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  1. The new axis of evil is Turkey - Saudi Arabia - Qatar But nobody will openly say that because because we lay on bed with all of them in the past decades.
  2. They will have to learn a thing or two about the world too. If you can get Iran to accept Israel's right to exist then Iran will be the biggest ally you will ever see against the Wahhabism madness. Saudi Arabi has spent alot of money to support a negative imagine of Iran and they fear nothing more than Iran becoming a partner of the west (again). Saudi Arabi needs to be isolated and condemned for eternity until Saudi is removed from its name.
  3. The two countries most responsible for the rise of ISIS are Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Good to see that at least Russia is willing to take one down because we can't. Turkey is a split tngue member of NATO and Saudi Arabia has bought our politicians for ages. And Iran btw is not a peoblem but actually the solution. The sooner relations with Iran get back to normal, the better.
  4. You always have go consider what kind of target your home country represents to the terrorists. Germany will probably continue to not see any terrorist attacks because for unfortunate historic reasons that would be vry unpopular within the muslim world plus you do not sh1t where you eat and sleep. The US on the other hand, any successful attack comes with the highest prestige and the promise of trillions of virgins in the afterlife. So even a small number of refugees have to be screened in the most thorough way and beynd any possible doubt... even if it takes month and years.
  5. Alot of people believed in the happy united world after the end of the cold war. When were are a teen or young adult during that period, you really believed that. Then you grow up, you realize what work means and you realize that there are also people who hate everything you achieve in life for whatever reason. Anyone who is past age 40 and still believes in the world being a happy place only filled with happy people is a fool.
  6. Let me tell you, my appreciation for Israel has grown tremendously the last couple of years. Only when you are confronted yourself with the same kind of terror, you realize what Israel has to deal with every single day.
  7. If you are not able to overcome guilt, you will commit suicide sooner or later.
  8. The problem is not guys like him, Germans themselfes are the ones that nurture the Nazi guilt. It is extremely effective tool for the political left in Germany. The guilt complex is exploited for all kind (of sometimes completely unreleated) policies. Obama of course is very happy to support that but it would not have been needed, Germans themselfes are digging their own graves, mostly by effectively rendering democracy non-functional because opposition to those policies is essentially made impossible. Do not let politicians in the US follow suit.
  9. Germany is currently the worst offender against all counter-terrorism activities. 9/11 was planned in Hamburg. Some the Paris attackers were in Germany during the planning stages. The open door policies have made the tracking of terrorists virtually impossible. Germany's guilt complex has endagered most of Europe and also the US. The sooner countries like the US or the UK put the pressure on Germany, the better for everyone including Germany.
  10. I think the harm is done by those who throw explosives on innocent people and shoot innocent people. Nothing the Jews had ever done in Europe.
  11. Yes it understands it so much that it essentially is about to abandon the entire country
  12. Just imagine if the main concern of the people of Vienna in 1683 was the rising muslim rhetoric. They probably would have opened the city gates and apologized.
  13. Same tune over here. I am losing faith in our representatives to protect us with each passing day.
  14. "everything is fine, just found nothing, just some doggy bones, everything is good, there is no problem with our QB"
  15. rebuilding years do not start at 5-0 and go 1-11 afterwards. You are supposed to make a positive impact at mid season after a terrible start. This is the total opposite, crowned by a players only meeting.
  16. I am sorry, I just don not know who that guy is. Don't blame me, I had to google him.While I would agree that religion was part of his inspiration, it is somewhat of an domestic case of terrorism that does not represent Christianity but the fockup the US is as a society (sorry had to say so). The remote controlled muslim terrorists however have a very international character, that repeats itself in many many quite totally different countries... so that the only common factor remaining will be the religion.
  17. Problem is, I do not see people from other religions being receptive to the remote control of some terrorist organization. If ISIS can potentially control people of muslim faith all over the world, then muslim people all over the world will be looked at with sceptism. No matter if they already were in the country or if they just came to the country. Human remote controls are scary.
  18. btw you better hope that at least the woman was indeed recruited by ISIS... because the theory of muslims being a ticking time bomb (self-radicalization) would be even worse.
  19. And to be sent into certain death. ISIS uses all kind of cannon fodder, woman will do too.
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