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  1. It’s because teams are looking for a stat line on Vic. They can find one for the last 2 years so they probably think he’s been out of the league that long
  2. Don’t even need a locker room source. Just look at his tweets and snapchat feeds. Nothing but basketball camps and tournaments
  3. Why is the NBA backing China? The people are suffering and that’s the cause of their protests. But then again, this country is all but begging to become Socialist
  4. Here ya go...
  5. White Chocolate Twix
  6. What about Rap Snacks? JK them thangs good!! Maybe a 25¢ bag of Utz
  7. Can we trade him to the Hawks?...does it work that way?
  8. Like I said, this is just a weekend hobby for him. His passion is basketball and his camps/tournaments he runs
  9. Ray Lewis “Vic ain’t got that dog in him” here you see Vic back on the porch, he didn’t wanna run with the big dogs
  10. Every offseason all I see him doing is basketball camps and tournaments. Get with Chuck Smith, somebody!!! Work on your pass rush. Improve as a player. I understand you like to mentor young athletes, but you have a job
  11. DLed calling out Julio no, they are just tired of answering the same stupid question from you DLed!! It’s funny even the guy that does the presser dub overs, pokes fun at you with the same stupid voice and dumb questions
  12. I’ve said it on here before and @ Beasley on Twitter. His heart is in basketball and his tournaments he puts on. This is just a weekend hobby for him. His true passion is basketball
  13. No, but you run the ball..keep the clock moving and force NE to burn timeouts
  14. The dogging of Ryan is what is idiotic.
  15. They won 9-0 yesterday. Must be nice to have that luxury
  16. “Urban” is now racist is everything going to be portrayed as racist by all the uber woke people in America? How woke is too woke?
  17. Unless other teams think Quinn is the problem like everyone here does
  18. No one can ever question his toughness. 10 years without missing a start. With as many hits as he takes...
  19. Bye Vicky!!!
  20. Leave Quinn in Seattle...come full circle
  21. “Falcons Filter”
  22. During the play. Not afterwards. That’s what girls do
  23. It’s people like that guy that obviously don’t see clearly what happens in a game. I guess it’s too fast for them to comprehend what’s going on