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  1. Yeah he is playing terrible as well. And so do many players averaging a million dollars or more a game.
  2. You need to see it from his perspective, Everyone around him got paid already and all of them - aside Grady - is playing terrible as well. Takk right now is on a terrible team nearing his contract year, stuck in a role not suited to his skills. If I were him, I would be worried at the very least, most likely angry too.
  3. DQ never ran anything. He is the ultimate fraud.
  4. Takk is a solid to good 4-3 DE that is wasted in a 3-4. I mean really completely wasted. DQ throwing away his job is one thing but when his incompetence also threatens the career if young players, things will fall apart.
  5. Takk is clearly frustrated. He is the most obvious case on defense, you can actually see that he has given up. I can‘t really blame him, the mess that was installed this season with that 3-4 stuff is not working at all and it hurts Takk more than anyone else.
  6. That was the same story at the end if Smitty time here. Bad unit practices against a terrible unit.
  7. What a lifeless comment by Blank. Does not sound like he even cares.
  8. You can‘t even place a bet anymore on DQ getting fired.
  9. This is the lowest a Falcons D has ever played. And that is quite an accomplishment considering that in 9 out if 10 years we have a bottom half defense.
  10. I am looking forward to DQ getting fired. That is a great comfort. I will greatly enjoy that day.
  11. HOU is not even a good team and if things continue like that, they will blow us out.
  12. The front 7 is completely healthy (even backups) but can‘t rush the QB and can‘t stop the run. Either they are the most worthless but overpaid bunch in football or the guy running the show is a clown.
  13. If the Texans score a TD now, you can safely turn the TV off.
  14. This defense scheme is a joke. It covers just nothing. We could stupidly blitz with 8 guys on every down and get better results.
  15. Freeman is a drive killer... he is sooo slow and not nearly as agile as he once was... 80% of his runs are without gain.
  16. If anything, that offseason momentum led to even worse pregame preparation. And imo there was no offseason momentum anyway, that was just talk. Every team claims offseason momentum. I predicted 6-10 before the Vikings game and that might have been too optimistic.
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