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  1. If we somehow end with the #1 pick then we can‘t pass on Trevor even if Matt Ryan actually put up good numbers. The new HC is likely would want a new mid term QB anyway.
  2. That is really the knly thing I care about too. Time is ticking.
  3. That is what makes it even worse. A fraud as a head coach and a fraud as a leader.
  4. I burned all my merch after 28-3. I have not bought a single piece ever since and never will again. When we finally get a new regime, I will go into full support mode again and give them at least two years for a rebuild. But I will never pay a cent more than neccessary.
  5. They are too disconnected to make that work. They live in their bubble - with covid 19 now bigger than ever - and they are care about getting paid and winning is just optional as a Falcons player.
  6. It is. When the Cowboys recovered the onside kick, I was laughing so hard. Not mad, not angry, just laughter. I was waiting the whole game to see how they blow the lead, I just couldn’t imagine how.
  7. Strangely I find absolutely nothing of it offensive. This is all on Dan Quinn and to a lower degree on the players and they deserve everything that is coming. If the world wants to make fun of them, go ahead and do it. Do it as long as those clowns are around.
  8. It won‘t ever completely go away but much of it will disappear. DQ needs to own 28-3 and that means him getting fired.
  9. Sure they showed up. So does the other team. To win though, you need to put in a little extra and that is what the Falcons have not done in 3+ years.
  10. There have always been Court Jesters. Last to defend a regime and first to praise the new. Usually their names start with G and end with azoo.
  11. If he is in a „good place“ he surely can‘t refer to our 2020 record can he? Fact is, some of our star players have given up any hope of winning with the Falcons and are just glad that they got market value ++ from the Falcons. I don‘t even blame then.
  12. I was posting „26-7“ multiple times in the matchday thread. It always felt like we would lose the game. Even when the probability was 99.9% in our favor.
  13. The fact that Dan Quinn even mentions this can only mean he is already thinking about the next scapegoat. Does the guy have zero self reflection?
  14. Julio needs to realize that even the fans are against them. If he doesn‘t care than he really only plays for the money.
  15. We somehow would even find a way to lose with 100%.
  16. The team deserves every bit. The coaching staff deserves every bit. The front office deserves every bit. The owner deserves every bit. The fans deserve better.
  17. AB is way too worried to always keep „Good Company“. He values personal relations over winning. He does not seem to understand that the fans only care about winning.
  18. We need to get over everything, the bad and the good. The next guy has to run his philosophy. A clean cut. A new hope.
  19. Guess that would be covid-19 punishment. Too man fluids flying around in proposed room to be acceptable these days.
  20. He should be put in a room with some fans after the game.
  21. Thing is - and that might different from the experience of most of you guys - I am kind of used to have influence over it. In European football coaches have no hope of remaining coach when the crowd starts chanting „fire him“. The teams are „owned“ by the fans (minus Premiere League, which wants to be like the NFL) and they are the biggest single influence if and when a coach is fired.
  22. The worst part is not even not falling on the ball but allowing the Cowboys players to circle around the rolling ball. When the ball crossed the line, no Falcons was even in position to fall on the ball anymore. The fact that none did hints more towards catastrophic coaching than individual mistakes.
  23. No but I simply find it impossible to hold back the lingering anger - that has been brewing inside me ever since 28-3 - any longer. Enough is enough.
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