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  1. We held McCaff in check all game. Those yards came from check downs. They kept him in front of them all day for the most part
  2. Not forcing to Julio. He’s going to get double teamed, there will be plenty on of 1 on 1 coverage. I don’t car if Julio NEVER scores another Redzone TD!!! Get us there and get the ball in
  3. Julio was held I think on the first deep ball
  4. College offense in the NFL doesn’t work. Sark is NOT up to the task of an NFL OC
  5. 3rd and 1 and you go Wildcat on the first drive when they haven’t had a tackle for loss the entire first drive
  6. Learn to slide on the right knee. Problem solved
  7. You’re a moron. Julio got held on that bomb.
  8. That’s because UGA allows GT to win every 2-3 years so they will extended that sorry excuse of a coach Paul Johnson. His time at Tech should have been over years ago!!!! That highschool offense has got to go. It destroys your defense as well, that’s all they get to practice against is the options. A decent passing team will beat they 95% of the time
  9. With his recent injury history... Think any team would take his contract? Draft a RB and retain Coleman. Mans before anyone says anything, I am a HUGE Freeman fan. The last year and this year already, he’s become a liability. Head and Knees are the 2 things a RB can’t have problems with.
  10. Mods locked it...and I was right. When a player goes done on a nine contact play and grabs below his kneecap, that’s an ACL/MCL. Maybe the first time was just a slight tear and he tried to play through it
  11. Tell me when Ryan had the time to go through progressions. Those last 4 plays Ryan could not take a sack because we had no timeouts. Pressure was in his face all night. Do you people really watch the entire offense or just watch the ball be snapped and follow the ball? I’ve realized aLOT of fans aren’t that much of students of the game. It’s so irritating
  12. Freeman has always struggled blocking a blitzer
  13. Most the sacks were because of pressure up front and coverage. That Hooper play was illegal contact since it happened when the ball was in the air. The defender accidentally ran into Hooper otherwise Hooper has an easy TD there
  14. Julio rounded off that route and left Ryan out to dry. You can’t do that in the redzone. CBs are staying underneath since the back of the endzone in an extra defender basically