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  1. We will find ways to squeeze out 5-7 wins and knock us away from the true elite draft prospects.
  2. Matt Ryan has always been a good team mate, there is simply no question about that. Character wise Matt Ryan is not up for debate. Dan Quinn however... not only is he a fraud (I would really like to know what he actually was allowed to do in Seattle), he has shown exceptionally cowardice when it comes to taking responsibility. This may go hand in hand with him being a fraud.
  3. I wouldn‘t want a 0-16 season either. I think that would break my Falcons fanship for good. But I could stomach another 2007 if it means house cleaning. But the situation is very different. In 2007 we didn‘t have a franchise QB, so it was always clear that the new coach could install his own QB and run his own schemes. The Falcons in 2019 are not only set at franchise QB but also on multiple other important position (LT, WR1)... though everyone is underperforming their contract. The fact that the only player on offense out performing his contract was Sanu is quite frightening and makes me
  4. Doesn‘t even have to be athletic, just has to have good footwork and pocket awareness. Because both have become a requirement for the job in 2019. This is a different game than it was two decades ago. Older QBs have adapted to remain successful, from Brees to Brady, they all have continued to improve on their footwork the older they got. Unfortunately that is not the case with Matt Ryan, at least not to the extend mentioned QBs have improved over time. The whole thread was just a poor attempt to revive the old split in the fanbase during the Vick years. People are smarter than that these
  5. I am not comparing Ryan to Eli, just the situation the Falcons may be stuck in. A flawed and uneven roster with no cap space and going nowhere and an aging franchise QB on a long contract. What you describe as a potential turnaround is what I described as „hoping for a miracle“. I just don‘t see it because I believe the Falcons HC / OC gig is rather unappealing and we are probably not getting Kyle 2.0... I say this because any new coach has to work with what the former regime has left him, something that all new coaches would hate. So really, unless this miracle happens, we will be a
  6. While he probably has a point, I despise DQ for throwing everyone in his reach under the bus. The man has failed this team on so many levels, he should have resigned a long time ago. DQ, just man up and show some dignity. You might eventually coach again in this league if you accept the fact that you screwed up big time... but if you continue to blame everyone but yourself, no owner is going to want go have that in their team.
  7. Basically sitting out the contract of your revered but aging franchise QB, hoping for some kind of miracle despite having a flawed roster with some superstar WR but terrible lines. One or even two new coaches will come and go while trying to get something out of a team build by someone else. It might be a slow and painful death, that will drag on for some additional years. Also because I believe that AB will not hire anyone as DQs (and TDs) replacement with a concrete plan to transition the team to a new era... but rather someone who promises to salvage the wreck while keeping most pieces
  8. That was something that really surprised me, that Buffalo actually did replace 9 starters. Considering that their young QB wasn‘t one of them (drafted the year before) should show everyone that the end of one era is just the beginning if a new one. I can‘t get my head around people who are clinging so desperately to the past.
  9. Dude there is not a single stat for a QB dodging pass rushers. Also there is not a single hint of mobility in a stat line if a QB is able to extend a play and as a result completes a pass. The stat line will only say „QB throws for 15 yards to WR“. The fact that he evaded one or two pass rushers with his pocket footwork is not tracked.
  10. The Cowboys team from 1992 - 1995 was insane. Everyone on that team could block, everyone was very physical. Their running game was so dominating that I doubt Emmitt Smith had more than 10 plays for negative yards during those years. Their Oline pushed people 3-5 yards as a collective on every single play.
  11. No that is RUNNING... MOBILITY is more than rushing for yardage that you can track in stats. Don‘t blame us for you choosing the wrong words for your thread.
  12. Your narrow definition of mobile is the problem here. In some way even Tom Brady is mobile because he is a Houdini when it comes to dodge pass rushers. Just last week I watched the Patriots game and multiple Cowboys pass rushers had a clear running lane at Brady and he made them miss with very simple but effective moves. You just don‘t see that from MR. You obviously started the thread in response to criticism on MR performance but failed to realize that it is that his lack of pocket awareness and counter moves prevented him from being on that list of players you posted. What 90% of those
  13. Yeah I don‘t know what people are smoking. Elway was the prototype QB for running when the opportunity opened. Devontae Freeman has barely more rushing yards in his career, lol...
  14. The problem with Ryan is that he fails to use the momentum of the pass rusher against them. If you watch the masters of that skill, you will notice that a subtle side step or even a small step towards the pass rusher (while ducking at the same time) makes the pass rusher just fly by/over the QB. Instead, Ryan will evade in a matter where the pass rusher can use Ryan‘s fleeing momentum against him. You should not run away from a pass rusher if you can‘t outrun him. There is nothing wrong with being a stature in the pocket, but you either need to have great awareness of the pocket and get
  15. Well he got rid of the back paddling he showed in his first years, when he sometimes landed on his butt totally on his own by going backwards. But his pocket awareness is still not great, his shifting moves are rather clumsy (and a great cause for fumbles) and misses opportunities to step up in the pocket.
  16. The list is full of QBs with great instincts and shifty moves in the pocket. The guy with those 6 rings runs a 6.00 40s but he has some balls of steel when it comes to nasty moves that lets pass rusher fly by him.
  17. I only blame the guys responsible for: - drafting two 1st rounders, who both were massive reaches at their draft position - signing two career underperforming guards for above 6 million/year - resigning the backup tackle for 7 million/year
  18. It is funny how the new stadium has become the biggest problem of this team, isn‘t it? The Georgia Dome got a legendary ending, I mean absolutely epic legendary. And everything that came afterwards is just humiliation and the destruction of a football fanbase. I am pretty sure owners around America won‘t make this mistake, that is building a sports bar or football disney land instead of an actual sports arena.
  19. I mean it is a fact that Matt Ryan is in his last quarter of his career. Only question is if we want to ride him to the end or not. Obviously our next QB is not playing in the league right now. But everyone should prepare for the day MR2 will no longer be the QB of the Falcons and it is coming no later than 3 years, with a real possibility in 2 years and a very very remote chance in 1 year (see my post above about cap implications).
  20. Falcons are no longer welcome in London after what happened in that Lions game.
  21. If DQ is not fired today, he won‘t be fired before the season ends. The whole nation is in a shopping frenzy today, that alone is a good day to fire your coach, which of course is never pretty business. But we also have an extra 3 days until the next game, which would be essential to the interim HC to set things up. So if nothing happens today, then nothing will happen before the end of regular season.
  22. I think Dan Quinn deserves a F because he - and he alone - is responsible for multiple other F on the staff. And his performance as DC was so bad that F does not even begin to describe it.
  23. I don‘t think AB cares about the fan base... l but he cares about the customer base, so guys, you know what to do (or don‘t do) next season if the team does not go in a radical new direction.
  24. The Mafia is not necessarily about winning it all but about securing their own sweet spot and milking it. He got his fancy new stadium, a franchise now valued 5x higher than when he bought it, somehow still enough customers (known as fans on the other 31 teams) to buy his PSLs... winning it all is merely optional.
  25. AB‘s micro management is indeed a huge problem. It resulted in a terrible 2014 off season (RIP Mike Smith) and it resulted in an even worse 2019 off season (RIP Dan Quinn). Unless of course his interference was a grand design to fire his HCs...
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