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  1. It is part of the entitlement that your life has automatically be as good or better than the life of your parents. Every generation faces their own challenges and blaming your parents or borrowing money from your future children will not solve anything.
  2. I heard about Oan for the first time some weeks ago, They sound like an excellent parody show.
  3. While I think free college education could be possible in the US as well, I absolutely agree that some people just want to use the country as their personal credit card. What really bothers me most is that they called themselfes anti-capitalists. But it is not like they donate their extra money from Uncle Sam‘s credit card to good causes, they just want to consume more. Little entitled crybabies.
  4. To this day that is what associate most with him
  5. That Sac guy was the worst mod I have ever seen and I have been on hundreds of boards He literally banned anyone who disagreed with him. Worst of all he protected Gazoo when he was still on ABF.
  6. Dude, I was wondering for 5 minutes who that American is on the Liverpool team... only to find out that Liverpool won the league because Chelsea beat City
  7. The Biden campaign does everything right so far. I am quite impressed. He is hitting Trump where it hurts him the most by bringing up the economy, which sure will see double dip if the second wave turns out to be as bad as many expect.
  8. Well I have not been on the board many times for long stretches. Usually I don‘t care about this forum when it is not football time or something US related happened that really is of any interest to. I think I wasn‘t on the forum for over a year after 28:3 for example. Could not stomach it for a long time So I guess Snake did what he did and you all said so. A shame though, he could really stir up the pot, great entertainment. I guess he went too far eventually. But he gave me my name. I think my original name was Falconsbeast or something stupid like that. He started calling me Herr Beast after a while, we really had so many arguments. I think it was those „Axis of weasel“ times during the Iraq war.
  9. That jump seems strange right now... but considering how slowly the virus kills, 2000 could be a reality every single day in a week or two.
  10. Germany owes everything to Ordoliberalism. If Adenauer had not won the first election in 1949, Germany would be a basket case just like Italy. And I wonder what you don‘t like about it. Especially since it is probably the only model that might work in the US as an alternative to the status quo. Obama borrowed some ideas from it and so did dozens of other countries. And strangely enough, it ties all parties in Germany together. Even the Linkspartei does not dare to stray away too much from it. So yeah I guess it is really a „German Thing“ . Though in reality it is no longer used in the way it was meant. German policy is Realpolitik and nearly completely non dogmatic nowadays. So no matter if Liberalism, Keynesism, Ordoliberalism, Neoliberalism, Neokeynesism, no party would put either of them on their flag.
  11. Paul Krugman is a relic. And he is not even a Keynesian, at best a Neo Keynesian (see below) but not even that really. Keynesian is out of business since the 60s or 70s. It nearly wrecked the world economy in the early 70s because keys assumptions of Keynes were no longer valdid. There is „Neo Keynes“ developed in the 80s but it has made no impact and is largely just a study object at university. I actually aced Neo Keynes during my test some 25 years ago but we really only learned it because it was rather new at this point. Keynesian was abandoned by all European countries many many decades ago and countries like Italy who stubbornly continued for a decade or two longer found themselfes in serious trouble with the impact still being felt today.
  12. Oh yes it most certainly can. While sweat itself does not carry the virus, sweat offers the virus a living envirement. So, infected people touching their faces with their sweaty hands will put the virus alive and kicking on objects. But of course it will then also require you to not only touch the object but also touch your face. People have the bad habbit of touching their face all the time. It significantly increases the risks of contracting covid 19. So if you can‘t avoid frequently touched objects, then you really should be careful about touching your face without sanitizing your hands first. Because touching your own face runs at a very unconscious level. Any object used by multiple people that offers the virus means to survive longer than on a barren surface should of course also be treated carefully. Anything moist especially.
  13. Regardless, you want money taken off your shoulders so it is free to spend it otherwise. You are just like anyone else, looking for the best opportunity.
  14. It works just fine here. Balanced budget, functioning social security, extremely low unemployment rate. Countries that have been following this path like the Netherlands, Austria etc. are doing just fine too. Countries that still thought Keynes is a thing... not so much. I mean Keynes? Really? Haha, I am still laughing.
  15. Come one, you just want Sanders because you want to get rid of your student debt so you can buy a new iphone. Some marxist you are.
  16. Keynes lol. My macro economic professor could not even stop laughing without mentioning his name. Dude, has nobody told you, Keyes has not been working for like 60 years. All it does at best is keeping a non fuctioning economy aflout at the cost of future generations. Man that is the first time in 25 years I even heard Keynes.
