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  1. Just imagine for a second the rest of the world abandoning the dollar as a reserve currency, which might happen if the US continues their trade warpath...
  2. McGary will join him soon on IR.
  3. I was actually pretty positive about the Falcons for a long long time... I was onboard with Mike Smith and Matt Ryan even before the first game vs Detroit... was positive even after the 2013 season but had to admit that it was time for a change after 2014. But with DQ, he lost me in his very first season. That mid season collapse was terrible as it showed that he can not correct the mistakes the player make, at least not in time. And that is the tune ever since. Sometimes this collapse happens on a macro level all season (2015, 2018) or on a micro level within one game (2016 SB and today). I have zero trust in DQ, Not 1% or 0.1%, just flat out zero confidence in his ability to be a leader in the storm. when things go wrong, they will go wrong for an extended amount of time. Remember when Mike Smith wasn‘t losing two games in a row over multiple years? That was great leadership. Nothing of that sort under DQ, when it rains it pours.
  4. I really don‘t see this team having a home advantage anymore... that was the case in Matt Ryan‘s early years but those are gone a long time. Of course those sorry *** fans that can‘t be bothered to actually be on their seats are also to blame for that. Makes me mad to see the stadium half empty at kickoff from 5000 miles away. And after today I doubt it is going to be better.
  5. He stills runs into his own blockers and full speed into a solid wall of defenders. Just a matter of time when he gets his next concussion.
  6. I think think Doug Pederson got our number even when we have a prepared team.
  7. Freeman: still acts like a punk after a 2 yard gain and still has no clue about his blocking assignments.
  8. The same Philly team that came back from 0-17 today? Dream on, that team is extremely well coached and has studs on both lines.
  9. The buttom line for me personally is that DQ gave me terrible memories every season: - 2015: completely lost control over the team after a good start, losing to the worst teams in the league, unable to address the issues in time and we went from 6-1 to 6-7 during that collapse - 2016: the worst memory anyone can ever have about a sports team, no matter how good it was before that - 2017: Watching the offense go from unstoppable to mediocre because he had to hire his buddy - 2018: 2015 DejaVu, completely lost control over the team again - 2019: The worst season opener I can remember in terms of coaching and preparation When everything is said and done and DQ having left the city, there is nothing in me that is going to miss him.
  10. Sure it is early but what the heck were they doing the last 9 months? This team was totally unprepared from the first play. It will be very very hard to come back from this. Especially since during the 3rd quarter the wheels were completely falling off in terms of discipline. Being outplayed and outcoached is one thing, what we saw today was something else, alot worse.
  11. Maybe, hopefully... but to be honest, this team really needs to crash hard this season to get the desperately needed house cleaning. Man, I really would like to kick Freeman off the team personally. That little punk was the worst today.
  12. He made Matt Schaub a ProBowler in Houston, got a great season out of RG in Washington and even had a respectable offense with the Browns. He did great with three QBs / teams that otherwise sucked before and after him. Make that four if you include the Falcons.
  13. DQ getting fired is the best possible outcome this season. The last thing I want is another 7-9 season and DQ somehow being able to hang around. And from what I saw today, there is no way we make the playoffs, this team has serious issues.
  14. I predicted 6-10 and after this game it will be very hard for this team to win 6 games.
  15. How can a team fall apart like that in the first regular season game? You can make a strong case for firing DQ after the game.