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  1. Let's just say I was crushed playing tackle football one time, and never have I played tackle again.
  2. I weight 144 lbs without clothes on. I need to gain weight. I'm 5'10". I walk a lot. I walk around 2 miles a day.
  3. You'll have the largest thread on these boards with all the bumping you'll be doing.
  4. The republican party is disgusting. Throw that pile of trash where it belongs. The Obamas' fist bump was a terrorist gesture? Really? ED Hill and her like-minded republican comrades (including many at Faux News) portray all that is wrong in this world. They portray ignorance.
  5. National polls show both Hillary or Obama would beat McCain in the popular vote. (The poll says nothing about electoral votes so one can't make a claim either way.) McCain is done. As more and more of the public are exposed to his lacking knowledge in economic and foreign policy issues, he will continue to fall. McCain, as with Bush, doesn't realize that we live in a globalized world. They think they can follow Teddy Roosevelt's ideology and be successful in present times. They are wrong. Their foreign policies will continue to be detrimental to US cause internationally.