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  1. Some bat sht crazy stuff is going on there. You got enough popcorn, mate?
  2. Maybe I live long enought to watch the „The Civil War Part II“ in 8K one day. I thought part one was a master piece.
  3. Nobody agrees with that but you can‘t shoot your own citizens for that either.
  4. The one things I wonder about is actually what happens after the election. Will Trump just leave the white house peacefully? I seriously doubt that...
  5. Good that they corrected. But sad truth is that it is on the rise since the 2015 migration crisis for two strangely related reasons. The rise of violent right wing extremists, who do not shy away from attacking Jews (unthinkable in the past 60 years) and imported anti-semitism from Arab countries. It seems the only thing both groups can agree on is that they hate Jews.
  6. Social Media is the worst that happened to humanity since fascism. Well in some way it simply is fascism.
  7. I would love to watch the 92 series again, that was the first US sporting event I ever saw. That is how I became a Deion Sanders fan and ultimately sealed my sad fate as a Falcons fan a couple of weeks later. I could have been a fan of any other team... on second though, I don‘t want to watch the 92 series
  8. DQ can barely coach future HOF players, I doubt he will get anything out of busts.
  9. I missed that, strange. Usually the media over here goes frenzy everytime Trump mentions Germany in any type of context.
  10. He said the US is tied with Germany? He actually said that?
  11. I notice that 14% of female voters are undecided while the male voters pretty much made up their minds. If Biden hits the jackpot on his running mate (woman), he is going to win.
  12. You are aware that the US is constantly climbing the ladder? For example, The US has 10x more deaths a day than Italy or Spain now, while having only 5x bigger population. At the current trend, the US will be in the Top3 per capita by end of June. And what happened to American execptionalism anyway? It seems to me the new definition is „others are even worse than us“.
  13. Trump wants the G7 summit to be at Camp David in June... I seriously doubt any head of state is willing to set foot on American soil any time soon. But it is a publicity stunt only anyway, suggesting that the US is doing so great. He knows the world is laughing at him but half of his country seems to buy what he says. Including the CrazyBirdLady here.
  14. While as a financially very conservative person I agree that living above your means is not a good idea, the truth is that this is an agenda pushed by everyone in the US, no matter if Dems or Reps. Cutting taxes is also a form of that, if it leads to an increased deficit. Trump ran nearly a trillion dollars deficit in 2019. If Dems get elected, they raise taxes by a trillion and increase spending by a trillion, the deficit remains a trillion. From my perspective it is all the same. And seeing that despise the insane deficit the US gdp grew by only 2%, I‘d imagine nobody wants to watch what happens if the US actually ran a balanced budget.
  15. Nah I am not quite 50 yet, I saw the movie on TV a bit more than a decade later. But she was so stunningly beautiful that to this date I am crazy for women with raven hair.
  16. Arbeit macht frei... no wonder this tweat went viral over here. The most troubling I have ever seen out of the US were those pictures out of Michigan. That was some straight SA riot stuff from the early 1930s.
  17. What you describe is being a customer. On second thought, customer is a pretty good describtion for people watching Falcons games.
  18. It just the same story again and again and again... TD and DQ believe they can coach up hidden gems.... remember Eric Saubert? Every scout said his hand/eye coordination is broken and that all his other physical tools are a lost cause because of that... what do we do? We draft an undraftable player in middle round.
  19. Just as strong as the 2019 off season
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