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  1. “She said you’re lucky you married a witch – I’m just a good witch,” Brady said. https://www.google.com/amp/s/boston.cbslocal.com/2019/02/07/tom-brady-gisele-bundchen-superstitions-super-bowl-stones/amp/
  2. I try
  3. Wonder what his real non handicapped score would be? Still impressive I’m sure
  4. Legends in their own mind
  5. Gilbert beat the Saints last year
  6. I like the audio and video aspect of the replay booth. Take notes NFL
  7. Naw I just know some that “female dog” about it
  8. #23 can’t make the easy INT....where have we seen that before?
  9. Taints misery brings me joy though haha
  10. We have a Braves and United section. Need a Legend section so it doesn’t clutter the TATF
  11. Him and his Pro are tied for 6th with a -21 after 3 rounds. His Pro, Russell Knox is -9 after 3. Ryan is -12 after 3 but they give the amateur partners a stroke better than they actually score. So pars are birdies, birdies are eagles, bogeys are pars and so on.
  12. As did my wife but you won’t find a more loving person and mother. She broke the cycle
  13. Naw but my wife’s was. Alcoholic, abusive grandfather. Physically abusive dad and verbally abusive mom that always told her she wasn’t good enough. Mom always dropping her off with her grandma so she could go out at night. But she’s one of the most loving and kindest person’s I know and supportive mother. So yes, it’s an excuse. It’s really not hard to be a good person
  14. That excuse is lame though. Be the change, break the cycle. It ain’t hard to do.