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  1. I wasn‘t on the board every single day during his time but when I was here, he didn‘t say anything that I would call racist. He was jewish, wasn‘t he? I had long private conversations with him about the holocaust. He was kind of likable once you had him in a private conversation. He put up a big show on the forum though.
  2. It is all fictitious anyway. Last time I checked, I did not have a US citizenship. What I realized - if I want to talk about self reflection - is how glad I am living in Germany, where people come together to solve problem as a society. I couldn‘t live in the US that seems to thrive towards the extremes either way.
  3. Yes they do but I have seen so many people wearing maks and thinking that they are invincible now, touching stuff they should not. The mask is just one part of the whole protection, doing the smart things and avoiding the stupid ones even more.
  4. It‘s not even US vs EU between us. That would be something more of a Snake (what happened to him anyway) and me thing. AR actually wants to be the EU... well more like Sweden... or like Venezuela... I am not sure yet.
  5. So now conservatives are fascists? Trust me, most people in the US who usually vote for the GOP are not fascists. But instead of focussing your energy on those who actually are fascists, you attack conservatives who decided to not vote for Trump, will vote for Biden but would not vote for Sanders? But go on calling conservatives fascists and moderates fascist sympathizers. You better hope nothing unexpeted in favor of Trump happens between now and november because those people could very well make the difference in this election. I hope Biden keeps people like you as far away from his campaign as possible. Because people like you are actually „Trump enablers“, you just don‘t know it.
  6. Well too bad then that the even the majority of Democrats are more in agreement with me than you, But then again, they are not really your party, are they?
  7. Problem with your approach is, it is so one dimensional, that it would even make people vote for Trump again even though they absolutely hate him. And that is why Biden was the best choice to defeat Trump. The one thing I would never vote for are people saying that there is only one sensible thing to do.
  8. Trust me, the only thing that is more or less guaranteed to work is that you protect other people by wearing a mask. Protecting yourself goes far beyond wearing a mask. It is quite a pain in the act but every move you make, everything you touch has to be a conscious act.
  9. It really doesn‘t matter because the US can not change without a bipartisan approach. The constitution makes it impossible for any partisan approach to change anything dramatically. So your best move would be what you want all along: a revolution
  10. You can’t force someone to vote for the guy that you like the best. If you want my vote than bring me someone better. As it happens, I would vote for Biden because I like him a lot better than Sanders.
  11. Personally When I look at the US, I see a lot of stuff that Europeans only got out of their system when we nearly annihilated each other, a process that had been going on for many many centuries. And it doesn‘t surprise me because the ancestors of most American citizens came to American soil before Europeans banged it out of their system, ergo bringing the „old world disease“ with them to the Americas. What has been happening in Europe up until 1945 in vividly continuing to live on in the US.
  12. Well no, that would actually be against the law. But I think you can not compare the old south and the third reich. The third reich was an absolute evil. Not only morally but also culturally. While the American South was morally bankrupt as well (though not to the extend of the third reich), it did/does have a unique culture that was in some ways worth preserving. Of course the south dailed to seperate the deserving and the undeserving part and that seems to be the problem now.
  13. Well technically since I voted for the CDU and the CDU is by far (20-25% margin) the biggest party in Germany and has a sitting chancellor for 15 years now, I like to believe that I actually represent German mainstream. Economically this has always been a rather conservative country... if you would ask any other European, they would be more than willing to confirm that. And about my fictitious non vote: It also means I do not vote for Trump. If enough conservatives do that, it makes a significant difference.
  14. My statement was that you would not be able to replicate the Swiss model not the EU model. Other countries tried to be „a larger Switzerland“ and failed or are about to fail (see UK). Switzerland enjoys a unique status (some may call it a tax haven) within a much larger enitity without being actually part of that entity (EU) and reaping the benefits of the situation. So no the US could not be a big Swiss but the US could be a bigger version of Germany, I will grant you that.
  15. Does it matter? Those don‘t want to visit Europe anyway...
  16. Though people are discussing to remove statues of Bismarck because of Germany‘s short colonial past. But that would be very short sighted because if anyone would look closely, Bismarck did everything to curb Germany‘s colonial ambitions, much to the dismay of the Kaiser. Most likely those statues will continue to stand and efforts to educate about this rather short and sometimes forgotten colonial past will be increased.
  17. No he is no a generic social democrat... if I am generous, than he might be on the left wing of the SPD but stuff like one payer healthcare (we don‘t want a failing system like the NHS), property tax or a minimum wage of 12 bucks or even higher is found officially only with one party and that is the Linkspartei. In other words, Bernie Sanders here would be unvotable. And he would even not make it close to being the government even if he relaxed on mentioned issues. If you one day want to enjoy those mentioned benefits, you need to find someone way better than Bernie Sanders. The change you suggest won‘t happen over night, in 4 years or in 8 years. It takes decades and at least a full generation to change stuff like that. And most importantly, you will probably a bipartisan approach and a lot of luck with the judges to even remotely make it. In other words, before you start dreaming about those benefits (I can‘t blame you, I wouldn‘t want to live anywhere else) you first need to find a person capable of changing the whole system. And if a bipartisan approach is unlikely (which would be my guess) than you will have to find someone who could carry the Dems to a dramatic majority in the senat. And a guy like Bernie Sanders is not that and you know it.
  18. Well we have been wearing masks since late march (mandatory since april), nice to see a graph reflecting that.
  19. The decision about Americans being allowed to travel to the EU will solely be based on numbers. There is no room for negotiatians about that. You can not negotiate covid 19 away.
  20. A Switzerland with 330 million people would not work. You guys are the Bank of Europe, making a fortune off the work of EU countries. Who would that be for the US?
  21. Sure you do. They are actually winning elections these days.
  22. Sorry to tell but people here as well in the US would not vote for Bernie Sanders. At least not into the office. I am not saying he is a marxist like you are but his platform is mostly identical to the Linkspartei, which represents 7%, maybe 8%. And don‘t mention the SPD, it has been just a week since you called them „class betrayers“... a term mostly used in the 1920s/1930s and that is not attracting voters either. Not that it matters, they only get 15% anyway. The sheer possibility that those parties could make a coalition is keeping the conservative CDU at 40% and comfortably in power. And I suspect the same reflex to be present with American voters. It is probably even stronger in the US.
  23. I am not that convinced. People seem to be tired of Trump but would also be wary of someone economically on the very far left of the US political spectrum. If the NY times poll is Biden 50 and Trump 36, then I would suspect Trump would still have just 36 against any other candidate... but that other candidate might be well below 50 as well.
  24. Bernie would give Trump a fighting chance even now. I hate Trump with a passion but a guy like Bernie would make me consider third party or not vote at all. Thank god I am not an US citizen and not being in the position to choose between what has been presented as candidates. Though I would vote for Biden because I see no ill will with him, he is just „another guy“ and that is much better than what you get with Trump.
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