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  1. So the letter found demands the end of air strikes in Syria against IS and the closure of the US Ramstein base in Germany. Well, looks like just another day in the new normal...
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/apr/11/borussia-dortmund-monaco-beds-for-away-fans Amazing reaction by the fans.
  3. Should be no problem. There are alot of scalpers out there and the demand for a normal match against a weak opponent is alot less than lets say vs. Schalke or Bayern or international play. Just don't expect to get any tickets within the yellow wall.
  4. Super tight lipped about the definition of the nature of the "assault"... really do not want to call it terrorism, really do not want to talk about the letter that was found... well I am going to bed. Sad day.
  5. "serious explosives"... "Batra's status changed from light injuries to more serious injuries"...
  6. well Police is tight lipped at the pc... but they clearly said three explosions... and that explosives were used... and that the intention was to kill... saying that there was a claim of reesponsibility found at the scene... but no further comment than that. Batra suffered a broken hand and alot of glass splinter in his hand and is currently in surgery... so it is worse than I hoped but not life or career threatening... but if you sustain such an injury in an armored vehicle, the explosion has to be quite massive. Incredibly they want to play the match tomorrow because there is no po
  7. Anyway, live press conference is about to start... if there is anything news worthy to report, you read it here first.
  8. Well those Schalke fans are idiots but they would not do that. As far as I know it was quite a massive explosion (or actually three explosions) and it would take alot more than fireworks to shatter the bullet proof glasses of the armored team bus. I will eat crow if I am mistaken about my instincts I expressed in my starting post... but I doubt I will have to. The Ruhr region I live is flooded with questionable characters and I always suspected that it would be a target sooner or later. The state government is incompetent and security is a joke. Much harder to do that in Munich with the FC Bay
  9. Thx Well I didn't get tickets. Stadium capacity is "just" 82.000 and about half a million on each championsleague night want tickets. My application for season tickets is expected to not yield any success before 2021 I know terrorist attacks have become the new normal... but the fact they now attack propular sport teams and events is super frightening. My only hope is that people, who were indifferent so far, realize how real the threat is... even though only one player was injured, thank god the team bus was already heavily armored.
  10. http://www.espnfc.com/uefa-champions-league/story/3101531/explosion-near-borussia-dortmund-team-bus-injures-marc-bartra-and-postpones-champions-league-game I live just 5 miles away from the stadium. I actually recently applied for season tickets. I know nobody knows offcially who did this... but we all know. I see them every day. If you dare to enter public transportion, the most spoken language will be arabic, followed by turkish. If you are lucky, you will find two elderly German women. And it is not just that there are so many of them. If you look into their faces, you see how the
  11. I think many people wished they could but you know, it doesn't work. And to be honest, even if it would work, I probably would not choose the Jax... nothing against them but really don#t care about the Jaguars... if I *could* choose I probably would want to be a Packers fan, merely for the fact that they do not have an owner.
  12. Fun fact is that the last time the Raiders made it to the Superbowl was 4 years after we had our only visit there. Fun fact also is that this happened after they fired Joe Buegel after just one season and then hired Jon Gruden and that ultimately led to that superbowl visit Fun fact is that the Raiders arguably have a better season than us this year. I have no idea how a Falcons fan has the nerve on sh1tting over the Raiders right know... or at any other time.
  13. He is brutally underrated. He would be our starting QB for at least 4 games if we had signed him as the backup.
  14. Indeed. In his second season, Matt Ryan had Tony Gonzales who was still in his prime and Roddy White, who was playing on near MVP level. Sure we lost Turner for some games but Jax does not have a stellar running game either. So really, it is not even close. Plus the guy living in the past did not mention that Ryan's completion percentage in his second year was prety much exactly the same as Bortles this year.
  15. Yes I see the logic, when Falcons win, all glory to the players and coaches (as witnessed the first 5 games)... and when Falcons lose, all blame goes to the owner and GM You guys are as stupid as it gets. No wonder that people laugh about this franchise whenever I visit the opponents forum for a good smack talk. First answer usually is: "The Falcons have fans?". And you do not need much time to realize that the fans of other teams know quite a bit more about the game than those sorry customers the Falcons have.
  16. No No, you never find a half decent QB again in the draft. We need to stick with what we got until he gracefully retires.
  17. Yes living in the past, expected nothing else on this forum... Matt Ryans last pro bowl was 2012, that is quite some time ago. If you really think that Matt Ryan is having a better 2015 than Bortles than you are just insane. Add in that he makes 1/4 in salary as Matt Ryan this year and for two more years to come and add in the probability, that a 23 year old will have a much better chance to improve his play than a 8 year veteran. And even though JAX has one less win, they still have a half decent chance of winning their division. Plus it is utterly laughable that your are pointing your finger
  18. TD is being targeted because it would be so much easier than facing reality. 90% of all American Sport teams and 100% of non-American sports teams would look at what actually happens on the field and see the gigantic mess that weak leadership and sub par coaching created. But somehow in this place, things are moving veeeerrryyy slowly. When they finally realize what was actually wrong, a couple of more years are lost. That is probably the whole story of this franchise.
  19. He already has more TDs after 13 games in his second season than Ryan had in any season except 2012 (32). If he throws 3 TDs, he will have 33... And most people thought that drafting him at #3 was a reach... because you know, you never find good QBs in the draft
  20. Thanks, I only had the data for the last 30 years from a different article I found. But 8-8 is still the worst yet and Saints are the co-owners.
  21. can you believe that we actually won in Carolina last year? It's not like Carolina added a bunch of allstars since then, actually they have their best WR on IR. And even the season ending loss at home was not nearly as bad. We were in the middle of the game and if DiMarco does not drop the ball, it would have been much much closer. Now a year later, we are completely outclassed from minute one to 60, from defense to offense.
  22. Put them all on a plane and fly over Syrian air space. We might get expansion team draft status from the league.
  23. Who knows what brings the future... the fact that nobody seems to care about the epic proportions of this meltdown makes me wonder if it is just the foreplay for even worse.
  24. As if anyone needs to force Matt Ryan into making pre snap decisions, lol
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