforts regarding counter measures. He did not, he publicly refused to lead and he even sabotaged local efforts. People are not stupid, they remember what he did and did not.
  11. The UK has become an insane asylum the past couple of months and years. I know it is not what you want to hear but Trump is a stable genius compared to Boris right now. Though in comparison with BoJo even Charles Manson looks sane right now, so nobody should take what I said as a compliment for Trump
  12. I really doubt that scapegoating will help Trump in this case. He is now on record with those audio files. This is different in that regard that the public usually has only hearsay about what Trump believes and says in private. That always enabled him to weasel out of many topics and that is why he was always furious about leaks. Ironically now, he ultimately became the leak himself.
  13. I mean how crazy do you have to be that you openly announce that you are going to break international law... while being in delicate negotiations with most of the world about trade deals you are going to lose because you wanted the right (?) to break international law again. And all that during a pandemic, that hit your country the hardest of all (!) countries in the world where you would need trade deals to recover but have just giving up on the largest bundle of trade agreements in the world by leaving a club that represents more than 50% of your total trade...
  14. But the question is, could anyone rally the majority of Americans over covid? If you look around the world, the amount of unity very much depended on the culture of that country. Countries with a very collective mentality did the best, most of them in East Asia. They acted like collective and acted fast Countries with mixture of collective thinking and individuality did rather good. Mostly Germany and Northern Europe. They needed some weeks to accept the reality but then followed one plan. Countries with a strong sense for individuality and a below average sense for collec
  15. Hah! Yeah Boris is trying very hard to crash everything. I mean if he continues another year or so, there even won‘t be a UK anymore... because if Scotland leaves, they would even have to rename... and don‘t even get me started on Ireland, with what he is doing right now, Northern Ireland will turn into a war zone again. Boris is actually a likable bloke and you could drink a beer with him and watch football on the telly. But the amount of self destruction he leads his country towards is unparalleled. Trump has nothing on him.
  16. It is kind of ironic that he couldn‘t do it. There are plenty of leaders in the western world, who had terrible poll numbers before corona but were able to rally the whole country in the efforts to contain the virus and and are now hovering over an approval rating of 60-70%.
  17. Yeah that is the one thing I totally don‘t get. But most comments were made before the sht hit the fan, so he probably thought he is untouchable anyway. Looking back at the polls early this year, he was doing the best he did during the first three years. China looked doomed by covid and the US had very few cases. He actually wanted the virus to be deadly because he believed it would decimate China. He just completely lacked the imigination that this could haunt him and his country as well.
  18. The one problem is though, if you talk nonsense for 3 years straight, you probably don‘t even know how to talk to the people with a straight face and the people don‘t know how to listen to facts anymore. Look, Merkel adressed the public only for the second time in 15 years when she made her speech. Naturally everyone is listening. You save your best bullets for when it matters most.
  19. Well at least you got rid of the pesky rodents in your backyard then Dodging covid and the plague!
  20. The strange thing when listening to those Woodward audio clips from Trump is that he almost sounds like a sane person. He speaks like a sane person. Sure you can disagree about him disagreeing about white privilege. But everything else I heard were fairly reasonable. That is such a stark contrast to what he then said in public. Not only the message but the way he is saying it. If he loses the election, he would only have his self created public image to blame. If he acted on what he said in those interviews, he would be unbeatable right now.
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