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  1. Fückin’ bring us Quinn’s head on a dämn platter tomorrow morning Blank!!!!!
  2. Church curse is what’s wrong with this team. Have to be the most injured team in the league since starting the Benz
  3. Especially when you are being flushed out of a pocket of you can even call it that.
  4. Koetter with his 1980 offense in the redzone. Nothing creative. Those 2 runs were horrible. Fullback going to hit someone that was already being blocked and let the LB come in free. Complete trash
  5. Calling it. Ryan gets sacked or Gurley gets tackled for a safety. LaFleur did that on purpose to get 2pts and get the ball back 🤣🤣
  6. I think they could have called PI on that but maybe that’s just me 🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. Game Over. LaFleur playing chess while Quinn is playing checkers.
  8. Ok now this series is over, can we get normal start times in the divisional rounds.
  9. Drones to clean stadium after games I’m sure there are some jokes around the internet about this...
  10. Bauer is a free agent after this season... Braves need to go after Bauer. Get a “Big 3” again with Soroka, Fried and Bauer
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