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  1. The good thing is that the remaining 60 million are not guaranteed and the saving from the base salary are higher than the dead money from the signing bonus. So we do not have to pay him the remaining 60 million if we don't want to... do we want to?
  2. I hope the Panthers bring their A game next week from the very first minute.
  3. Very uncharacteristic play by the Patriots... Eagles have scored 21 out of 28 points with return plays. The emperor is not happy.
  4. Sean Peyton has Sean Payton has lost the passion for the game. He cares more about other stuff these days. Bringing him into Atlanta would even top the Petrino mess.
  5. "I will get my 23.5 million next year anyway"
  6. My advice is to take a 4 week pause of football until the playoffs start.
  7. The Matt Ryan superbowl window has closed for sure.
  8. Well, there is no reason to do so in 2015 because we are eliminated. And who knows what 2016 brings, we can only hope.
  9. He just needs to change the context and "I can't make that throw" makes alot more sense
  10. Those two clowns are terrible. You look at them and know that they are just glad to be paid decent money without even coming close to be at the top of their profession.
  11. You better hope we finish 6-10 because anything else than at least two heads on a spike would be a huge disappointment.
  12. I have no idea what people are watching but Ryan throw the most terrible ducks I have seen in a long time. Even injured 40 year old Peyton Manning throws less pathetic ducks. Those throws by Ryan were incredibly slow. The were incredibly wobbly. They had an incredible high curve, probably because he fears that LBs are able to pick them because of the lack of zip. Open your eyes people, those throws are terrible.
  13. Being a homer is bad, being a simpleton is worse. Being a homer and a simpleton means you are a delusional Falcons fan.
  14. You realize that Shanahan was brought in to maximize Ryan's tendency to decide on one hot read and go with it? The offenses Mularkey and Koetter ran were even simpler than the one we have now. At want point will people realize that any OC can only run plays the QB is capable of finishing?
  15. I am just spending ~ $200 NFL gamepass to watch all games live overseas but this year I started questioning it, so I didn't book the playoff package (extra $50) which turns out to be the right decision. That money is nothing to me but the Falcons have ruined my last 8 or so sundays and that is not worth it. I will watch the offseason very closely to see if some neccessary changes are coming, if not then I will spend the sundays otherwise and watch the game on mondays without paying a dime.
  16. Since Tom Brady still throws darts at 39, can throw deep and force safeties to play deep, can go through his reads, always has a balanced position and has superior footwork, knows when to just go down without fumbling while backpedaling and properly throws away when the play does not develop without getting called formintentional grounding and in general plays the best when the pressure is the greatest... yes I believe he would do better. Was that even a serious question?
  17. Because if you over- or underthrow your receiver on first down, you fall behind in the count. And please stop with the "those were drops" BS... Julio Jones is asked to risk his life every single game the way he tries to make those ducks catchable and asking an undrafted scrapp WR to make a catch on a ball that is barely 2 inches above the grass when it arrives is not realistic,
  18. Right... so Matt Ryan would do that if you replaced Tom Brady with him? Right, didn't think so. Now let me watch proper football. Even Sam Bradford looks like NFL QB compared to Ryan.
  19. Maybe the Panthers rest everyone in the second game. But we probably lose to their backups anyway.
  20. I like that the Patriots always play late games. After 3 hours of Matt Ryan, I enjoy watching Tom Brady, even though he is without his two top targets.
  21. will be a tough decision to keep him... because we actually do not owe him any money, all his remaining salaries are not guaranteed (2016-2018). So if the FO decides to keep him, they do it because they believe his is still worth 23.5 million a year because they do not have to pay him if they did not want to (even cutting/trading him this offseason actually saves salary cap).
  22. Do you actually have look at the ducks he throws? They have become so slow and wobbly, especially the sideline throws.
  23. To my memory, we only had one game in 8 years of Matt Ryan, where we scored a TD on the final drive to overcome a 4 point deficit, that was 2009 @Jets.
  24. You can not run the football if opposing defenses have zero respect for your QB. It has been now almost two months since it became obvious that Matt Ryan can not make certain throws anymore and is terribly inaccurate under pressure. Ever since then, the SS is playing in the box on most plays. And with the run gone, so is play action. It all starts with the fact, the defenses do not have to defend certain plays anymore because of Matt Ryan's deficiancies. Everything else is a domino effect.
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