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  1. Mafia bosses don‘t fire the guys that bury the dead bodies.
  2. I think we could get out of the contract after 2020 as a june 1st cut.... but we would still gain no cap space and even half of the remainings parts of the guarantees on the books in 2021... So is very likely that the Falcons would prefer to ride the Matt Ryan train for at least two more years. The problem with that is if course that it might be unattractive for any new HC or OC. It would have to be coaches who view Matt Ryan as a premier choice at QB. Considering that our cap situation is a mess, they probably also have to think the same about our skill players (I can see that) and our
  3. Yeah it is like the game against the Bucs never happened. I sometimes wonder if DQ spends the days between games in a coma. I can in all honesty say that I dislike DQ even more than Petrino. At least Petrino realized he was way over his head and quit. In German we have the saying „Lieber ein Ende mit Schrecken als ein Schrecken ohne Ende“... which translates to „rather an end with horror than a horror without end“... and the whole DQ era feels like a horror without end.
  4. I think the OP has some points: - Matt Ryan can‘t throw on the run. He really needs his feet to be set to throw an accurate ball... once he rolls out, by design or be escaping pressure, the best you can hope for is an incompletion... never understood why we once had all the designed rollouts to the right, some if the worst plays came out of them. It is a stupid play anyway since you give up more than half of the field (unless you want to throw Favre style interception). Any attempt to dodge out if the pocket to the left is even worse, since he can not even perform a basic dump off to the
  5. I think if the Saints destroys us, DQ will be fired on Friday... it would be the best timing because the interim HC gets an extra 3 days to set things up. And we really need to evaluate players under someone different than DQ.
  6. DQ for sure... he just incapable to run a stable team from week 1 to 17 TD probably should have a change of scenery as well after 12 years... but I am not sure what ABs position on him is, TD is the kind of guy that buries the bodies for the mafia boss... those usually survive the longest.
  7. I think the plan is to go for 3-13, beating the Saints twice and still get a Top5 pick.
  8. 7 games to play... if anything, the play of the defense today was in indictment against DQ... I see no reason why we should keep him, he is still the guy responsible for the mess that the season has been.
  9. I really hate when dead men still make moves. AB might not have fired DQ and TD yet and probably won‘t before the season ends, but he should really limit their powers. Those clowns believing that they are still have a chance to save their jobs is making things worse every week.
  10. I think Kyle would win a SB with us in 2-3 years. His offense personal is mostly still here, he will get it back in track. And look what he did to the SF defense, investing his high draft choices and trades into monster pass rushers. When you are a top defense or offense mind, you also understand the other side. Something that is completely lacking with DQ, heck he doesn‘t even know his side. But with the roster we have in 2019, nobody would win a SB. BB and KS would probably make the playoffs as a wildcard, that dude from NO probably not.
  11. I just want his head on a spike. If the Saints deliver the spike, I am OK with that.
  12. Is he fired already? I don‘t care about anything else...
  13. Now I am convinced that DQ and TD have to go. I can‘t believe that turned that down. How stupid can they be?
  14. It feels good to watch the video. Hope for 2020 and beyond.
  15. **** NO No „win now“ trades of any kind that cost us draft picks and cap space. Let the new HC decide, which players he wants.
  16. First of all, it is the summ of lost free agents and signed free agents that will result in comp picks. With a new HC, it is a given that he will want to bring in new players, so we will actually be active in FA. And we really don‘t have meaningful free agents that would sign big contracts elsewhere... and that includes Beasley. There is literally no scenario that would give us a 2021 comp pick of any kind for what happens in the 2020 free agency. Teams plan in advance for years where they lose their own quality FA while not signing anyone of significance. The Patriots are masters doing t
  17. Sure he will be on a team, but not on a deal that results in a 4th round comp pick.
  18. They should also try to sell Freeman/Trufant/Beasley to that team... any team stupid enough to trade for Campbell might also be stupid enough to take on mentioned high salary low performance dudes.
  19. We save over 6 millions if we trade him. 6 million in cap space is worth a lot more than a late draft pick. If anyone wants to take Beasley and wants a 7th from us, we should not even hesitate.
  20. Trufant has some talent but he has shown he does not understand zone and also made a lot of low football IQ plays in the past. Combined with his salary, that is a tough sell to a team that wants to win a superbowl this year... other teams would not want him as a 8 game rental anyway and NOBODY wants to pay him his 2020 salary so he really is just a 8 game + playoffs rental.
  21. Dan Quinn - and potentially TD - needs to be removed asap... as long as that fool is fighting for his job, he is going to make moves that hurt the team in 2020... „win now“ moves like cutting people with guaranteed money to have them replaced by „potential upgrades“ that count against the cap is plain stupid at this point. We already traded a high 6th rounder for a mid 7th doing so. Another desperate „win now move“. And I wouldn‘t be surprised if DQ does not want to trade Trufant/Beasley/Freeman as well.
  22. That is true as well... and anyone believing Beasley would be able to sign a contract somewhere that would net a 4th comp pick is absolutely crazy. I mean bat sht crazy.
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