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  1. Exactly!! Just like Rise Up. That’s everywhere too. If you’ve been to the Benz, you hear the same songs there as you hear on tv at other stadiums. It’s a set playlist sent out every year
  2. Look at the 49ers FB postgame video. It’s titled “Believe in this Brotherhood”
  3. Geoff Collins. Current Temple HC DC jobs at Miss St and UF Big part of the recruiting that brought Derrick Morgan, Jonathan Dwyer, Morgan Burnett, Joshua Nesbitt and Roddy Jones https://www.ajc.com/blog/mark-bradley/geoff-collins-the-kind-hire-georgia-tech-needed/5JkMkN9UNtA08Eu9KqJWTP/
  4. GT needs a new QB for Whisenhunt
  5. Nothing to argue. You are flat out wrong. Go look at deep ball stats and he was tips in the league the previous 3 years, this year he is 2nd or 3rd I think.
  6. If you think the offense hasn’t turned it in with how they have looked the past 2 weeks you might be kidding yourself.
  7. He’s 100% 15 tackles, 13 solo, 1 sack and 1 TFL
  8. I remember hearing Vick was OC for a team but didn’t realize it was a minor league team. Thought it was Arena Football
  9. Haven’t seen this posted anywhere. Looking interesting. Gives us football from Super Bowl until about May. YKW is the Offensive Coordinator. Brad Childress is HC. Aaron Murray is QB.
  10. Kingsbury off the list. Signed with USC as OC
  11. He definitely isn’t leaving on his own. They allowed him to retire. Really football players don’t want to play in an option system. Just hope they keep Tobias Oliver and make him a RB or if he can catch a WR
  12. I hope you God not!!!
  13. I hope you God not!!!
  14. No Tech fan wanted him so.....
  15. This was the first time since 2012 that UGA beat GT in Athens. So I wouldn’t really say UGA beat him into retirement.