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  1. Ryan‘s interception was terrible but at least he manned up, upped his game in the 2nd half and nearly got us back into the game. Meanwhile our defense continued to suck (apart from one 3&out) until the very last second of the game.
  2. The implications of the injury are huge because there is no way the Falcons will even enter contract negotiations. So he will play next season under the 5th year option which is btw guaranteed for injury. I feel bad for the kid. Back to back serious injuries and severely threatening his career... and probably costing him dozens of millions. If he would have stayed healthy this season and played reasonably well, the Falcons would have given him a 5y/70m with 40m guaranteed extension the very least. Now all he got is the 5th year option for a fraction of that and his career up in the air. C
  3. I had Payton with a passion but he is a great coach. I miss Mike Smith, in his first years he could battle it out with Payton. Now we are just toast.
  4. This defense is even softer than Mike Nolan‘s amoeba defense and that was the definition of soft.
  5. You are right, we are stuck with these players. So any discussion about them is mood since they will still be here come 2020. Since DQ adds nothing to offense or special teams (and he even admitted as such), any new regime can do only better. The question is if we could find a coach that could work with our players on defense. Considering that this defense looks even worse than Mike Smiths defense in 2013/14, when we really had next to zero talent on D, I would gladly take my chances with someone else to get something out of these players.
  6. DQ will never „lead“ us to a SB again, so it really doesn‘t matter when we reach a SB again with a future coach.
  7. When I am very old and looking back at those coaches the Falcons had, I will have rather fond memories of Mike Smith. He took over a beaten team with seemingly no talent, a rookie QB and alot of other issues... and he worked his butt off with sweat and spit and probably saved the franchise from being the Browns. Constant winning over his 5 years, never losing back to back games in that span. His inability of developing talent on defense was his downfall but even when those defenses had next to no talent, he had them playing disciplined and up to their potential. Will always love his red hot he
  8. I feel bad for Julio. Sure he gets paid but he is the kind of guy that would gladly trade money for a championship.
  9. DQ has coaching autism. He does not seem to care what the opponent might prepare. He prepares for what he saw on tape and not what the opponent might change. He seems to be unable to get into the opponents head. Like I said, a sad case of coaching autism.
  10. The offense recovered, the defense not at all... people will mention injuries but this defense looked even worse when everyone was healthy. I was close to give up on the Falcons after the Superbowl... but if DQ is still the HC in 2020, I will cancel my NFL package and enjoy sundays with family.
  11. No name in particular... in my dream world I would like Shanahan back but he is building something good with the 49ers. Just someone with an offense background and a concrete plan with the players on offense we have.
  12. I think it would be a poor fit. We just don‘t have the players for his scheme and we don‘t have the cap money to change that. We should sign someone with an offensive background and hire a relentless worker as DC. Someone who actually is good with the X and Os even though he is not the most charismatic guy.
  13. Of course he is not even good at that. I doubt the players even listen to him anymore.
  14. DQ is in his fifth year. Before him we had MS for 7 years. It is not like we are changing coaches every year, But once you realize your coach lost the team, you need to move on. This is the third year in a row this team is regressing.
  15. We are getting smoked by Frank Reich. He patiently abuses our soft zone defense. No adjustment by DQ at all.
  16. And most likely as a Falcon as well... no way we sign him to a long term extension now... his 5th year option is guaranteed for injury, so we will have him next year... on the field or still on IR. Sucks for him. Every serious injury is terrible but for at the point where he is...
  17. The way we are losing games, it would be totally appropriate to fire a coach during the season. There are really no excuses for the way the team and especially the defense is playing,
  18. I was actually pretty positive about the Falcons for a long long time... I was onboard with Mike Smith and Matt Ryan even before the first game vs Detroit... was positive even after the 2013 season but had to admit that it was time for a change after 2014. But with DQ, he lost me in his very first season. That mid season collapse was terrible as it showed that he can not correct the mistakes the player make, at least not in time. And that is the tune ever since. Sometimes this collapse happens on a macro level all season (2015, 2018) or on a micro level within one game (2016 SB and t
  19. I really don‘t see this team having a home advantage anymore... that was the case in Matt Ryan‘s early years but those are gone a long time. Of course those sorry *** fans that can‘t be bothered to actually be on their seats are also to blame for that. Makes me mad to see the stadium half empty at kickoff from 5000 miles away. And after today I doubt it is going to be better.
  20. He stills runs into his own blockers and full speed into a solid wall of defenders. Just a matter of time when he gets his next concussion.
  21. I think think Doug Pederson got our number even when we have a prepared team.
  22. Freeman: still acts like a punk after a 2 yard gain and still has no clue about his blocking assignments.
  23. The same Philly team that came back from 0-17 today? Dream on, that team is extremely well coached and has studs on both lines.
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