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  1. my bad, forgot how things work in the US once you have no job
  2. Trump didn‘t want the virus to affect the US economy. The virus spreads and affects the US economy anyway. Trump doesn‘t want the US economy to suffer any more. The virus continues to spread and the US economy suffers more. When is said and done, the US will have the highest number of fatalities (in absolute and relative) and the biggest crash on the economy (in absolute and relative). Great job
  3. It delays the virus but it doesn‘t stop the virus. You think the virus would not reach a country when you restrict travel from some countries? You are completely delusional. Every virus expert in the world will tell you that travel bans at best only delay the virus. And the greatest irony is, the one thing the travel ban might have bought (time) went unused. It probably helped the US to buy two extra weeks but the US used the time to do exactly nothing. Trump probably thought the travel ban was the solution in itself. If he would have listened to other people just once, he might have understood what the real purpose of the travel ban was.
  4. Travel bans have no effect what so ever. At best it can delay the whole process. If it would have any effect, the US would surely not have double the amount of infections as any ither country, would it? The virus would eventually always find its way to sneak into the polulation. The one thing that matters is what were the US INTERNAL policies to contain it. No other country remained so liberal in the freedom of movement as the US. A freedom the virus more than gladly took. And still, the virus enjoys more freedom in the US than in any other country in the world. Individualism is great but it is the harbinger of doom during a pandemic. Trump doesn‘t get it and many Americans will not get it either, which is a tragedy in itself because it means this will go on for a long long time in the US, while most country will more or less returned to normal.
  5. Greed is universal. Of course nobody wanted to close down a ski resort during the best month of a season.
  6. Yes. There were multiple factors that helped the virus spread in Europe. The fact that the US doesn‘t have a single clue what their equivalent if an infected ski resort or food festival was, is very very telling. Because there surely was such an event, mostly multiple events, but at that time the official position of the US government was - and continued to be for a whole month - that there is nothing to worry about.
  7. The first case doesn‘t matter if it was contained. What matters is when you had cases, that nobody knew about and that spread freely. In this case it went crazy in Northern Italy because tourists were coming back from ski vacation is nearby alps, where people in a ski resort got infected and it went undetected and even when detected a week later, was covered by local politicians. That was in the first two weeks of February. So that was Europes failure about 8 weeks ago. Now you have to ask yourself, what did the US do in the last 8 weeks? For 6 weeks Trump completely denied the threat and did absolutely nothing. He should have known for most of those 6 weeks that it would take only one hot spot like a ski resort to spread the virus over a whole continent. Once Europeans realized how fast the situation can get out of control, they at least moved and did the right thing. The US still did nothing. Not only Trump, but mainly Trump did nothing. And the US is still doing a lot less than it should be doing. Hence the rapid increase of infections and deaths growing every day and it is not even close to peaking not even remotely close.
  8. And we actually wasted some time as well but not a whole frkking month like Trump. And comparing the US to Italy/Spain, that would be a very desperate comparison anyway. If the US wants to compare itself to countries that barely held themselfes above water the past decade, then oh my, how the mighty have fallen.
  9. Well the virus does not read twitter... so Trump could not BS it away.
  10. I am from Germany and our death rate is better than that if the US. We did what Trump refused to do and that is immediately start testing everyone remotely connected to anyone infected and isolate and close things down. When we did that, Trump declared on Twitter that the US had beaten corona and he ridiculed countries who close things down. Now 3 weeks later, those countries have peaked are on the road to recovery, while the US number of infections and deaths are going to climb for weeks to come. And we are not protected by two huge oceans, people come through from north, south, east and west. The failure to contain the virus in the US is undeniable and people will look for an answer who was responsible for that, especially who did not do his job to do everything possible to contain the virus.
  11. I wonder how people think that money is solving anything? It won‘t reopen shops if the virus is still not contained. It won‘t make anyone hire anyone if the virus is not contained. Money does absolutely nothing to contain the virus and as long as that doesn‘t happen, nothing at all can and will happen with the economy.
  12. Some people would rather die than admit that the US is not number one at everything. In this case they might actually die.
  13. Unless you realize that the US did not even have a significant amount of infections when people started dying in the thousands elsewhere. So Trump claimed to have beaten the corona virus and did nothing. Now some three weeks later, the US has 200k cases (officially, unfofficiall probably over a million), the virus is still spreading everywhere, deaths are going up and it is not even close to peaking, knowing that the virus takes one or two weeks to kill someone. The US, given their advantage of being hit after China and even two weeks after Europe - is doing the worst of all countries.
  14. Trump effed you guys good, now he will present you with the choice of dying for the economy or tanking the economy... and most likely he will do both by reopening the country pretty soon and creating a second wave that will make the first one look tiny. Making matters worse, not only was Trump unprepared for the virus, he is equally unprepared for the economic shockwave. The US does not have systems in place to maintain employment through a temporary shock like most European countries have (google „Kurzarbeit“ how it is done). Throwing money at people will do nothing if he escalates things even further very soon. He better hope for a miracle cure or vaccination very very soon or otherwise he - and with him his country- is effed up.
  15. My only fear is that I will soon run out if unwatched movies and tv series. I have food and water for many months but the upcoming media shortage worries me.