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  1. If we lose this, DQ should not be allowed on the flight back
  2. And I though we were hot trash... the Cowboys take it to another level
  3. Those safeties are just clowns. I seriously hope we won‘t resign Kazee and Neal and cut Allen.
  4. If the Cowboys are more desperate than the Falcons, then it is because they actually want to go to the playoffs.
  5. We don‘t have many smart coaches or players. This team is all legs and no brains.
  6. The fcking Falcons lose when I want them to win and win when I want them to lose. That was the story of 2018&2019 and 2020 will be the same. Will be eliminated from playoffs before week 10 and then win meaningless games to ruin the draft position and - god forbid - keep Dan Quinn for yet another year. I swear if that happens again, I will go nuts on TATF until they finally ban me.
  7. I already have asperger, I don‘t fear a vaccine
  8. Some reasons are not even good ones. For example Biden not being a woman. And especiall not being Hillary.
  9. The number will be higher this time. For many reasons.
  10. I will vaccinate the moment I qualify. And I will wear a sticker that I had the shot. Just to make sure nobody asks me to wear the ******** mask again. I wear it because it is the right thing to do now but the moment the vaccine is supposed to have build immunity in my body, I will throw that mask into a corner.
  11. There goes my only reason why I would buy a PS5 on release day: https://www.engadget.com/horizon-forbidden-west-sony-playstation-4-215249430.html Might as well wait for the first revision, with probably less noise, more durable controller and maybe better design... I hate the Ps5 design.
  12. If we want an offense guru as our new HC then he will 100% insist on two things: 1) Being able to draft his future starting QB in the next 2 drafts 2) Time to rebuild over those two years Because there is no way in **** such a guy would want to continue living in the shadow of the 2016 season. It is now 4 years since we had the magical offense and 4 years since Shanahan left and all we did since then is trying to keep Matt Ryan in his comfort zone. We are stuck deep in the past. The new guy will have to start Matt Ryan in 2021 because we can‘t cut or trade him for salary ca
  13. I just read that Trumps granfather was one of the first victims to die from the Spanish Flu. Didn‘t know that. I mean THAT is irony.
  14. It is a family of draft dodgers, very hard to argue with that.
  15. I think Big Dig knew that. His remark was rather sarcastic. Drumpf is such an odd name. It is a local dialect for Trumpf and would be heavily ridiculed nowadays.
  16. Trump is neither like a modern day Germans nor like those „old Germans“, that did have some questionable traits. The man is truely American, it is up to you decide if he comes from the good or bad facette of American society... which of course then depends on your position, which is the good or bad is.
  17. Yeah it is quite an ambiguous quality But for the most part, we learned to put it to good use nowadays
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