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  1. I just hope the season won't end like 2018.... the team was terribly undercoached in 2018, injuries or not... DQ should have been fired, instead we won the completely meaningless last 3 games... DQ somehow could make a case for returning, we dropped by 10 in the draft, got ourself out of position to draft a premier defender, overreached for OL in a weak OL draft and even had to trade up to get another guy, losing a 3rd rounder. Not to mention that DQ fired everyone and basically brought in Koetter for this one year until just everyone is fired again, including DQ this time. Those 3 "
  2. There is zero point in winning games in American sports once you are eliminated from the title race. There is no relegation to Division 2. You only help keeping unqualified coaches in jobs and worsen your draft position.
  3. I won't support the current regime any longer. Any means neccessary to get DQ & Co. out of town are legit.
  4. I cheer for every NFC south team to win each week, minus the Falcons. We play our first divisional game so late, I really hope that the other three are all still in the playoff race. We will long be eliminated so I hope the crush us so hard that even gazoo finds no excuse to keep DQ.
  5. I fully expect Gazoo not to show up for the rest of the season and then come back when we have our new HC (and possibly GM) and praise them as the second coming of the Lord.
  6. We will be eliminated by the time we play our first division game while the other three are in contention for a playoff spot... this team is on the path to 2-14 or something like that.
  7. The players tuned out when nearly all of them got paid. They don‘t mind DQ sinking the team with his lack of preparation. They accepted that in ATL, you only get paid but no championship.
  8. This homerism is very disturbing. As a European, I find it very puzzling, there really is no point sticking with DQ. But since their is no relegation in US sports (in European sports, the Falcons would be on their way to be relegated to college football or CFL), there is less pressure on coaches and players.
  9. I can‘t believe anyone would seriously post stats from todays game to make a positive point. I also can‘t believe that I am actually quoting Mora Jr now: „Empty Yards“.
  10. But honestly, would anything Mike Smith did haunt you in 20 years? Because that is all that remains in the future unless someone will actually lead us to a SB win...
  11. Right, Ryan almost threw for 400 yards... and no picks... but seriously, how can you spin that after watching the game?
  12. That tweet is exactly the problem. It is coaching autism. They only practice what they already do great. Then come gameday they are confronted with situations that will require them to leave their comfort zone.
  13. I closed my eyes during the first half, imagined AB going to the sideline and firing DQ in the spot. Then I woke up
  14. Yeah but I am glad he was able to collect this last paycheck, which he clearly earned over the years and the Falcons denied to pay.
  15. We will make a great case study on how to not prepare a NFL team for gameday.
  16. He is the best Falcons HC in history in giving us the worst possible memories. And it is not only 28-3...
  17. Quinn probably even told Kyle to stay aggressive. I am pretty confident that Kyle the HC would have run the ball three times.
  18. None if our RB is faster than 4.60... our starting RB probably runs a 4.80 now... I know run blocking is not great but Devonta Slowman can simply not get outside at all, which makes the run game completely predictable and useless.
  19. Do they still exist? Can‘t be many looking how quickly the stadium was empty.
  20. I pick Morris. Can‘t be Koetter because he will finish the season in the booth. Mularkey could be an option too. It doesn‘t matter much anyway. All of them will be gone after the season.
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