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  1. Not only his throws are erratic, his footwork looks terrible. Looks every bit as old as he is now.
  2. Should have kept Winston, lol And keep in mind, there is no wild Saints crowd in the stadium. Brady has no excuses.
  3. Stat padding. With the kind of defense we have, I actually would be surprised if we do not end with three WR over 1000 yards.
  4. He was „ok-ish“ but had 2-3 really major brain freezes. Rookie stuff as should be expected. He should be a good #2 cb one day but I don‘t ever see him become the guy you would like to out on the opponents best receiver.
  5. If we have a new coach and gm, then it will be a QB Looking at the numbers, we either have to cut Matt Ryan after the 2021 or extend him... and I really don‘t think we should pay him 40M/year... he always maxed out his contracts and he even was one of the last QBs to have a big rookie contract before the NFL changed the rules.
  6. In all fairness to Hurst, he should have had another big catch but the Seahawks DB made an incredible play.
  7. After the draft I said that the punter was the best pick. Everyone else was either a massive reach or players without a position.
  8. Terrell has a long long way too go. Oliver goes nowhere, Sheffield is a solid #3 outside CB. Dennard is stopgap nickel. But safeties look arguably even worse. My guess is that all three - Neal, Allen, Kazee - will be gone. Neal and Kazee are in their last season of their contract and Allen smells like the first guy we cut to get much needed cap space... no way he is worth 6.25M in base salary.
  9. Sloppy is the right word. As good as they are on paper, many of their good players never have been on a winning team. It might take time to change that but so far, they are still the Bucs. Also I am not convinced that Arians is the right coach for Tom Brady.
  10. Maybe the first 5 minutes, since then the Saints have dominated the game. The Bucs D is getting killed by the screen game. The Bucs O doesn’t block well, the receivers make many mental mistakes and Brady is pretty inaccurate.
  11. I hope so because by the time we play the Bucs we all will be in full tank mode.
  12. Dan Quinn should have been fired a long time ago. This season is just to insult the last remaining fans.
  13. Tom Brady looks quite terrible so far. Gronk looks slow and old too.
  14. Pick up our WRs on fantasy. We will play catch up all season with our terrible defense once again giving up 30+ by the end if the 3rd quarter.
  15. I am sorry but this is not a NFL defense! What has the team practised in the offseason? When was the last time Dan Quinn brought a NFL ready defense on week 1?
  16. #97 is half of our defense. Didn‘t like Wilson begging for a penalty.
  17. #21 moved the ball three times for positive yards inside the 5 yard line... please do not use Hill on short and one again.
  18. Hurst has shown me something that Hooper never could do in 4 years.
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