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  1. The Saints develop young cheap players, often undrafted FAs. The Falcons barely get their first rounders right and then pay them like the are Hall of Famers in their prime (which only JJ really is).
  2. You forget that we will have new coaches with possibly very different schemes, so nothing is set, not even - or especially - on offense. The new coach might demand to draft a QB and build his own offense if we have a Top 2 pick and then we will have to look how to dump Ryan.... which will probably not be possible in 2020. I am just saying it is very naive to think any new coach would like to just keep a team other guys built. If actually we should not hire a coach that would be ok with that because then we might as well keep DQ,
  3. That is not how the cap works. If we traded both players, all signing bonus would apply immediately, even worsening our cap situation because the signing bonus is bigger than their salaries. This team can‘t do much. Only players like Freeman, Trufant and Sanu (all at the end of their contracts) could be traded/released... Beasley is off the books anyway next season, question is if we can trade him the next 10 days to have those savings roll over to 2020. But we might even add a 7th rounder for anyone to take him, I am not kidding... it is like what the Texans did with Osweiler.
  4. I thought this too, both moves looked desperate... though I wasn‘t 100% sure that I would not work... but it is actually worse than I thought it would. A wasted year. Nothing else to say about it. Maybe we will draft a future Hall of Famer with the #2 pick, that might help.
  5. Well I guess my fellow countryman is in the same situation as I am, loyality to the Falcons but none to the city of Atlanta... can you blame him imagining the Falcons playing some place else where players are less distracted and fans more fanatic?
  6. Man that picture is brutal... nobody committed as much as we did to 2019 and we get a 1-15 for it. Everyone involved in this has to be fired... obviously not the players because obviously we are still on the hook for their money.
  7. Vaughn needs to write articles about the 2020 draft, otherwise people won‘t care.
  8. Season was over when we lost to the Titans... some people just did not want to realize.
  9. As long as they are not asking for autographs after the game...
  10. If you lose the fans, you lose the home adventage.
  11. I stopped watching after the Rams scored the first time in the second half. Guess I didn‘t miss much.
  12. Nothing to celebrate, I hope it is rather minor... but just enough to keep him out for the rest of the year. Though the new coach (and GM) might do what the Giants did, draft a QB, let Ryan play in 2020 and then trade him.
  13. So many guys on the field and on the sidelines that won't be here in 2020, so sad...
  14. I hope it comes back once DQ is fired... as long as DQ is still here, I really don't care as much as I used to...
  15. We need to trade Trufant. We need the pick(s) and the cap money to roll over into 2020.
  16. Well you have an extended fanship than me (fan since 1992 but really only been able to follow the team since 1998) and I understand the Falcons were just terrible before my time (with the exception of some Bortkowski years) but I think the Falcons have successfully left behind those earlier years... and should not compare today with what has been 50 years ago. I agree that the Falcons have been a better experience beginning with Mike Smith in 2008. I just don‘t see how DQ contributed to that. Smitty disappointed me a bit with sub par playoff performance but DQ downright broke my heart. I
  17. I think Takk gets another chance (last year and a rather affordable rookie contract) with the new coaches but Beasley is gone for sure. First two rounds should be DE and then DT. Hopefully we pick in the Top 5. I don‘t think we have any money to address the issues in free agency. Even with Beasley gone, Trufant and Freeman possibly cut... dead money and the new contract for Hooper will eat most of the little cap room we‘ll have. So whoever will be responsible for the 2020 draft has to hit home runs or we will be at the bottom of that list for many years to come.
  18. I favor some tanking but 1-15 would be - even for me - too much to stomach. I am ok with 4-12 (going respectable 3-5 after the bye week with interim HC, beating the Saints at least once) and the #5 pick. Also I can not get myself to really support the Falcons as long I see DQs face and I really want that to end.
  19. Bevell is just as ordinary as Koetter is. It is pointless to discuss which one is better. Both won‘t make a difference for any team and would need a stellar defense to bail them out.
  20. It is not the lack of instincts in zone, he often has no clue about where the ball is in man coverage. Sometimes he even doesn‘t realize that the ball is coming his way, he just continues running while the WR makes his break. He is still young and might be affected by the overall bad performance of his teammates and coaches but so far it is nit very promising.
  21. Best time to be Falcons fan? Seriously? 2015 was terrible because we went from 5-0 to 6-7 against the easiest part of our schedule 2016 was great but ending in the worst memory any sport fan could ever have 2017 was ok 2018 was just disappointing and we were more a 4-12 then a 7-9 team, so many losing streaks 2019 is just 2003/2007 bad but without the excuse of having no QB Overall DQ gave me some of the worst memories. The 2015 collapse, the Superbowl collapse and the overall collapse of coaching since 2018. I will have a party the day he gets fired.
  22. Sheffield looked good considering it was his first start. I had my doubts but would like him to get as many snaps outside as possible. Oliver just has no instincts and I doubt anyone can fix him.
  23. But Blank is not without blame here... his meddling in the direction the 2019 offseason should go has made a bad situation even worse... he wanted to protect #2, the officers wanted to please him and rushed to sign 3 free agents OL for starter money and used our combined 1/2/3 rounders for two additional OL... there was literally no money and no picks left to address the defense. The same stuff happened in 2014 when Blank wanted more beef on the lines all we got were big fat guys who really sucked (Asamoah, Soliai, Jackson) and were gone within a year or two. That might also be a great re
  24. Looking back on the Falcons since Blank bought the team, we are exactly at the point where Blank would want to move on from his HC. And I have not seen or heard him ever committing to Quinn in a way that would have DQ survive multiple terrible years in a row. Considering that business has a negative outlook as well (who will buy season tickets in 2020 with DQ still around), the new fancy stadium basically empty already, I fail to see how Blank the businessman as well as Blank the sports team owner has any loyalty left to DQ.
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