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  1. Benkert will be the starting QB for nobody... how is DJ Shockley doing these days? The only thing you git right is that we probably ride Matt Ryan for about two more season.
  2. That was a good game. We are light years behind...
  3. I think it is completely up in the air who will be our K and P next season. We have nobody locked up to be „the guy“ on either position and nobody knows who our new HC and then new ST coach will be. I think only our long snapper is safe, he seems to always do a good job.
  4. Dude has been patching up the Pats Oline since forever. And the Pats were always hit hard with injuries, really hard. They were hit super hard this season and he held the group together so far. Combine that with the fact that they lost Gronk before the season and both if their fullbacks to IR and you realize the guy is a miracle worker. Mad respect to him.
  5. Nobody said it is easy. And nobody says it should or could happen anytime soon (though mostly because his contract prevents us from even considering anytime soon). But the man is 34.5 years old and entering the last quarter of his career. His performance will now always closely be monitored for signs of potential decline. Nobody knows if his play is in actual decline or if the various factors this year are the only reason for the meddling results. But if the new HC won‘t get good results out of him in 2020 and the team continues to struggle badly, then people need to realize that it
  6. I think we are all trying to make sense of it. Personally I believe that this is our long known „tradition“ of sticking with the guys we drafted... I once thought it is a virtue but came to realize that it is just the FO justifying their past work. This FO is the worse in the league in admitting mistakes, cutting their loses and moving on. It almost never happens, we rather carry completely useless players we once drafted for additional time than to actually look for younger and cheaper alternatives.
  7. The inside pass rush has gotten to a whole new level since the rise of Aaron Donald. Todays DT are groomed and drafted for their pass rushing abilities. So the days of just stepping up in the pocket if needed are over, there is nothing to step up into. He really need to have some good footwork in all directions if you want to buy additional time. And as you said, QBs are groomed and drafted to exactly account for that. There is a much higher focus on footwork than there was 15 or 20 years ago.
  8. Never seen much of him in college, probably only two games. But the rolling out part probably originates from those days then as we used it alot in his first years. Never worked well in the NFL and ultimate became a dead play by 2013/4. I was never impressed with his ability to throw on the run, he either was not the sharpest or wanted to set his feet before throwing... and he never was fast enough to have time for that. I think bottom line is that Matt Ryan is a great QB when the team is able to produce a pocket that fits his comfort zone. That probably was the thinking behind all those
  9. Well has Bosher even held the ball for Koo? Nobody knows how well that works out. Allen was the punter for the Patriots for six years. If he had trouble with the holds, he would not have made it under Belichick for more than two weeks. And if the Falcons really released Allen for some bad holds during one game... then all I can say is that our FO are gutless jerks... not for cutting guys who make mistakes but only doing so on kickers and punters. The whole team should have been cut at some point during the season.
  10. He is not the slowest guy once he cleared the pocket and runs upfield. But his horizontal movement is just awful. His feet are extremely uncoordinated on those first (side) steps and it is really turkey shooting for those pass rushers, they can‘t miss him. He should have worked in that a long long time ago but instead he worked on his upper body strength. That tells you he wanted to move even less and rather absorb hits. It is unfortunate and missed chance to elevate his game to a true HOF level.
  11. Well Bosher gets paid anyway because he is a vet and was in the team in week one... so money wise this move costs us nothing. But as you said, Allen did just fine and I would have liked it very much to have him for another 4 weeks. Personally I am just tired of reading about moves on frigging punters. It is like the orchestra asking what they should play on the sinking Titanic.
  12. At least Petrino was decent enough to never be seen again in ATL. I wish it would be as easy to get rid of DQ... but respect to the man, he is clinging to his chair and waiting for AB to make the move which includes a nice termination paycheck.
  13. I have to admit, I finally lost all hope in the FO as well. Defended TD for many many years but it has been a long time since he hit the jackpot on anything. But the fact that we kind if give everyone we drafted - and overpay them for that matter - a big fat second contract without having a realistic look at their performance and future potential, has really put the franchise in a hole. The refusal to accept a mistake is really hurting the team. Instead we pay them plenty, act like they are some future HOF players, just to make yourself look better.
  14. People need to ask themselves what DQ actually brings to a team. Certainly not some magic X & Os stuff, his play calling on defense this was the worst I have ever seen in 30 years of watching the NFL. He knows nothing about offense or special teams and even admitted as much. The bottom line is, he is probably only some sort of motivator but his act has worn off for a long time now. And people in Atlanta are actually too nice to say that to him. In NY they will have no patience once they find out that rah rah is all he brings to the table. He really should coach in college, I think his
  15. Blank likes collecting people and McKay is the guy who manages his collection.
  16. Dan Quinn would not survive a year in NY. People and media won‘t buy any of this brotherhood BS there.
  17. I really don‘t see the point in bringing Bosher back. Everybody knows what he can and can not do. And there is a high chance he won‘t be around in 2020 anyway. But since the coaching staff and front office won‘t be around in 2020 either, they probably don‘t gave a **** for what is best for the team in 2020. I really can‘t wait for all those clowns getting fired.
  18. I think nobody has a problem with what Matt Ryan has done for this team over the last 12 years, He basically saved us from being the Browns. But he is no spring chicken anymore and there might be some signs of decline, at least it is save to say he won‘t improve any further. So the debate of possible replacing him in 2 years (when we could get out if his contract via cut or trade) and start a true rebuild is probably going to stay here. This is not hate on Matt Ryan but accepting that all good things will come to an end. There is also the possibility that he plays out his contr
  19. I think he can be a valuable rotation DE that adds 5-7 sacks each year but I lost hopes of having a true successor to John Abraham. Though we have seen dramatic changes in production from pass rushers with a coaching change... or change of scenery, though we wouldn‘t be the one getting the benefit if that... Shaquil Barrett was a fringe player before he came to the Bucs, now he looks like a legit force, I mean he was outstanding against us as well.
  20. And then there is us, we busted inside the top 10 and outside of the top 10
  21. Well I don‘t think momentum translates if you change HC... that is if you even believe in momentum... some folks did after 2018, we saw how that worked out. And the reason we don‘t have Ed Oliver on the team is because some people believed in momentum. Those last three wins in 2018 will haunt us for many years. Instead of getting elite help on defense, we reached multiple times on Olineman, giving up on a 3rd rounder for a guy we probably would have gotten with our regular 2nd rounder. Plus it probably saved DQs job, which is a tragedy in itself. We were in rather decent position for
  22. Though I believe they probably picked the wrong guy with Daniel Jones. Should have used the best available talent in 2019 and draft a QB in 2020. Eli wasn‘t going to win anything either after the Beckham trade.
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