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  1. Wow, you are referencing things that actually happen on the football field in terms of scheme, not just mindless trash talk like most on this board. We need more posters like you.
  2. ESPN is reporting Jeremy Shockey has been traded to the Saints for a 2nd round pick and a 5th round pick. Seems like a steep price.
  3. It's sad how the right wingers on this board won't admit president Bush has done a poor job. Someone explain to me how he has done a good job. His staff has proved to be incompetent at almost ever turn: FEMA and hurricane Katrina, the continued foreign policy blunders, attorney general gonzales resignation, sec. of defense Rumsfeld reisignation, Scooter Libby and on and on. The party that once claimed to be fiscally responsible has borrowed enormous amounts of money, wasted a surplus, and pork barrel spending has run wild. These are criticisms even high ranking conservatives concede are t
  4. I've never been high been on Jenkins. He has never been consistent, he coughs up the ball. He is often on the bad end of a number pick sixes, fumbles, and tip balls. He was drafted in in the first round, in fact we traded up to get him. He is a bust, plain and simple. He has always gotten a pass by the fans and I dont know why.
  5. Matt Ryan did infact go to the William Penn Charter school, in suburban Philidelphia. It is indeed a very wealthy and priveledged private school. And although we think of Philidelphia as a tough and blue collar town, it nevertheless has some of wealthiest suburbs in the country. I dont attribute his restained manner to his posh upbringing though, rather it's simply his natural personality. You just gotta be yourself I guess.
  6. I am with you Boner. Cats are wonderful, so graceful and regal, and very sweet. Cats would be the ultimate finesse athletes. They have amazing escapability, excellent acceleration and leaping ability, great instincts with thier movement, impressive strength and flexibility, and unmatched stealth. Felines are without question the most athletic of all animals. Cheetah=speed, Tiger=strength, Lion=ferocity, Jaguar=stealth, Leopard=climbing/leaping, and all of them have these traits to some extent. Behold it's greatness, thou art cat!
  7. We all know the real Jesse Jackson dosent like Obama. It's because he's not from his farm system. Jackson thinks if any black man is gonna be president, it should be someone who went to Morehouse, who grew up in the black church, who is descended from slaves, who the old guard of black civil rights took under their wing. Not some biracial intellectual who isn't from thier camp. Its the absolute height of pettiness on Jackson's part, and Obama is what he couldnt be: More well rounded, more intellectual, more politally savvy, has cross over appeal, and is running a presidential race to actually
  8. I love the fact that our franchise quaterback is a New England liberal, and all the good ol' boy republicans on this board are scrambling to rationalize it, saying "**** come around" or "he's been brainwashed". Actually, he's a very intelligent guy who can make his own decisions, who has studied political science and is informed on the issues. I think a lot of you were caught off guard and are uncomfortable knowing he's a liberal. And by the way, BC is not a far leftist school, it's a private catholic college with a very strong conservative contingent. Know what your talking about before you m
  9. Everyone keeps saying Matt Ryan will switch over to republican once he sees how much he will get taxed, but I doubt that. He is a smart guy and is fully aware his signing bonus makes him wealthier than 99.9% of the population, and knows a democratic president and congress is going to tax him, but is voting for Barack Obama anyway because he realizes more taxes for him means one less yacht, but could lesses the tax burden on those of modest means. I think that's commendable, he's a not a selfish person and sees that there are others less fortuante than him.
  10. yeah, this is very disappointing.....oh well. If Matt Ryan is as smart as he appears to be, this will change soon. Matty-Ice is in a "Republican" tax bracket now and should vote accordingly. He will really start questioning the democratic agenda when they come in and take $36million of his $72million and not even receive a flower on the pillow after doing it;) I don't understand the political right amd why most of you support it so much. Bush and his administration have done a horrendous job. In almost every aspect of governing they have shown to be deceptive or incompetent. And yet still
  11. like him a little less now:( For me its the opposite, I like hime more now. He could tote the white rich alpha male party line and be a republican, be he actually has a mind of his own. I know its absurd, but this really helps me accept him more now. He may not have Michael Vick's legs, but he is intelligent, maybe even (gasps) intellectual.
  12. I dont think thats hes done anything in particular to suggest he would be a republican, its just we're used to profiling people based on their personality and demographics. But in fact he's a democrat, and although it's irrelevant to football, I'm glad he is. But dont get me wrong, in the end it's all about sundays in the fall.
  13. Here is the political snippet from the interview. What s your take on the presidential race? It s so early. I m actually kind of a Barack fan. I think I m a Barack guy. I think it s a good fit at the right time. I have a gut feeling and that s the kind of person I am.
  14. I would have pegged Matt Ryan to be a republican considering his seemingly conservative upbringing, but to my surprise he's not. As a card carrying diehard liberal myself I was pleasantly amused to find he will supporting Barack Obama in the election. My apologies to Steve Barkowski and other GOP posters, but here it is. http://thequad.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/09/2...e-qb-matt-ryan/
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