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  1. The one intriguing argument for Raheem is that he has worked on both sides of the football. That should not be underestimated as with DQ it became crystal clear that he has no clue whatsoever about offense. He even made that official by essentially removing himself from anything but „his“ defense. Also I kind if like giving a second chance to him because he didn‘t fail in Tampa because of failed X and O but because he just wasn‘t ready to be a HC.
  2. The most important reason to fire DQ during the season is to have our players - most of whom will be around in 2020 for various reasons - can show that the fault was not in them but the scheme. We need to give the new HC video material to evaluate players. Having only material on 16 games of DQ failed scheme has only limited value.
  3. Dan Quinn will have alot of time to fix things in 2020, it just won‘t be with the Falcons.
  4. Considering the situation inside the stadium - half of the people not even there, another quarter somewhere in the stadium, only a quarter on their seats - a destruction by the hands if the Rams would probably force Blanks hand sooner than he wants. The attending quarter should collectively leave the stadium if the Rams go ahead by 3 scores. There would be no way Blank can not fire DQ after that.
  5. I am totally fine with Raheem being our interim HC and making a case for himself as the new HC. I also have no issue with his work with WRs, they all look fine. He deserves a second chance in the NFL, maybe not with us long term but maybe for someone else. He has been a good soldier here and is most likely more mature than he was in his time with the Bucs.
  6. 56% is not far away from the average completion percentage in the NFL... on all downs... this defense does not even have third down plays, it just plays the same basic stuff no matter what down... I tried to rip the hair out of my head when I see that almost all defenders don‘t play the sticks on third down and give space that you typically would offer on first down.
  7. Arthur Blank worries too much about how firing DQ during the season will look like... he ignores that all experts agree that DQ is coaching the worst the NFL has seen in a decade... people are dissecting dozens if defense plays and ridiculing the Falcons that it goes on week after week after week... if the owner ignores that and does nothing, it actually looks worse not firing the HC... now I realize that with this statement he prepares everyone for a move during the bye week but Blank needs to do it with more authority... I hope this is at least done internally.
  8. And he is on pace to potentially break some single season NFL records (Completions, Yardage)... the completions record actually seems very likely. I guess that happens when opponents let us complete dumpoffs as early as the 3rd quarter.
  9. I always support a new HC. Support lasts until I am sure that the HC will never win a SB with the Falcons, not even a 0.001% chance.
  10. I wish he gets fired very soon, would like to support this team again.
  11. DQ has to go asap, I don‘t care if the refs are assisting to that. DQ has to go, nothing else matters.
  12. As much as I would like a Top 3 draft pick, I think we need to fire DQ immediately and have an interim HC restore some dignity.
  13. This is just a clown show... from this botched substitutions you could see that this will result in someone being wide open. DQ should be the first HC fired during a game.
  14. anyway, did DQ call a timeout when one Cardinals WR was tying his shoes?
  15. Actually Quinn is quitting on the team. Those defense calls are downright shameful. Even most college teams could convert a 3rd down against us when the call defense call does nit actually account for the sticks.
  16. What is our defense record the last 3 games? Opponents scored on what, 18 out of 20 drives or something like that?
  17. I always enjoy Spielman. He can have his fun with us today as mich as he wants.
  18. It is really scary when you already see that all defenders are blocked in open space immediately after the pitch... and the RB having a free run for 20 yards.
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