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  1. DQ applauding the chains getting moved after another penalty. Dude, how about for once getting mad at players and let them know it.
  2. I am hysterically laughing at that attempt by Ryan to hurdle a defender.
  3. This game is alot worse than the first two losses. We lost against well coached teams that played good football. Today we are losing against a bottom 10 team at home.
  4. Not kicking the FG made no sense for the Titans “Trying to come back from the dead“ made me laugh though.
  5. The sad part is that the Titans and Mariota are really bad. Mariota should have 5 intentional grounding calls already.
  6. He will soon be one of the highest paid employees in the country sitting on his sofa at home.
  7. This would be easier to swallow if we were blown out 10-54... the constant teasing and then badly failing is just cruel.
  8. For like 10-20 seconds I thought „hey we might get back into the game“... but reality set in very quickly again.
  9. Please no more injuries, I don‘t want to give DQ any excuses
  10. The worst part is that the Titans are such a bad team on offense. I can absolutely see other teams already having 5 sacks and multiple turnovers.
  11. I actually took off my glasses at halftime, thing look better now
  12. This is the third of four games I find myself not even fully paying attention to the game but rather rant here or look for stuff to buy on the internet. And I consider myself a hardcore fan who usually never misses a game or even a play.
  13. I can only watch the game in 720p but are some sections of the stadium really completely empty? Like just one of twenty seats actually taken.
  14. Ryan is so nervous even though there is hardly any pressure at all
  15. Considering the talent in the roster, I would say this is the worst performance per talent ratio I have ever seen. I have seen Falcons teams equally worse but either the starting QB was out for the season or the defense had not a single good player.
  16. Good thing the media is starting to target Dan Quinn. It takes alot of time and suck for the national media to discuss the job security of people in ATL... so them now starting to discuss DQ is a sign that he really is about to get fired.
  17. He isn‘t positive, he just plays his role on this forum.
  18. Yeah I am not sure about QB but the other positions are surely open
  19. Gazoo is in a tough place... he now needs to wait until we hire a new HC to continue his court jester performance... no way he can continue to do so with Quinn.
  20. I am actually surprised the Titans didn‘t go to victory formation to end the half
  21. This team might need a new QB, RB, Punter, Kicker, 2 CBs, SS, Head Coach and GM
  22. Hats off to the team, they do everything on all three phases to suck
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