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  1. Who? Ah, right, the „project“ we wasted a 4th rounder on...
  2. I think Matt Bryant is just getting his revenge in DQ and TD.
  3. We would even have to add a pick to get Freeman traded. Worthless player with a huge attitude problem and even bigger salary (for a RB).
  4. I think I would quit the sport. It is going downhill for a long time with all the rule changes. Plus I get a lot of flak for even watching American football these days. When I told someone I could not attend his party on a sunday evening because I am watching NFL, he and others asked me what my connection „to those bloody Americans“ is. If the Falcons are going to stick with DQ - a guy who can‘t even cover the basics of coaching - then I am 100% certain that this team is a waste of time.
  5. If that happens, I will no longer support the Falcons. This would be the end of 27 years for me. My fanship is already shaking, if DQ - who is the worst HC the NFL has seen since Petrino - is allowed to continue coaching here, then the Falcons can go 0-16 for dozens of years as far as I am concerned.
  6. If DQ is not fired on Monday, more people will give up on the Falcons for good. An interim coach with a new attitude would give them at least a reason to care for the games after the bye week.
  7. Would anyone take Freeman if we add a draft pick? Anything that gets him and the remaining guaranteed 2019 salary off the books. Without any doubt Freeman is the least productive per dollar player on the roster. Closely followed by Trufant.
  8. Dan Marino best QB ever? Dude was throwing Ints like crazy especially in the playoffs. Not as bad as Favre but close to it.
  9. Well the Patriots are my favorite AFC team since 2001. Whenever the Falcons season ended, I was always cheering for the Patriots. Tom Brady is a god and so is Belichick.
  10. We will have to pay a 7th rounder in order for someone to take Beasley. The only thing we will ever get is saving 9/16 of his guaranteed money this season.
  11. I am hearing the trade partners want a late round pick from the Falcons in order to take Beasley and swallow the 9 game checks. Brock Osweiler trade 2.0
  12. Thank god I live 4000 miles away. Nobody cares for or knows about the Falcons. Makes seasons like this year easier to stomach. I am already past 2019 and looking ahead to the new HC, GM and 2020 draft.
  13. Just make gazoo a supermod and 98% of all members will be banned the very same day.
  14. No I don‘t but Ryan has not won anything either. Look I am totally fine if Ryan plays out his contract here. Just consider the possibility that our new HC might think differently and you don‘t have a Top3 pick that often.
  15. Because mobile guys like Watson and Mahomes are terrible? Nobody is asking for Vick v2 but I would be open for a more athletic QB who can compensate for our OL. And our OL is absolutely not set, there are multiple question marks including the rather sad decline of Alex Mack this season.
  16. I will miss Sanu but he will be too old when the Falcons are back to winning again, which won‘t be before 2021.
  17. I can‘t believe some people still consider the 28-3 season an accomplishment. I trade it for 2012 any day. I would even trade it for 2009 or something like that. Anything that could erase 28-3 and the person responsible.
  18. Too bad people are too busy to run around the fancy new stadium and not chanting „Fire Dan Quinn“ throughout the whole game.
  19. Unless we hire Kubiak, I don‘t see us continuing the ill fated „Let‘s pretend that Kyle Shanahan is still the OC“ approach. Any other (offense minded) HC will not continue this idea. It didn‘t really work the last three years and it is part of the problem.
  20. Harrington won two games in a row in 2007. Something this team could not do even if the season had 162 games.
  21. Well it is not terrible but for a team like us with not room to spare it might be impossible. The cost of cutting him are significantly higher (30 million) because his 2020 salary is guaranteed. But if we trade him, his new team pays that salary (20.5m). I don‘t want to see Ryan go but if our new HC wants to draft a QB with our very high draft pick, then we will have to deal with Ryan‘s contract.
  22. If we trade Ryan before the 2020 season, we would lose an additional 10 million cap space.
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