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  1. Sad thing is, the Falcons are doing this on a regular basis the last two years.
  2. I don‘t like this. Nobody is going to remember the Saints choke job now...
  3. You mean the Andy Reid coached Chiefs, who are 1-7 at home in the playoffs the past 8 games?
  4. The way the 49ers defense played yesterday, it wouldn‘t matter anyway who the AFC champ is.
  5. Chiefs look worse than a hands on Dan Quinn coached team.
  6. The playoffs this year is very hard on the favorites. Just Imagine, AFC Champ game Titans at Texans.
  7. I hate the Ravens with a passion. I might actually hate them more than the Saints. That being said, I like the game so far
  8. So... do we have a preference Eagles/Seahawks?
  9. I think this might go into the 6th quarter...
  10. what the Heck is Allen doing? What the heck?
  11. Bills just retook the crown as the most miserable franchise...
  12. I hated the Cowboys even more so I found myself actually cheering for the 49ers during the mid 90s playoffs. Certainly I have no problem supporting them 25 years later as well during the playoffs. Kyle is just a great coach and I also would like Garland and Coleman to get a ring, bith deserve it.
  13. Strange stuff from the kitties... think the owner made it clear that they don‘t want to win a game this season anymore... 5-11 gives you a good shot at drafting a new QB.
  14. The Panthers always enter full tank mode once they are practically out of the playoffs. And dead man walking Dan Quinn is still fighting for his job. Can‘t we once go in full tank mode as well? Those late season wins are hurting our team.
  15. Also the 3y/21m backup tackle we resigned this offseason, who is probably not even the first backup tackle on this team anymore. Together we our first round guard on IR so far this season and the first round tackle (we traded up for) having a lingering heart condition and struggling badly against speedy pass rushers, this offseason looks like a complete disaster. I think it will cost TD his job,
  16. Very slim chance indeed. Especially since the OC will probably asked (again) to run a scheme that would fit the players we have. He can‘t add anyone else, we have no cap space and Hooper’s new contract will eat the little we have. Two OCs have already failed to keep the 2016 illusion alive. People around the league took notice of that. What did Einstein once say? The definition of insanity is expecting different results while always doing the same thing, This offense needs to completely different approach. While there are coaches out there capable of that, they probably shy away from the
  17. Why would he trade his comfy job for an OC job where you can only lose? Some people here might not realize it but the Falcons OC job is not very desirable. First you will always be compared to 2016 because most the core group of players is still here. Which is a problem by itself because you will have to coach those highly paid players without much room to bring in your own guys (we have no cap space). And make matters worse, all of those core players have already peaked and are likely to be in decline or are already starting to decline. Oh and some of those players require a tailor made
  18. Great, we can‘t even tank in peace... fcking Panthers are going in full tank mode and we still have a dead man walking trying to save his job.
  19. Freeman is will be gone for sure. Quinn should have never tolerated his act in the first place. And he is also a below average RB now.
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