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  1. Ask Qunn nicely if he would accept a demotion to DC (he can keep bis salary) and hire someone as HC who has any qualities being the leader of a football team.
  2. I know and I don't get it. Matt Ryan was already in some decline the past two years. This year he has regressed even more, alot more.It is his lack of footwork. It is his lack of balance, It is his lack of arm strength. It is his lack of accuracy. It is his lack of good decision making. It is his lack of good time management. It is alot of stuff that simply is so sub average these days that even Stevie Wonder would see it.
  3. undeniable sad fact that alone - and the fact that two of the three better guys are much younger than him - should people realize that we have to act swiftly, otherwise we are stuck battling the equally poor Saints for the 3rd place for the next 5 years.
  4. Even though More was a clown, I see him in a better light these days. He actually went to the NFC championship game with Vick at the helmet. We didn't know then, but he actually made the best with what was given to him. Same can be said about Mike Smith. People are about to realize what and outstanding job he did with Ryan at the helmet.
  5. It is more like Matty ice cream Ryan because after ending a game with such an interception he just looks like a little boy who is about to tell his mommy that he dropped the ice cream.
  6. Dan Quinn makes some impact on the defense... but as the HC and the leader of the team, I see none.
  7. The worst part is that the guy looks like he is about to say to his mommy that he dropped the ice cream. Matty ice cream Ryan
  8. I was calling a 6-10 season even when we were 6-2... because we already played terrible football for four weeks then. We played "ok" football at 4-0, then came the terrible redskins game that we somehow won in OT... everything afterwards is the worst I have seen since 2007.
  9. Actually we were out of the playoffs even before the game but it is official now. There was simply no way we could have beaten out the loser of the NFC North race and the Seahawks for one of the wildcard spots.
  10. The ones where defenders had his hands on it I assume. Defender, receiver... does not matter because his majesty is never wrong, didn't you know?
  11. Rumour has it, that maximum amount of users on ignore was once extended at the request of the court jester.
  12. "My majesty, your last attempt of valour was not enough to overcome the weakness of your minions" - The Court Jester
  13. ... you are either a close relative of Matt Ryan or still in deep denial beyond any reasoning.
  14. jesus, I should have written "are you kidding me?"
  15. not impossible but comebacks that need a TD are very rare with him
  16. You all need to look at the bright side: the season is about to end pretty soon (today?) and you have no reason to visit this forum until the next offseason starts.
  17. at least I might get my wish of a carefree christmas
  18. "My majesty, your minions suck. They are unable to appreciate your greatness" - Gazoo, the TATF court jester
  19. You talk against a wall here. Matt Ryan's answer to pressure has always been badly balanced backpedaling. You should never ever backpedal that much inside the pocket because not only you move the ball in the wrong direction, you also are so out of balance that you are hard pressed to make a throwaway to the sidelines.
  20. The worst part is that he does not even care about Matt Ryan or whoever the majesty is. He believes he gets a special status on this forum if he will defend the current regime and their leaders. Guy used to be best buddy with some of the most corrupt admins you will ever see on an internet forum and got many people banned for simply not agreeing with him. Doubt he still gets that today but he sure continues his old work as the court jester.
  21. It is the same show he used to run in 2005 and 2006. It is everyone fault but Vicks. The guy is a notorious court jester for nearly two decades. He will prostitute for whoever is in charge with the Falcons (FO, coach, QB) and blames everyone else. Once there is a regime change, he will say he always new that the previous one sucked and will continue his work as the court jester.
  22. I know you are jus doing your job Mr. Court Jester but at some point you have to ackknowledge the ducks his majesty is throwing.
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