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  1. Other than a TE what other hole would you say we have? A 3rd WR will be cheap. OL of course
  2. I don’t care about his past. I think he’s matured since then. Him next to Grady would be awesome
  3. 11 year vet, would be cheap
  4. Kick the tires as Gabriel’s replacement?
  5. Actually...Atlanta is Alabama’s 2nd Home stadium. They are always playing in the SEC Championship. So the Natty this year was a home game and they won.
  6. Yes he got 2 feet down but never made a football move after that. As the 2nd foot hit the ground the ball came loose, no hands were on the ball, and he lost possession of the ball. Going to the ground or out of bounds you must maintain possession throughoit. When he gain control of the ball his third step landed out of bounds. That was not a catch.
  7. Keanu Neal gave up their first TD also on a slant to TE Walker
  8. Just seen Davante Adams took Julio’s spot at the Pro Bowl.
  9. I’m ok with that THWG!!!
  10. Mark this and pin it to the top please.
  11. Falcons will win it next year in our home..
  12. Antonio Bryant doesn’t skip there and he catches that 1 handed
  13. Another pass to a TE Neal got beat
  14. When he actually had to cover someone instead of play Centerfield