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  1. I initially heard... something something "inside her".
  2. Antoine deserves the internet personality of the year award.
  3. You can import your Firefox bookmarks to Chrome. Plus Chrome has a huge amount of extensions for it, too. The advantage Chrome has in that department is that updating and installing extensions happens on the fly. You don't have to restart the browser. Even updating Chrome itself takes place in the background. You never notice it update, and it never asks you to. You open your browser a few weeks later, and you find out you've gone from version 6.0 to 8.0. Plus, when one webpage/tab crashes Chrome, only that tab will be closed. All the others will remain up and running. I use both Firefox and
  4. I think that's his name. He was an American Idol finalist at some point. I was like, "Why is that American Idol contestant dressed like a Saudi?"
  5. Hajj 2010 - The Big Picture http://inapcache.boston.com/universal/site_graphics/blogs/bigpicture/hajj2010_11_15/h02_25932377.jpg A general view shows the Saudi holy city of Mecca, as seen from the top of Noor mountain, late on November 13, 2010. http://inapcache.boston.com/universal/site_graphics/blogs/bigpicture/hajj2010_11_15/h07_25871105.jpg Saudi special forces take part in a military parade, preparing for the Hajj in Mecca on November 10, 2010. http://inapcache.boston.com/universal/site_graphics/blogs/bigpicture/hajj2010_11_15/h11_25946455.jpg Muslim pilgrims are seen on their way toward
  6. I'm watching those highlights now and I'm completely in awe. Absolutely incredible performance. That first pass from scrimmage was incredible.
  7. I saw the raw interview between him and O'Reilly. He was at least honest about his current media exposure. He told O'Reilly he was there to sell his book, and that he'd go away again once his marketing push is over. I actually liked him in the interview, although the policies he pushed far outweigh how he came off.
  8. Stuff like that makes me want to have kids of my own.
  9. It's good, and she's gorgeous. And her first name is Serene. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43lR2jTBGjE
  10. NASA needed to find a way for astronauts to write in space. The problem was that the ink flow of pens depended on gravity. So they invested millions of dollars in a special zero-gravity propulsion system. The Russians looked at the same problem; they used a pencil.
  11. The song is called Sokkar Ziyada (written phonetically from its Arabic counterpart. It translates into Extra Sugar.) by this singer called Yara. Something about this song makes me fall for her. She's a Lebanese singer who sings the song in an Arabic dialect spoken by those living on the Persian Gulf.
  12. It really pains me that I'm in Saudi Arabia right now. There's no way for me to watch these games, whether it's Gamecocks or Falcons games. Even my current internet connection is capped, so I can't watch online. Gotta download the USC-Alabama game in the future.
  13. Why is it requiring you to click? I used IMG tags.
  14. Looks like something any of us can make in Word. It wouldn't even need image-editing software. You can also use GIMP, which is free.
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