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  1. It is a bit unfortunate that the fans can‘t voice their anger in the stadium this season. On the other hand, fans don‘t have to pay for the abuse.
  2. Much appreciated I will cover the night shifts because with me being located in Europe, that is actually early morning for me
  3. The worst part is that it was obvious. Without a kicking tee you can not produce any kind of bounce. So it was always going to be a slow roller. It is simple physics. Either our soecial teams guy has no clue or Dan Quinn didn‘t listen. Doesn‘t matter it is his responsibility either way.
  4. Chances are good the next coach won‘t win big either. We might be cursed. But this is about the one satisfaction we can get now. And it won’t be denied from us once again.
  5. I can see some people pointing out that Ryan had a good game and it clearly wasn‘t his fault that we lost. I sign that. But I doubt that the anger will be contained from now on. People were hurt in the superbowl but somehow found the courage to continue to support the team. I think today is just the tipping point where most people can‘t do anymore. Unless Dan Quinn is held responsible, anger will dominate.
  6. It is abuse. We are long past the manipulation phase.
  7. I mean if a college team would ever play an NFL game, they would be given a 20 point jump start to even have a chance. Turns out 20 points is not enough.
  8. I don‘t think so. Not even from Gazoo. This loss carries the full weight of 28-3 with it. The surpressed anger will not be contained anymore.
  9. Cut him after Dan Quinn is gone if you want. Any new HC will evaluate the team from top to buttom. If you want to have players held responsible (that includes Julio Jones btw), we need to fire the hugger and the sideline.
  10. Firing a single player does nothing but serve as a scapegoat for Dan Quinn.
  11. I logged out after the Seahawks loss. I was so close not watching football at all. I gave the Falcons one chance to prove me wrong and they proudly did. Today is just proof that I did the right the thing. Fans need to protect themselfes from abusive teams.
  12. Fans need their voices to be heard now. We have nothing to show for being Falcons fans. Yet we somehow stick around. The hope never dies. But this torture... the never ending torture of 28-3 being refresehed season after season after season. We need to fire Dan Quinn and take his part of the whole disaster with him.
  13. The Petrino disaster actually helped the team. We had an overaged and talentless roster and Petrino crashed the Falcons so hard that we could draft a good QB. Dan Quinn is just a never ending nightmare that makes sure nothing will ever improve.
  14. That too but to even get on track to ever win one, we need to get rid of the guy who can't
  15. And I will keep bumping this thread every day until DQ is finally out of town.
  16. What this loss is just pure torture to us fans. The media finally - nearly - stopped mocking us for 28-3 and now the wounds are open again. We deserve a better future with this team!
  17. This franchise will break for good if we continue to keep Dan Quinn. It is impossible to ever get over 28-3 with this clown head coach still here.
  18. I think Blank will pull the plug this time before DQ gets another chance to win late in the season.
  19. Trust me guys, this loss is a good thing. Nothing would have been worse than another 7-9 or 8-8 season that somehow lets DQ keep his job. This team needs to fall apart to make room for a new regime.
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