  17. Things have gotten a bit better since we bought those tax cds. It seems tax dodging with Swiss bank accounts is no longer an option.
  18. It is not about the money. We do pay the taxes and it is the right thing to do. It is about Americans not realizing that they kind of reached the end of the tunnel. Here is the reality: the US is already living way over its means. The distribution of wealth is a different story. But no matter which party of which president, the one thing that is constant is the only solution is burrowing more money from future generations and not even trying to work together to actually fix things. I really hope to see the day when the magic money tree disappears suddenly.
  19. Well it is diferent system here but 42% covers all costs for pension, health care, income tax, church tax (I am not kidding you), unemployment insurance and whatever I have forgotten. Though on top of that the employer has to pay the same amount of health insurance to the system as well. So in theory the total costs for the my employer is something like 108% of my salary and I keep roughly 60%. In other words even more than 42% goes to Uncle Germany based on the labor cost. And again, there is no magic money tree. In dire times taxes may rise because by EU rule you can not run a budget deficit bigger than 3%... though of course that rules has been suspended during covid 19.
  20. I am not a top earner, I am just middle management. So those 42% is quite normal for anyone in the middle of things. And as mentioned before, once you are left with your remaining 60%, you find out that there is a sales tax of 19% on everything. And to top that, energy is crazy crazy expensive, gas and power prices would make you guys shiver. And keep in mind, not only are low paid earners also getting taxed, they of course also pay 19% VAT on everything and those energy prices. So please, if you think I am such a jerk talking down in you from so called „paradise“, then I have to tell you that you know nothing. Because on top of all of that Germans work like animals. If you ever worked a year in a German country, 4 weeks of paid vacation sound like not enough. My ultimate beef with Americans is the never ending money tree called the dollar. You guys - yes all of you - are part of country that runs a trillion dollar deficit every year. On a good year it might be just half a trillion dollars. I am aware that some benefit from that more than others but all do benefit from using your country as a kind of credit card. So spare me - all of you - the talk about the spoiled European and the suffering Americans. It is just collective failure of everyone in the US and none of you is an exemption. Get your sht together and make it work.
  21. 42% of my income goes to Uncle Germany. If I ever have a MRI, I will have paid plenty for it. That is the whole problem, you claim I know nothing about the US but you know even less about Germany. Nothing here is for free. We don‘t run a trillion dollar deficit like the US. Everything is paid for and not by some magic money tree but by every single person. We have a federal VAT of 19%, a gallon of gas costs over 10 bucks, even low/mid earners will pay 35%+ taxes. Elecricity is at 30 Cents per kwh! 30! We choose it that way and we pay our dues to society. But saying a MRI costs 3€ is just the dumbest thing ever. It costs a lot in Germany as well everyone pays for it.
  22. That is a myth about Germany though, you can critize Israel, Jews or whatever related to Jews if you bring good reasons to do so. Though you are right, some people would not dare.
  23. He did confront me with parts of America I didn‘t know at that time. It was quite educational for me, though probably rather annoying for you guys
  24. I understand you. I would prefer the Us being different too. You think I prefer the US being in suck a whacky state that it threatens not only itself but it‘s long time allies as well? All I am saying is, you either start a revolution, overthrow the political system to make a better one... or if you want to play by the rules, you will need to find a bipartisan approach because the rules don‘t allow a partisan one. And you have a bit of a romantic view about Germany, nothing here is for free, Everything has to be paid for. We tax the living **** out of our citizens even the low wage earners. Sure we do have a well functioning system in place to prevent anyone from falling through the net but that doesn‘t mean the live a great live. Basic housing is provided and just enough money (430€) for everything else. And if you don‘t constantly work on yourself, constantly educate yourself and constantly give 100% every single hour at work, you will sooner or later find yourself in a bad position. The 4-6 weeks of paid vacation is not a luxury, it is because the „work hard, party hard“ mentality. So every single social programm we run is paid by sweat and hard work. And a lot of tax money. and a system that reaches back to Bismarck. All I am saying is when looking what it is required to run a system like ours here in Germany, the sacrificies we bring as a society to make it work and the generations it took to perfect the system... I am very pessimistic that it could remotely work in the US.
  25. Well maybe that‘s just a difference, all jewish people I ever met were the nicest people I ever met that were tolerant towards everyone. That was what I always tried to explain Snake when I critized Israel, that there is a difference between the people and what the government does. A concept that Snake had serious trouble understanding though. It is just the same me refusing to call GOP voters names or even call them fascists.
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