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  1. You either are highly qualified and willing to be assimilated or you will be put on a small island to rot.
  2. So the natives should have no say about who comes in? Don‘t think so.
  3. Migration the Australian way. Actually I think that is the way we are slowly steering towards.
  4. So you are all in favor of going to other countries, slaughter the natives, take their place and enjoy the spoils? Think again before you call me the Nazi
  5. Dude has not started the majority of games for a top team in 5 years. It is a fact. Maybe we have different definitions of starting, For me a starter is a guy that starts at least 80% of all games over all competitions. James has not been that guy for a long long time. He was lucky even to get rotational starts. And to be honest, the only reason why even Everton picked him up is because Ancelotti is the coach, who is kind of the only guy who still belives in James and has a long history with him. No CL team showed interest even though he was essentially a free agent. So no, based on the last 5 years, I don‘t regard him as more than an average player. But he can prove me and many people wrong this season at Everton, where he probably has a lot less pressure than at the bigger clubs where he didn‘t cut it.
  6. Are you Columbian flith or why are you so heavily invested in this player? lol...
  7. Jesus Bayern didn‘t need his 16 total points and his minutes that just amounted to 15 full games. He was a useful substitute for a team that fkat out dominated the league anyway.
  8. Yeah well I don‘t care much about average Premier League teams and their average players.
  9. Dude, two games. The season is 38 games long. If Everton makes it to the CL and James played a major part in it, then we can talk again.
  10. He can‘t start for a good team, so what else should we call him?
  11. Haha. Trust me, James will disappear when it matters most. Not as bad as Özil‘s disappearing act but he can‘t carry a team.
  12. No doubt about that. Everton squad is worth 500M according to transfermarkt.de but they fail to produce anything year after year. James is an excellent fit.
  13. James is at best average. The only time he was really great was at the 2014 World Cup. Otherwise he never was good enough for a Top 10 team in Europe.
  14. Tomorrow might be a big step forward if we lose once again in a ridiculous fashion to the Bears. Things have to get even worse to eventually get better.
  15. It‘s the punishment for having the anti-christ as head coach.
  16. I will buy both consoles eventually. Will start with the PS5, which makes more sense since I own like 80 PS4 games and maybe 5 for xbox one. And you can always count in MS to lower prices rather quickly. They have too much money to burn.
  17. I can‘t be a fan of other teams as well. There is no connection and I am too old to build new ones. 28 years of investment in the Falcons and even 40 years into my local soccer team... which is not even playing in the first German league anymore, which kinda sucks in itself. It is just, being fan of so many losing teams can sometimes really depress me. Especially when they are losing at the same time. Those double whammies really get to me. Sure the satisfaction would be out of this world if they would one day win it all (the Falcons are even more likely to do that) there is no guarantee that will ever happen in my lifetime. Feels like playing the lottery. At least there is the German national team, so at least I know how it would feel.
  18. What is even more amazing is that MS now owns Bethesda and Obsidian... that can only mean Fallout: New Vegas 2!
  19. Actually I like that MS bought Betatesta, I mean Bethesda. MS will surely push hard for Fallout 5. Bethesda didn‘t seem to be in a hurry to do anything.
  20. I hate my sports teams... my soccer team just played 2-2 after leading 2-0 in the 85th minute... I wish I could change teams, but I am loyal to death to all of them.
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