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  1. The buttom line for me personally is that DQ gave me terrible memories every season: - 2015: completely lost control over the team after a good start, losing to the worst teams in the league, unable to address the issues in time and we went from 6-1 to 6-7 during that collapse - 2016: the worst memory anyone can ever have about a sports team, no matter how good it was before that - 2017: Watching the offense go from unstoppable to mediocre because he had to hire his buddy - 2018: 2015 DejaVu, completely lost control over the team again - 2019: The worst season opener I
  2. Sure it is early but what the heck were they doing the last 9 months? This team was totally unprepared from the first play. It will be very very hard to come back from this. Especially since during the 3rd quarter the wheels were completely falling off in terms of discipline. Being outplayed and outcoached is one thing, what we saw today was something else, alot worse.
  3. Maybe, hopefully... but to be honest, this team really needs to crash hard this season to get the desperately needed house cleaning. Man, I really would like to kick Freeman off the team personally. That little punk was the worst today.
  4. He made Matt Schaub a ProBowler in Houston, got a great season out of RG in Washington and even had a respectable offense with the Browns. He did great with three QBs / teams that otherwise sucked before and after him. Make that four if you include the Falcons.
  5. DQ getting fired is the best possible outcome this season. The last thing I want is another 7-9 season and DQ somehow being able to hang around. And from what I saw today, there is no way we make the playoffs, this team has serious issues.
  6. I predicted 6-10 and after this game it will be very hard for this team to win 6 games.
  7. How can a team fall apart like that in the first regular season game? You can make a strong case for firing DQ after the game.
  8. The wheels are falling off... no discipline on this team... we should have signed AB to make this the perfect clown show.
  9. I can‘t even begin to tell you how p###ed I am. But the most annoying thing is that people still make the same mistakes that they were making their whole career. Either we have the most stupid bunch of players or the most incompetent bunch of coaches. Either way, this team can go to **** as far as I am concerned.
  10. The bubble screen brought up bad memories from the past... somehow I ignored those the last years... but it is all coming back now.
  11. The only thing I really care about is DQ getting fired. This team won‘t go anywhere in 2019. Nine months wasted, don‘t expect anything to righten the ship in time to save the season. Effing pathetic performance by everyone.
  12. It is like nothing has happened in 9 months. This team is still badly coached.
  13. I just placed my bet on Dan Quinn getting fired during the season
  14. That is quite amazing. Sure they wasted that draft pick but great work on the contract.
  15. I am not joking. We drafted someone with known heart issue, that has occurred several times in the past. What could go wrong?
  16. So we gave Ty starting money because we knew we would draft a RT with a heart condition?
  17. Someone should lose his job over us drafting this guy. Not only drafting but trading up for this guy.
  18. The Rams have one problem and that is their HC essentially playing QB which won‘t work with that noise.
  19. We will risk change again in 2020, once DQ is fired. By then a mediocre status will actually be desirable. To be clear, I wanted all of those coordinators gone as well but I would have fired DQ as well, so we have a clear cut and can properly clean house.
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