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  1. 2 TDs? 1 Rushing and the Saints lost
  2. Ummmm that’s not a dog
  3. Commentator: “Kicker hasn’t missed a field goal in X amount of tries” Kicker: misses field goal HAPPENS ALL THE TIME you can speak things into existence. Or jinx them.
  4. You don’t talk about a no hitter either, and that’s essentially what he has going on
  5. Got a Falcons letterman jacket from our time in Osan.
  6. Still got my carolina blue UNC parka from 94/95
  7. At the game, I was looking at Ito too. I thought we had a TD and noticed he didn’t have the ball and see Ryan running to the right
  8. I think we have the same amount of rings as we do now. Brady still gives up 23pts by himself in that SB. Brady also bites on the play fake and gives up that 3rd and 16 in 2008.
  9. Ickey Woods. Growing up I loved the Bengals helmet (still think it’s the best design) and my first SB was the 49ers/Bengals.
  10. Look at the Eagles sidlelines that one guy got his hand on his head
  11. When did Tru get hurt?
  12. 92.9 The Fan, Hugh Douglas said the Falcons had to be Cox Blockers to win yesterday. Said the producer was looking at them. He said “What? His name is Cox and and OLine has to block him”
  13. I’ve had STs since 2004. I’ve enjoyed the new stadium, besides the engineering nightmare of exiting the stadium. That is the worst thing about the Benz. PSLs have killed our home field advantage.
  14. I think a lot had to do with cramping. Roof needs to stay closed until October. As a fan it got a little miserable in the stands. There is absolutely no air movement in the stadium when the roof is open.