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  1. huh? just download it online and watch it on your TV There are plenty of usb/network media players for ~ $80 that play 1080p content.
  2. While I am totally hyped for every new episode, I also have a hard time buying into Ned Stark. But maybe that is how he is supposed to be at this point of the story. Since I didn´t read the books, I will just trust that the character will be fine. The female cast is way stronger than the male one, Lena Headey is perfect and so are the Stark girls. The mother and her crazy sister were great too.
  3. As a German, I am utterly disgusted by those countries and if I would be sitting in the same boat with the US, I would be disgusted by the economic plans of the US government as well. Instead of becomig more competetive against all those rising countries from Asia and South America, people want to work less, spend more and get more services from their central government. But hey, I am not complaining, buy more VWs and BMWs with the money you don´t actually own!
  4. One thing I know is that I am not going to spend a dime anymore on the NFL game pass, which costs about $15 per week. I am done giving my money to people that work against their own fans.
  5. I would love to see fans from all teams unite and stand up against the madness that came when Roger Goodell took over the NFL. I wish the NFL would once again make decision that are best for the game and its loyal fans instead of listening to some marketing guy that claims to see a potential 2% increase with some demographic group. The NFL, the game and just everything was fine before those clowns took over.
  6. This is a virus that has infected the whole NFL, from the ridiculous fines on legit hits to pink gloves and just everything that is supposed to be oh so "family friendly". I came to watch football 18 years ago because I was tired of men acting like little girls rolling over the soccer playing field. It´s a ******* disgrace that football is run by a bunch of lawyers who want 12 year old girls as new customers.
  7. I haven´t seen so many animated gifs on one page since the late 1990s
  8. The NFL is run by a bunch of lawyers, I don´t expect them to understand the game of football anymore.
  9. The poor play of the OLine is the root cause of our predictable and sometimes inapt offense and Sam Baker is the biggest reason why. It is very hard to overcome physical deficits in the NFL and right now DLs are overpowering Sam Baker with both, speed and strength. Investing more time in Sam Baker might be a bad idea because he just doesn´t have the body to succeed at LT in the NFL. He might start at RT next season because Tyson Clabo will be a unrestricted free agent and Baker is under contract at a reasonable price.
  10. thread starter is even worse than a soccer player and that comes from a European who knows!
  11. For years, Michael Koenen has been untouchable and a fan favorite. His record setting 2008 year (for fewest punt return yards) and his steady good kickoffs had alot to do with it. But how much longer can we ignore his less than stellar punting game? I am aware that our punt coverage is nothing close to what we had in the 2008 season but how much longer do we ignore those sub par 30 yard punts from Koenen? His current stats: #32 in punt average #33 in net average The most alarming trend is that even though his punts are short, they don´t have much of a hang time anymore, even 40-45 yard punts
  12. MM has to go I am a patient fan but this offense is as predictable to other teams as it was in 2005/2006 under Knapp. Both, Knapp and MM, absolutely fail to evolve an offense and fail to take the neccessary leap forward. Even though I am pretty sure that limitation on the OL and the injury of Norwood play a part in the predictability of the offense, it is undeniable that we do less in 2010 than we did in 2008.
  13. I am with you on this one. We need a change of pace RB. We still have to use his abilities though, so add a new OC who actually is able to craft some good screens. But I would look for such player in round 2 or 3. LT or DE in round 1 will probably get us more value... oh wait, I forgot we drafted Baker and Anderson in round 1
  14. Its time to ban you from this forum once and for all
  15. How about bringing in Lindsey Lohan? She is 24
  16. +1 The depth on our defense is just awesome compared to what we had in town the last 10 years. I also agree that we are just 1-2 playmakers away from being dominant on defense. We have so many young players that I am pretty confident that someone is stepping up to star status by the end of this or next season.
  17. I would never even think about underestimating the ******** Eagles, especially when we play at their place. I believe this game might be very similiar to the other game we played in Pennsylvania this year, a grind to the very last second.
  18. Rate Topic: ****- 14 Votes (You voted 5)+ Who the heck didn´t give 5 stars to this thread? :blink:
  19. I never understood why some people don´t shake hands after the game. In most cases it was their own team that screwed up, it wasn´t our fault or Mike Smiths fault that the 49ers missed more than one chance to win the game. Sorry to see Mike Singletary losing control over himself and his team. His attitude and intensity helped him as a player and probably as a positional coach but it doesn´t serve him well as a HC.
  20. we are also the only NFC team with a three game winning streak
  21. I can not believe I once supported Obama. Wonder what all the other millions of people think of him now that donated over the internet to his campaign. He was supposed to guarentee the freedom of the "internet generation" and now we find out he is alot worse than Bush. The guy is so dead to me.
  22. Mike Sinletary is a positions coach at best. Most NFL people thought he was not HC material and I think right now they are proven right.
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