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  1. The Rams have one problem and that is their HC essentially playing QB which won‘t work with that noise.
  2. We will risk change again in 2020, once DQ is fired. By then a mediocre status will actually be desirable. To be clear, I wanted all of those coordinators gone as well but I would have fired DQ as well, so we have a clear cut and can properly clean house.
  3. All of them old coaches with probably no shot at any other HC gig. But if we hire DQ‘s Seattle buddies as coordinators, anything the Bucs will do will actually look ingenious compared to our moves.
  4. And the worst part is, this will happen again in 2020 because DQ will get fired along with Bevell and his other buddies after 2019. With that schedule and DQ game management and this lightweight roster, the Falcons will disappoint again.
  5. @TheUsualStuff: I think American soccer will feed mostly on baseball in the future. Like baseball you don't need much to play it as a kid. You can also be very good at it without being super tall or super fast or super strong. And both are mostly outdoor summer games. Soccer is not going to replace baseball but it will take a huge part of the cake sooner or later.
  6. No idea what happened there but just looking at the players, this should not have happened. So their is probably alot of fault with the coach and tactics as well. But you should keep in mind that in football, very surprising things can happen. Germany went out of the WC for the first time in 70 years in the group stage against South Korea. The tactics were poor, the attitides were poor and that is how - speaking in NFL terms - the Patriots lost against a college team. But in actual american football this could not happen simply based on measurements. The Patriots are way too stronger, faster and taller than any college team. Even with terrible tactics and attitude, they would smoke any college team.
  7. Not sure. I think the Falcons and the United represent different aspects of Arthur Blank. There seems to be a great premium on revenue with the Falcons and less about bring a loud crowd into the stadium. If he would be all about winning, he would have to start changing his own attitude towards the Falcons.
  8. Maybe it would produce some players for certain positions. But the most important ones require less athletic skills but mostly skills at the ball. In other words, all those kids that already don‘t have a shot of being any good at basketball (too small) and american football (too slow, too weak) have a shot at being good at football. The one thing people need to understand is that it requires 11 QBs to play football. Everyone has to have accuracy and touch with the ball, even the goalie nowadays.
  9. There is no sitting in the wall. Everybody stands all 90 minutes.
  10. Jesus, you know nothing about football skills. Usain Bolt couldn‘t even make it on an Australian football team (and they are even way lower than MLS) and he even grew up playing football. Football skills can not be measured like this.
  11. As someone living a 10 minute foot walk away from „The Wall“ in Dortmund, let me tell you that ATLUTD did indeed accomplish something great and it not only winning that championship. People over here in Europe know what happened and know that there is a team in the US that draws 70000+ in attendance every week. ATLUTD did only only put themselfes on the map of world football but probably all of MLS.
  12. @TheUsualStiff: 100% right and I think this is just the beginning. I think American Football is unfortunately on a grave path. The constant rule changes, the business trumps all attitude, an aging fan base. To me it seems that young people are very gracious for an opportunity to be part of something without having to mortgage their house (if they even have one) for tickets and be part of something authentic and honest.
  13. Looking at it from over the atlantic, I am just impressed at the crowd in the stadium all year. It seems almost impossible that this is the same stadium the Falcons play in. I am sick and tired looking at the half empty stadium filled with mostly lethargic fa... customers. I am very happy for ATLUTD because this team is all about the fans. I think many people now get what real football is all about.
  14. I think the action on the video is not too serious and did not lead to the Chiefs cutting him... but bad judgement and too many lies did.