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  1. As a person he is an amazing man, as a football player his heart has never been there. Nothing wrong with that, but it affected his production
  2. His problem is that his give a d.a.m. Is busted. He doesn’t care about football. His main focus is basketball
  3. Then get mad when it’s a false positive. Imagine if Ryan or Julio miss a crucial game due to a false positive like Matthew Stafford had
  4. I wouldn’t say small percent. That’s just the public opinion on a life they don’t know. Getting to spend more time with family as well
  5. Ok SJW. Seems you have a lot of issues to work out
  6. You asked, I just told you. No need in being a Summers Eve
  7. I don’t want to wear a mask to a sporting event. I opted out of the first 8 games. Will see in October how it’s going and will decide on the last half
  8. Soroka done for the season. You can count the Braves out
  9. Not as many as the Clintons I’m sure
  10. Why did you bring up Covid? This has nothing to do with it. I’m talking about the “flavor of the week” type stuff.
  11. Supposedly no Covie case at Robins AFB has actually been contracted ON base. They are sending Public Health to shops with a Covid positive employee to do an investigation if it came from outside or inside base. PLEASE explain to me how they can determine that.
  12. Anyone wanna take wagers on the next scare? Funny how these things come and go. Seriously, what’s next?
  13. I wasn’t counting this year. I meant past, but still have trust issues with the bullpen right now
  14. True but I am just tired of seeing starters only going 6 innings. That’s ridiculous, especially when your bullpen is trash like ours have been for the last 5 years
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