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  1. I predicted 6-10 and after this game it will be very hard for this team to win 6 games.
  2. How can a team fall apart like that in the first regular season game? You can make a strong case for firing DQ after the game.
  3. The wheels are falling off... no discipline on this team... we should have signed AB to make this the perfect clown show.
  4. I don‘t want his sorry butt over here. Keep your trash.
  5. I can‘t even begin to tell you how p###ed I am. But the most annoying thing is that people still make the same mistakes that they were making their whole career. Either we have the most stupid bunch of players or the most incompetent bunch of coaches. Either way, this team can go to **** as far as I am concerned.
  6. The bubble screen brought up bad memories from the past... somehow I ignored those the last years... but it is all coming back now.
  7. The only thing I really care about is DQ getting fired. This team won‘t go anywhere in 2019. Nine months wasted, don‘t expect anything to righten the ship in time to save the season. Effing pathetic performance by everyone.
  8. It is like nothing has happened in 9 months. This team is still badly coached.
  9. I just placed my bet on Dan Quinn getting fired during the season
  10. That is quite amazing. Sure they wasted that draft pick but great work on the contract.
  11. I guess it depends on the definition of complex. Of course each of them were presented with difficult choices and many of them - obviously - made bad choices... but the way they were designed by RR Martin made them very predictable, even or especially in their mistakes. The Lannisters on the other hand - as vile and evil as they seem - surprise me everytime with a new layer of emotions, weakness or even compassion. But all that is very subjective based on the viewer. This viewer won´t miss the Starks. The only "Stark" that I do like is Jon Snow... I guess this is due to his mothers genes (no idea if that secret will be revealed in the books).
  12. I like Tyrion the most and in my opinion is the main character on the show. He is high born like all Lannisters, Starks, Tyrells but his handicap made him an underdog his whole life, even though he is alot smarter than most. Hard not to sympathize with him. The other Lannisters are all very intriguing, especially Tywin, every scene with the old man is outstanding. The Starks on the other hand... very dull characters, that includes Sansa too... I also lost interest in Arya this season... and I really don´t care much about the two little boys... I guess the Stark children all play a role in the future, I just hope they will be more complex than their parents. Anyway, this is fiction and entertainment, so I always go with those, who provide the best entertainment for me. My choices in actual life would be different, obviously.
  13. I could never identify myself with any of the adult Starks, they were all very plain characters in their own way. All the complex and intriguing characters are still alive...
  14. No kidding, I just sat there mouth open and listened to the very last second of the end credits. The last time I was so stunned was 25 years ago in Star Trek TNG when the Borg annihilated the Starfleet at Wolf 359
  15. Just watched the second episode of the new season: brilliant as always I really like that redhead witch of Stannis, especially now that she is showing flesh
  16. huh? just download it online and watch it on your TV There are plenty of usb/network media players for ~ $80 that play 1080p content.
  17. While I am totally hyped for every new episode, I also have a hard time buying into Ned Stark. But maybe that is how he is supposed to be at this point of the story. Since I didn´t read the books, I will just trust that the character will be fine. The female cast is way stronger than the male one, Lena Headey is perfect and so are the Stark girls. The mother and her crazy sister were great too.
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