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  1. What a stupid move. His salary is guaranteed and his replacement counts against the cap.
  2. That is a legit question... especially when it comes to cap money... Bryants salary is guaranteed since he was in the roster in week 1... if they want replace him, nothing is saved but actually the new kickers salary will additionally count against the cap... granted, those guys would only get minimum salary and only half of it since 8 games are played... but what is the point if wasting 200-300k of cap money? Keep in mind, this is the same stupid team that let a 2x probowl FB leave because of some hundred thousand bucks.
  3. I will always have good memories of Matt Schaub. His game against the Patriots in 2005 was probably the best game we ever lost. I was so darn proud of the team, we suddenly looked like a real NFL offense and we showed passion in equalizing the game, even converting a 2 point conversion. Even Pearless Price looked like a legit WR. Matt Schaub rallied the troops throughout the game and he made me realize that we needed to get rid of Vick. He then netted us two 2nd round picks, which was a great return of a guy originally drafted in the 3rd round.... though we could have used him in 2007. However that helped getting Matt Ryan. The performance yesterday was quite remarkable for a guy not playing a meaningless down in more than 4 years. His play was probably the only thing I enjoyed watching since week 2. So kudos to Matt Schaub, your overall Falcons contributions are more than positive and he will always be welcome here.
  4. But the other guys we have on the coaching staff are equally incompetent. So I really doubt they could endanger our expected high draft pick. I do sometimes wonder about the extend if the Dan Quinn Fraud, what the guy was even allowed to do in Seattle. To me the guy knows absolutely nothing about coverage and zone. He might know a thing or two about DL but it sure looks like an intern learning on the job when it comes to coverage design. Not even mentioning offense and special teams and game/time management, he even admitted he doesn‘t know anything about that. While I don‘t think we ever had a chance for a deep playoff run, seeing this team week after week so dysfunctional, that you might think an ape is in charge of the team, is absolutely gut wrenching.
  5. I agree that this is way worse than 2007. Everyone knew after Vick was indicted that this would be a terrible year. Heck, given how disappointing 2006 was and how Vick seemingly didn‘t care, I expected nothing even before Vick was gone. 2019 however, with that talent... this will easily go down as the worst year in Falcons history. And at least Petrino resigned and was never seen again. Dan Quinn however is clinging to his chair and salary. The much needed moves to get the team back on track for 2020 can‘t be done as long as that dead man walking is fighting for his job and money. Not even Arkansas would pay that fraud that DQ is.
  6. Personally I hope Payton is a jerk and runs up the score. As long as DQ is here, every opponent is welcome to score 50 on us.
  7. A lot can happen in the next 24 hours. Personally I hope they offload players like Beasley, Trufant and Freeman, even if they only get a 7th rounder for each one. Getting rid of half of their 2019 salary would be huge and non of them is here in 2020 anyway. Heck in Freemans and Beasleys case, I would even add a 7th just so anyone would pick them up.
  8. The way Kyle schemes, every defense has to respect every player possibly able to carry or catch the football. You can‘t ignore the FB or blocking TE or otherwise you will give up a 50 yard play sooner or later. That helps the OL tremendously and open ups lanes in the running game. Looking forward to a 49ers / Patriots superbowl. That way either Sanu and Coleman get the ring they deserve.
  9. Young Ho Goo can‘t be any worse than Bryant.
  10. A turtle is moving faster than AB. Just make sure you fire before you expire...
  11. We let the fast guy who never complained has has no bad attitude leave We kept the slow guy who whined about money before the SB and always has a bad attitude /Falcons
  12. One thing Schaub does lot better than Ryan are screens. Better at selling it and better touch.
  13. He lost control before his bum hit the ground. It doesn‘t matter that one hand was still in touch with the football, he did not have control over the ball.
  14. Regardless of fumble or not, Freeman is a cancer... you do not make that move 3 yards shy of the endzone, it is a cry for desaster.
  15. Staff was busy reading „How to run a NFL defense for dummies“.
  16. why? He is actually helping us at this point of the season...
  17. Guys, the last 30 minutes of DQ in ATL are coming. Don‘t miss it!
  18. We probably cut him because he was able to even be in position to make an interception.
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