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  1. It is just so easy to get under his skin... it kind of worked for him in the past as people feared the wrath of his reactions, people now realize this is a crazy man on his way out... just keep on doing the good work annoying him and keep Biden in a stasis chamber for 5 months.
  2. Those kpop kids were probably Falcons fans. They learned from their parents how to register/pay for an event and then not show up, finally putting the skill set of our pathetic fanbase to use.
  3. That is just wow, 4k cases with a population of just over 21 million? We had a huge scandal here in Germany that has everyone in their feet because 1000 workers got infected in a sausage factory. That trippled our infection rate for one day. But 4000 new infections every single day in a state just 1/4 the population of Germany? I have not seen those numbers in a first world country since mid April. I mean what the heck?
  4. Trump now has this loser stench and it will be very difficult to shake that.
  5. The way things are going, nobody will be intimidated by Trump anymore very very soon. Once people start to believe that Trump is surely going to be out of office pretty soon, the more people will be encouraged to come out with new stories and the more people will defy Trump. And that of course lowers his reelection chances even more, encouraging even more people. The house of cards might implode completely pretty soon.
  6. Yeah it was very different, a very unique movie. I will watch it again tomorrow, need to test my new 7.2 speaker setup
  7. Trump may be the first one to lose an election against a corpse... in a landslide
  8. That is only lip service. If you still think CFOs or CEOs are more loyal to the US than to the $ then you are a fool. And the same goes for American customers, they will choose the best bang for the buck 99 out of 100 times.
  9. Don‘t think so. Trump vs Hillary was a choice between two unknowns. Nobody really knew how Trump or Hillary would be as president. With Trump vs. Biden you know what you get. That perception is not going to change much over the next 5 months, as Trump is not going to change and Biden will still be just the temporary replacement people are just ok with to out Trump. I see Biden as kind of Nerva, Roman emperor 96-98 CE. Nerva was as old and frail as Biden, he was on this position for two reasons only: To replace the madman Domitian and to find his own successor.
  10. Sure looks like it right now. He just needs to look half alive for 5 months. If he dies one months into his term, it is still mission accomplished. That is why the whole race probably comes down to Biden‘s VP choice.
  11. Well that is all it takes to defeat Trump. Tells you more about Trump than Biden actually....
  12. German police is amazing. They are the #1 respected profession every year, approval rate always around 90%. In 45 years I had one encounter with the police. That was back when I was in college in riding the bike in the dawn. Police stopped me to tell me that my bicycle backlight was not working properly. One policemen checked my dynamo, did some stuff and the light worked again.
  13. And I suspect that the number of unidentified cases is much higher in the US than in other countries for many different reasons.
  14. I always thought that the love for the confederate flag was kind of schizophrenic. They wave the flag at their fellow countrymen but when confronted with the rest of the world, it is all „USA USA“.
  15. They really posted that today? The loss of reality is getting frightening...
  16. lol... and the best is yet to come, if Biden wins the election, there certainly will be no UK/US deal and BoJo has set course to have no trade deal with that continent of over 500 million people just 20 miles away, which accounts for over half their total trade... essentially the UK will have no trade deal with anyone.... his new nickname should be NoJo then. The US is quite a mess right now but the UK is already sinking.
  17. China is so many many ways can‘t stop laughing the past 3 months. I always thought that China would come out even stronger even before corona and Trump‘s ridiculous attempts to cripple China. Some days ago I even read about a poll among various European countries and China is now more popular than the US in most.
  18. @achilles return America being a divided country doesn‘t mean that they are not united in extremes. Actually being divived implies that there are two extremes unable to cope with each other. But thx for making your position clear. I respect that. I admit I truely did not know your positions in that detail. But unless humans are genetically altered I doubt that your economic visions will ever work. Especially when ressources start to dwindle for whatever reasons. Before humans would agree to share ressources equally, they will rather kill 5 billion people in a savage way to solve the problem. PS: As a true marxist you should not be offended or annoyed by my claims that the US is a divided country and a dying nation. You should embrace it because nationality is something you are supposed to overcome.
  19. I totally forgot that he is still alive.
  20. Pure capitalism sucks too. Americans always think in extremes when it comes to the economy. What you want - when moving on from the rather extreme capitalism of the US - is a balanced economy. The other countries you have in mind, the Europeans, Canada etc all have a balanced economy and would be quite insulted if you call them socialists. Those economies were balanced and adjusted over many many decades and whenever they leaned a bit more towards the socialism end, they quickly readjusted back to more balance. So if you want that, you should stop throwing the S word in the room. And if you really mean S in actual socialism, then I have to tell you that this will not end well.
  21. Yeah... but you, Falcons... and Dan Quinn... the likelyhood of another long season ending losing streak is strong with that guy.
  22. I pretty much have given up on the Falcons pass rush and just want to tank and fire DQ... but if for some miracle we end Drew Brees and Tom Brady career this season, I would stomach DQ for yet another season... and that is the biggest sacrfice I could possibly give!
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