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  1. This is the first time since 1984 (then on my c64) that I broke the reset button while hitting it.
  2. sure but it looked strange with Quinn in his face a foot away... maybe camera angle made it look funny but that is all I was saying...
  3. Sure but it all depends on how the situation escalates. Nobody will fire Quinn over a blowout in Carolina... but imagine if this team gets hammered against Jax?
  4. It is probably worth the research. What was it last week? Only 4 teams that started 5-0 ever missed the playoffs? Did any of those teams finish the season with a losing record?
  5. We are tanking ever since we were 6-1, lmao
  6. We have three games left and I think we should judge him how this team responds in those after today. If we continue to be totally disfunctional and play without heart, he should get sacked, even after just one season.
  7. Ok now we are trying reall hard to make up for those two TDs we failed to allow. Ladys and Gentlemen, turnovers have arrived
  8. well no idea what actually happened but it really looked strange... Ryan was like one feet away from Quinn with his index finger up... But it really does not matter what happened exactly, it was just another proof that this team is completely disfunctional and Quinn being way over his head (as is Ryan right now).
  9. Well I have to admit, at the time I made this thread, I thought we would be down 0-42 at halftime... but we kept it tight at 0-28.
  10. Julio might break the single season catch record (not the yards record though)... but that's it.
  11. Would not be the first time we lose to backups late in the season.
  12. And Morris is actually on our coaching staff too. But really, this is the worst since the Bucs in 2011. Everything is falling apart, in the worst way possible. No discipline, no hustle, no heart too. I do not see how Dan Quinn will remain HC here. This clearly is a team that does not care at all anymore... and theorically we are not eliminated yet from the playoff race.
  13. Quinn should have stayed in Seattle. Not the first to find out that they are not HC material.
  14. Yeah but this thread might be alive until september 2016
  15. I actually hoped it was Tyson Jackson, I continue to mix him up with Clayborne because of the hair. And before anyone blames me for not knowing all numbers of our lineman: If they would eventually put pressure on the QB, they might get enough air time some day to actually memorize their numbers.
  16. Well I never knew why he got 5 million on a one year deal.... I guess now I will never know.
  17. Yeah I saw guys jogging even on the live play. Who is #99? That was just pathetic.
  18. I swear I did post this by mistake... all the spark, energy and meltdown references that are now brought up were not my intentions
  19. Well to be honest, the way we are playing we give him an outstanding letter of recommendation. I am pretty sure he will get a HC job in 2016 in the NFL.
  20. http://www.theengineer.co.uk/energy/news/wendelstein-7-x-fusion-reactor-comes-online/1021553.article http://phys.org/news/2015-12-german-physicists-landmark-nuclear-fusion.html I hope we will see energy coming from nuclear fusion reactors in our lifetime. This is just a first step of many but very encouraging. ok this was meant to be posted in "Anything but Football"... but since the Falcons are desperate for any kind of spark, a million degree plasma spark might be enough to reignite the Falcons engine There is hope!!
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