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  1. You can‘t even place a bet anymore on DQ getting fired.
  2. This is the lowest a Falcons D has ever played. And that is quite an accomplishment considering that in 9 out if 10 years we have a bottom half defense.
  3. I am looking forward to DQ getting fired. That is a great comfort. I will greatly enjoy that day.
  4. HOU is not even a good team and if things continue like that, they will blow us out.
  5. The front 7 is completely healthy (even backups) but can‘t rush the QB and can‘t stop the run. Either they are the most worthless but overpaid bunch in football or the guy running the show is a clown.
  6. If the Texans score a TD now, you can safely turn the TV off.
  7. This defense scheme is a joke. It covers just nothing. We could stupidly blitz with 8 guys on every down and get better results.
  8. Freeman is a drive killer... he is sooo slow and not nearly as agile as he once was... 80% of his runs are without gain.
  9. If anything, that offseason momentum led to even worse pregame preparation. And imo there was no offseason momentum anyway, that was just talk. Every team claims offseason momentum. I predicted 6-10 before the Vikings game and that might have been too optimistic.
  10. I just hope the season won't end like 2018.... the team was terribly undercoached in 2018, injuries or not... DQ should have been fired, instead we won the completely meaningless last 3 games... DQ somehow could make a case for returning, we dropped by 10 in the draft, got ourself out of position to draft a premier defender, overreached for OL in a weak OL draft and even had to trade up to get another guy, losing a 3rd rounder. Not to mention that DQ fired everyone and basically brought in Koetter for this one year until just everyone is fired again, including DQ this time. Those 3 "wins" at the end of 2018 set the franchise back a full year and more. We lost draft capital, we lost a chance for premier talent, we wasted another year with a walking dead HC but brought in a new OC just to be fired after 1 season. I am not the biggest Ryan fan but I can see his frustration. He absolutely knows that the garbage he has to play will be gone in 3 months anyway. Those wins were a desaster for the team.
  11. There is zero point in winning games in American sports once you are eliminated from the title race. There is no relegation to Division 2. You only help keeping unqualified coaches in jobs and worsen your draft position.
  12. I won't support the current regime any longer. Any means neccessary to get DQ & Co. out of town are legit.
  13. I cheer for every NFC south team to win each week, minus the Falcons. We play our first divisional game so late, I really hope that the other three are all still in the playoff race. We will long be eliminated so I hope the crush us so hard that even gazoo finds no excuse to keep DQ.
  14. I fully expect Gazoo not to show up for the rest of the season and then come back when we have our new HC (and possibly GM) and praise them as the second coming of the Lord.
  15. We will be eliminated by the time we play our first division game while the other three are in contention for a playoff spot... this team is on the path to 2-14 or something like that.
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