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  1. There is zero respect for the US even before all this. The emotions ranged from disappointment to sadness to outright rage. Disappointment and sadness is what describes the feelings of Germans the most I think. (West) Germany was modelled in 1949 mostly after the US at that time point and seeing the US turn into what Germany has been before that is absolutely mind blowing. It is like watching your parents go insane and abusive. It is an emotional toll that can only lead to shutting said parents out of your life. Being a fan of an American football team, I find myself having to justify that. For most people here that is like supporting the North Korean soccer team. „Why would you do that“?
  2. The Arab spring was one big disaster. The total scale of suffering that resulted from this so called Arab spring is the biggest since WWII and the whole chapter is far from being finished.
  3. I guess I have to take your word for it. I am interested though, in 1992 there was Ross Perot and at one point he did have a realistic chance of winning the election before he withdrew (and reentered) for no apparent reason. He still did have a huge impact in the election. So something must have happened since 1992?!
  4. No doubt, something dramatic would have to happen. Your best bet is someone running for president (and winning) outside the two party system. Just like Macron did in France.
  5. That is what bad leadership gets you. You also have to look at the UK. Boris Johnson‘s top adviser broke the lockdown rules two times and BoJO just said „we have to look forward“ and kept him. And then you need to look at the death rate in the UK which is the worst by any mid/big country. 40k with a population of just over 60 million.
  6. Jesus if that is true than you guys at the other side of the pond really have issues. I just know I will never let myself get lectured on free speech by an American ever again
  7. Wait... I can‘t admit that I would have Schadenfreude if Trump would contract the corona virus? I didn‘t say I wish he would contract it, I just expressed how I would probably feel in case that happens.
  8. Add it to your vocabulary as there is no word for it in English and will describe all you will feel once Trump falls.
  9. The answer is abandoning the two party system. I know it has served you well for a long time but with the media today and instant „news“ to everyone everywhere, it just creates division and hate. And worst of all, ot becomes all about defending what you have and not what you could have. Of course that is also the reason it will never happen.
  10. I know it is mean but him contracting the corona virus would make me smile for weeks. But after all, Germany gave the world one of the best words ever: Schadenfreude
  11. Fair points. Thanks for the detailed answer.
  12. If someone takes citizenship at 18 because it is the best career move and then gets a lot of flak because he demonstrates that he still considers himself being a citizen of the old country, then I really doubt anyone should feel sorry for him. If he had a spine, he would return his passport but since a German passport gets you visa free in almost any country in the world, he keeps it for „convinence“. And to be totally honest, remaining a nation requires new citizens to actually embrace their new nationality. If they only take it for convinience and money, then a nation just becomes a country. It lacks the motivation to achieve the best not only for yourself but for all your fellow citizens, That seemed to happen to the US, the main thing that bonds people together is the money and greed. If the money ever happens to stop flowing, I fully expect the whole construct to fall apart and groups of people fighting each other based on what comes after the money, which seems race in the US. PS: He met with Erdogan in 2011, 2012, 2016, 2017 and in 2018 just weeks before the world cup. Saying that the poor performance at the 2018 WC and critizism afterwards made him a Erdogan worshipper is kinda getting cause and effect mixed up
  13. So you are comparing two spoiled football millionairs with the situation in the US?
  14. Organized religion is pretty much dead over here (Bavaria maybe one exception) for people under 60. So if we talk about church service, we always talk about very elderly people. Basically a church service as a spreading event has to be taken as seriously as such an event in a care home.
  15. Some people seem to have a death wish. In Germany only old people go to church service, most of them with pre existing conditions.
  16. I have a naive yet provocative question: Do you even consider the US to be a nation? Or is it just a country? Because observing how vicious American nationals are against other American nationals, I wonder how those people could consider themselves one nation.
  17. Church service has been the #1 spreader in Germany as well after lockdown was eased.
  18. The skill of that guy should have been a hint that the scene was not from the US
  19. Actually not much. Most people were already done with the US long before.
  20. I am just speechless how quick the whole situation escalated. And all this before the economic impact of corona really settles in.
  21. Some bat sht crazy stuff is going on there. You got enough popcorn, mate?
  22. Maybe I live long enought to watch the „The Civil War Part II“ in 8K one day. I thought part one was a master piece.
  23. Nobody agrees with that but you can‘t shoot your own citizens for that either.
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