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  1. It was always going to be Biden though. He knew and the GOP knew it. The Democratic field was so weak and nearly as crazy as the usual GOP primary would be.
  2. If he is down like 20-25 points a month before the elecion, I actually expect him to step down („health reasons“) rather than lose the election. But he also could go absolutely ballistic if he realizes that there is no way out of this.
  3. And the whole world is watching these days. I know those people have been around since forever but now everyone on the planet knows. Compared to those people even North Korea looks like a sane place.
  4. Difference seems that white women now judge Trump for what he is. All other women already did in 2016.
  5. After watching that, I somehow want to delete my previous post, lmao
  6. I just looked at the latest NY Times poll and Trump would need a second 9/11 to win the election. He is 22 points behind Biden with women. That stuck out the most for me. Because women are the real silent majority and not what Trump claims. And it also shows that whatever Trump will try to discredit Biden as a filthy perv will not work. Women are better at judging a character and if Trump is down by 22 points with them, there is no coming back. And all this before Biden choses a woman as VP. The VP choice was always going to be his trump card (pun intended) with her being among three old as dirt white men in the race. But now you can literally finish Ttump off months before the election. Women drive me crazy at times but you can count on them judging people correctly.
  7. This is beyond anything I thought he would do. Isn‘t that an open aggression against all people of the US? No matter if red or blue? How can anyone defend that?
  8. In some ways yes.... they are the two only countries not using the metric system.
  9. Random Question: What does the US have in common with Myanmar?
  10. It is a disgrace and only when stuff like that happens people start to notice.
  11. Look, you all know Germany is doing pretty well... that is why I am telling you even though Germany did everything by the book and slowly and carefully reopened the country, all it took was one careless company to get a whole city under total quarantine. In one big meat plant the company did not bother to use any kind of proper PPE for their employers who stood in endless lines doing their meat thing. Did not help that most workers were cheap labor from Eastern Europe who were not properly educated about the virus. Long story short, there are now 2000 employers infected, that is more than all of Germany had for a whole week. We just shut down not only the plant but the whole town, I mean shutting down in the most strict version possible. Because there is no alternative, this would otherwise be a super spreading event. I wonder if that is already happening in the US and how local government and especially Drumpf would react to this.
  12. Safari is by far the best mobile browser.
  13. Joker was actually way way waaaay better than I thought it would be.
  14. Yeah I seriously doubt Trump would handle the steep hills of Rome
  15. It is kind of sad to see history repeating itself. I know I have a thing for old Roman history but this is just the same story as with the old Roman republic in its dying stage. People needed to be voted consul to escape presecution. Caesar could have been prosececuted for what he did during his first term as consul and only being off to gaul and slaughtering a million people granted him immunity while doing so. When the senat refused to change the constitution so Caesar could be voted while being absent - he couldn’t enter the city of Rome as long as he was an army commander, a position he desperately wanted to hold onto - he started a civil war, a constitutional crisis and ultimately the end of the republic. I see so many similiarities here, it is just frightening.
  16. I mean he tries to cling to his chair but doesn‘t exactly seem to know how. It sure looks to me he is getting more and more disconnected with the world every single day. And that means getting disconnected to the people and even his own voters. I wonder what people in 2000 years think of this. Like Nero singing while Rome is burning?
  17. He knows he is going to lose the election. So much is clear now. Everything that comes from now on is trying to nullify the result of the election. Most likely creating a constitutional crisis without achieving a single thing.
  18. Wow, he has officially entered the next phase.
  19. I am not pushing for the status quo. There always has to be change. But you should realize that change is highly subjective. What Trump considers change is actually the status quo for others... or even the past. And what you see as change is really just the continuing partisan battle that has defined American politics for some decades now. Trump will leave nothing behind that the next president can‘t or won‘t change on day. Presidential Executive Orders are as easily removed as installed. PS: I don’t watch any channel. I am capable of making up my own mind. Might be a strange concept for you.
  20. Ah come on, stop the BS. You are literally just blabbering what you have been told. He doesn‘t change anything. He doesn‘t have the power and that is a good thing. If you want change you need a bipartisan approach... and Trump is completely incapable of that. I am not saying the Dems are more capable of that but claiming that Trump is going to change American politics is nonsense. Actually he is kind of cementing the ugly status quo by guaranteeing that bipartisan reforms are out of the question for at least a generation. So if you want change, you will probably not see it in your life time. And I have to inform you that things will not change the way you hope even then. People more likely to vote for People like Trump die every day and people more likely to not vote for people like Trump are born every day. Whenever US politics are seeing a dramatic change, you can be sure it will be quite certainly the opposite of Trump has in mind. I am a conservative (though sometimes centric) myself and you have to face reality and properly adapt to it. That is something that is not happening with conservatives in the US and it will be their complete downfall.
  21. Don‘t worry, you will get your term limits, Trump will serve just one term as will Biden. So I wonder what you are even complaining about
  22. When will you realize that Joe Biden doesn‘t even matter. People would vote for a wooden block just to get rid of Trump.
  23. I would not go that far but he certainly will align to anybody if he believes it helps HIM. But of course guys like Putin play him like a fiddle.
  24. It is just so extremely unfortunate because the Kurds are extremely good people, who actually take sh1t from no one, they held their ground against Assad and ISIS on their own. Just the same as in Iraq. Betraying the Kurds like this just to please Erdogan and Putin, who are probably the worst two people on earth, is a monumental sin.
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