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  1. Actually she is a quantum chemist, so a virus is not really her field. But as a scientist, she did immediately understand the models surrounding the spread of the virus. She also knew how to then explain the core of the model in easier words to somebody completely foreign to science. She is not a talented public speaker or with speeches in general. She basically limits herself to mandatory speeches. So whenever she announced to make a speech outside the mandatory framework, people are listening. Though it really comes down to cultural differences. Germans are obsessed with following
  2. I will always miss Smitty. Teams were always well prepared... sure not many adjustments were ever made during the games but I fail to see DQ doing that either. Players were disciplined and Smitty was red hot when someone made a big mistake... DQ gives candy on the sidelines to those players. He didn‘t lose back to back games much... I think we never did once in the first 3-4... DQ is the master of losing streaks, especially really long ones The defense wasn‘t good but made opponents earn their points... DQ defenses offer TDs on a golden platter. No matter if we won or
  3. Problem is those grades don‘t differentiate between meaningful snaps and garbage time stat padding. If someone who has not watched the game looks at the grades (and stats) he might think that our offense was on fire. Truth is, that offense didn‘t produce anything when it mattered but racked up yardage when it didn’t matter anymore.
  4. It is just a bad idea to build a formation around your three worst players on defense.
  5. The Falcons are going to be worth alot less after corona is over. Many people will have realized that they can live without paying big money to attend Falcons games. Sure, that will be true for some other teams as well but expect the Falcons to be hit harder than most other teams... especially if AB does nothing once again.
  6. Dan Quinn has some unexplainable freezing moments. Whenever somethings happens he doesn‘t expect - which unfortunately seems to be alot with us never being properly prepared - he will do nothing and just stare. He probably knows he doesn‘t have all the TOs to cover for all those moments so he just lets it happen. There are no words to describe how much I hate DQ and his stare of confusion. Really, the only thing I want in 2020 is him being fired.
  7. The truth about the 4th down TD by the Seahawks is that we were too busy celebrating the 3rd down „stop“, jumping around like we just won the superbowl. When it became clear the Seahawks were going for it on 4th down, the team and coaches were not prepared. I even believe we didn‘t have a real play called it, just some basic formation. I was sitting on my couch screaming „Call TO. Call TO“. Nothing happened, we sleepwalked into our doom. This team has a terrible culture and that sequence of events is everything anyone needs to know about the Falcons. First to celebrate, last to get the jo
  8. All teams use our glorified speed against us. And what we have as too much speed we lack in play recognition. I watched some other games yesterday and thanks to the lack of crowd noise you could hear what the players and sidelines were screaming. A lot of timely „screen screams“ on other teams, not so much with the Falcons. This is a dumb defense. All legs, no brains. Having a complete fraud as HC doesn‘t help either.
  9. Belichick will let Cam run for 30 rushing TDs if he stays healthy. He has no problem playing as ugly as possible if it gets the win. NE‘s defense is still good and if Cam stays healthy, they can grind their way thtough most games.
  10. Please no 8-8... if we don‘t make the playoffs, then the whole thing should crash as hard as possible. Once we are 3 games below from .500, I hope that Matt Ryan gets a severe case of turf toe and we can‘t rally late in the season. This team is to dumb to win and unfortunately at the same time to dumb to lose.
  11. It is not a long shot, it is the most realistic scenario. The long shot is AB doing anything. With no fans in the stadium there is even less pressure go do anything. Not that too many fans are in the stadium when the Falcons were losing by 3 scores in the 3rd quarter. But now with corona, he doesn‘t even have to justify the empty stadium anymore.
  12. It still makes me mad that he wasn‘t fired. The same in 2018. And the additional damage was even worse. We dropped 10 spots in the draft for pointless wins at the end of the season. Leading to one massive reach after another in the draft. Stupid FA signings because they probably didn‘t believe in their own draft as well. All to keep DQ‘s job. Zero momentum carried to the next season. Heck I sometimes wonder what he does in the offseason.
  13. The notion that we have 15 games left... I wish the NFL had a shortened season this year because of corona... the thought of watching this sorry defense and inefficient offense 15 more times make me sick.
  14. I am always extremely sceptical when players fight for a coach who has not had a winning record in years. What those players need would be someone like Belichick, who would cut down all privileges and increase practise time and intensity. Players won‘t like it but we might actually be going into games properly prepared.
  15. And we only won games afterwards because our offense scored 40 points every game. There is zero chance that is going to happen this year.
  16. DQ will be fired 12/10, the day after we lost to the Panthers.
  17. That was a bad play in the kickoff on two levels... not only the turnover but actually they should have the ball on the 40 because the returner would have been able to catch the kickoff with one foot out of bounds.
  18. We don‘t have any screen game. And don‘t expect it to ever happen under Dirk Koetter.
  19. @Rise Matt Ryan‘s contract was designed for either being extended or cut after the 2021 season. Beginning with 2022, there is a big 7.5M roster bonus every year. While his contract does not look terrible anymore compared to what Mahomes/Watson are getting, he also will be 37 years old when we face the decision. Just saying that a new regime will have no loyalty towards him... and maybe not even towards Julio, who will be 33 years old then. With Ridley and emerging Gage still on the team, I would not be surprised if a new regime would cut/trade Ryan and trade Julio for a first. A
  20. Maybe, probably... Ryan clearly did underthrow Julio, he had 2 steps on the defender.
  21. Don‘t worry, if that happens we all will be trolling the Saints
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