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  1. Trufant is determined to finish the season with zero tackles
  2. People should just leave the stadium. Let them play second half in front if an empty stadium... I think that will get AB‘s attention.
  3. That is the curse of playing the Falcons defense... now you suddenly believe that you are actually good, only the crash hard next week when they play a NFL defense.
  4. At this pace the stadium will not even be half empty come next game.
  5. What the heck... how can he seriously believe to run 10 yards?
  6. Half the stadium agrees... I mean the guys that did not even bother to show up
  7. It‘s strange how he is still officially HC... he never added anything to offense or special teams or game management, has made this official before the season to be a glorified DC... and the defense is arguably playing worse than last year, even though we are missing only one starter. Get that loser out if town asap
  8. Considering the talent on defense, I regard Dan Quinn‘s 2019 defense the worst in a decade.
  9. I just know if we lose this game, I will want them to lose the remaining 12 as well.
  10. Until now I thought Trufant having 0 tackles in the year was a good stat... now I am not sure anymore
  11. The NFL has moved on from the Seattle type Defense years ago. DQ has never adjusted. And he never will because he just never adjusts anything ever.
  12. He is done.... as sad as it is... we are probably on the hook for 6.5m on his fifth year option (guaranteed for injury), but there is no way we extend him... plus, I really have trouble seeing him getting back to full speed and was never the fastest guy to begin with... his best option is probably trying to be Thomas Davis, switching to LB after multiple serious injuries.
  13. The HC/DC isn´t working and we are already outside the warranty window, so no refunds for us either way
  14. Smitty was the only good hire AB ever did and he really wasn‘t the charismatic motivational leader. He just worked his butt off and led by example. Rah Rah wears off sooner or later but hard work and attention to detail never will.
  15. We already have Koetter here, so might as well fire Quinn and hire Smitty. Why was Smitty fired? The defense couldn‘t stop anyone and his game management seriously declined. In what regard is Quinn any better? He just adds terrible game preparation and lack of discipline and accountability to what we already had.
  16. The penalties are the result of bad leadership and lack of preparation. Players need to be held accountable. We need this guy on the sidelines:
  17. I agree with you, I think we would have overpaid for him and he is not nearly as good as Deion Jones or Grady Jarrett. But you know how it works here, we pay „our guys“, usually above market value.
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