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  1. Matt Ryan at this point is just happy to get off the field. He knows better than anyone else that this season is lost.
  2. Happy to see Graham involved... I don‘t want us to rally and save DQs job but I hope for young players to see playing time.
  3. Might be gone as well but Dimi is not responsible for plays like we just saw. That is all on DQ.
  4. Get the party started, today is the day, today DQ‘s fate is sealed.
  5. „there is not a Falcons within 40 yards of Johnson“ more please
  6. We paid 3 free agents starter money and drafted 2 guys in the first round and this is all we got.
  7. Actually I set up my living room for a party today... this should be the day that ends DQ career here.
  8. Falcons again covering nobody... a pity that the guy with no defender within 20 yards was no thrown to... would have made a great video for the analysts to ridicule us again
  9. Kazee is a smart player around the football. Probably the smartest we have on defense.
  10. DQ actually challenging a play? Has he decided to fight for his job?
  11. If a loss tomorrow guarantees firing DQ after the game, then I hope the Cards crush us.
  12. I think we need to fire DQ soon just to evaluate players, if they suck or if the suck because of a terrible scheme. DQ gone is a foregone conclusion. Every move we make should be to help whoever comes next. That includes NOT wasting draft picks on desperation trades to save the current regime.
  13. The truth is, the Falcons are a great team for players to get paid. After some years of actually trying to win, the truth settles with nearly every player that they won‘t be holding a Lombardi trophy here and settle for sweet contracts. That might have even happened to DQ.
  14. Basic in combination with clueless is the problem. You can have a simple base defense but you need to actually COACH that base defense to prepare for each opponent and to adapt to certain situations. Our defense enters every game ill prepared and becomes completely and utterly useless during the game.
  15. Those strip attempts have become alibis. They use it after getting to beaten to show that they were aggressive. Bottom line is, they get beaten and then botch the tackle and add even more yards. Prime example of Dan Quinns rah rah is no substitute for actual cosching.
  16. Always nice to see the Cowgirls getting whipped.
  17. I can in all honesty say that this is the worst defense I have ever seen. The only reason why this defense is not making national headlines is because so far we did not give up that many yards. But that is because our games so far were games with below average amount of possessions because everyone can put half a dozen drives of 75 to 95 yards on us while consuming a lot of time mostly running the ball. When it comes to efficiency, this defense is the worst the Falcons ever had and we had many many many bad defenses.
  18. True. He needs to man up like everyone else. But personally prefer him over some other guys whose faces clearly say „at least I got paid already“.
  19. Agreed. He needs to be professional about his situation I just wanted to explain his situation, which sucks big time. He is not a bad player and not a bad guy... but this terrible mess DQ has created could cost him dozens of millions of dollars in addition to a lost season of zero progress.
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