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  1. Soccer is just like baseball, you have to become a fan in your early life PLAYING it. Both sports are totally unspectacular to watch
  2. My cat was losing weight at a rapid pace in the last couple of months, down to 5-6 lbs from 11. He was still eating well and much but he kept on losing weight. I tried everything, went to the doctor, but nothing helped. He is so skinny that you can see his back bones THROUGH his fur. Even though, he acted normal... but in the last two weeks, he became more and more passive. Two days ago then, he stopped doing anything... didn´t eat, didn´t move, he is just sitting in his place, looking on the ground... he doesn´t react on anything... every couple of hours, he tries to stand up, moves a yard a
  3. I doubt that anything right now is able to "enlighten" you....but maybe in 8 years because obviously vice president Joe Biden will be too old to run for president
  4. Did you hear Mike Martz saying that his offense is all about establishing the run game? :lol:
  5. "You are either with us or against us"... pathetic ideology... sad enough that it took the American people 8 years to punish them
  6. I think it has less to do with the actual debate but that people don´t want to go on with the election and want the weaker candidate defeated early. Right now I have no idea who is actually still supporting McCain
  7. John McCain is an intellegent man But no matter why he can´t use a computer, if he can´t connect to the internet, the he can´t connect to the people. This election is less about Obama´s revolution but more about a media revolution. Just the fact that McCain is known to be unable to use a PC disqualifies him to be part of that media revolution. People in 50 years will remember this election like the Kennedy one when he owned on TV, just like Obama owns the internet now. It´s going to change the character of politics and elections for decades to come
  8. McCain will be the loniest man in America in three weeks
  9. I hope we win but I don´t believe it. Eagles 21 Falcons 17 But maybe Ryan pulls a second 4th quarter comeback with a last second TD to... Brian Finneran! One of the few veterans who played in both playoff loses to the ****ing Eagles
  10. I would love to have Rod Coleman on passing downs. But I guess his injuries pretty much make him useless otherwise I just can´t imagine that nobody has any interest in him
  11. Was the 1998 season really the teams best passing season? No doubt about the QB rating, Chandler topped the 100 but I think we had better season on total pass yards and TDs with, ugh, Boy George
  12. I don´t want respect. Respect softens. I want wins, nothing else. People can respect us when we have the Lombardi trophy
  13. Blank was fully committed to Ryan from the second he drafted Ryan and that was the very same second Vick´s time in Atlanta ended. The only reason why Blank waited to openly say so was that he needed a good moment where he wouldn´t offend those Falcons fans who still love Vick. When a guy like Stunna admits that Ryan is now the QB of the future, then it´s the right moment to officially say good bye to Vick. Good timing by Arthur Blank
  14. I never knew he had a plan This is like Petrino talking about loyalty
  15. I will not use anything but WIndows XP unless a real killer apppliciation (usually a game ) that only runs on Vista / Windows 7 forces me to do so Windows XP is stable and unspectacular. That´s the way I like an OS. I leave good graphics to the applications, no need to have a noticable amount of the PC ressources already in use when there is actually no programm running. I know alot of people don´t care but those high powered PCs these days drain alot of energy even in idle, even worse when the OS itself looks like a 3D game, lol. And energy efficiency is huge factor for me on notebooks, espec
  16. slightly above average... for a woman playing World of Warcraft
  17. yup, rebuilding a defense takes more time than just one off season. And our offense is just one injury (Roddy, Turner of Ryan) shy of being worthless D&D... depth and defense is what has to improve big time before we can think deep playoffs
  18. toughest game this year... at least the majority of our young players were not around when we lost those 2 playoff games at philly... we might just go there and win like we did in GB... tough game still and I won´t complain if we lose as long as we are competitive through four quarters
  19. There is just one problem: Obama is not Kerry and nobody is giving the republican candidate the benefit of the doubt anymore that no change is needed
  20. Didn´t really pay attention yesterday, but when I just saw a replay I realized that it had enough air to sail 10-15 additional yards... Elam might be 38 years old but I would still trust him to kick a 60 yarder instead of a hail mary at the end of a game
  21. As much as I would love to go 6-2 (and I am sure we beat the sorry Raiders), winning in Philly is probably the biggest challenge for this franchise. This game scares me more than any other game
  22. I like Mr. Blank but he really should stay in his luxury suite until the final second of ANY game. I know he is excited (we all are) and I admire his passion for his team but I believe that any head coach needs 100% authority and an owner on the sideline during the game won´t help. But then again, Arthur Blank is a great owner and most of us have no idea how much strength it takes to go through a rebuilding process when your employees quit on you
  23. He might lose some places during the bye week... still, he probably will have his first pro-bowl this season
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