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  1. snake, how can you understand evolution which went on for millions and even billions of years when you believe that the rise of average temperatures of 1-2 degrees in 150 years is not significant?
  2. It is actually sad that snake is posting in this topic. He doesn´t really care for the whole evolution/creation stuff and is not really very religious but it seems that as a conservative these days, you have to defend even the most crazy ideas of religious zelots if you don´t want to end this strange alliance
  3. Actually there were. The first significant evolution from the apes were the h0m0 errectus who split into h0mo neanderthalensis and h0m0 rhodesiensis... the later evolved into h0m0 sapiens (that´s the human race as we know it know), while the h0m0 neanderthalenisis died out or merged into the more dominant h0mo sapiens. So there actually was "competition" between different human races. Of course we have still alot of missing links because we talk about 1.5 millions of years and only a few dozens of bones from different periods but human evolution is no different to any animals or plants PS: h0m0 being a censored word on this forum is really nasty
  4. !!!! But he'd be DEAD too! Maybe that comes as a bonus
  5. This is not about what Iran does or doesn´t but about proof that the Bush govt would start any war anywhere without having solid intelligence or reason
  6. This topic made me laugh... because immegration IS American culture
  7. I am "losing" posts as well Just posted in the snakem thread and now the post is gone
  8. i wouldn´t mind him signing a long term contract as a backup with the falcons... 5 years, 12.5 million sounds about right for a quality backup qb these days
  9. tom brady is the best qb under pressure... do we even need to discuss this? that is the difference between him and peyton manning and that is why tom brady is still the best qb in the game
  10. actually i am a tom brady fan, always been since the first superbowl win... i don´t care for the patriots much but i prefer them right over any other team to win the sb the season "unfortunately" my heart is stuck with the falcons. if i could change my heart, be **** sure i would already be a patriots fan. not only because the patriots are pretty good but because i take the attitude of the people and fans over there anyday over the misery here around atlanta/georgia
  11. tom brady is just the best qb i ever saw playing. and by best qb i don´t only mean how is doing on the field but also on the sidelines. the guy looks like an assassin on the sidelines, cold blooded and just waiting to get in to kill the opponent. i think he knows that nobody is going to stop him this year i have to say i enjoy watching the patriots this season. so many people hate them now after spygate but i think that was the last piece of the puzzle missing for them: playing to destroy the opponent! i really liked how they want to score tds even with a 20+ lead and just seconds to play
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