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  1. Easy fix. Ryan has a white glove on his left hand!!! He needs to go back to the black glove
  2. When to run the ball in these situations!!! This team is mentally screwed up with that Super Bowl collapse. That’s what they identify with.
  3. Thank goodness. We really looked different when Shanny made the move upstrairs. Hopefully this turns out the same
  4. And the thing that looks like Bluetooth collar is supposed to prevent concussion. It’s an experimental device
  5. Definitely respect him and fear him. But long term it may be time
  6. Hang it up. 3 concussions in 3 years...but quit before his brain is mush
  7. Still say their D hasn’t been tested. No Julio for 3qtrs, no Sanu for a half. Sarkisian hasn’t figured out the offense yet.
  8. Confused by this...They put Boobie in during garbage time and Boobie got hurt.
  9. Weren't STHs supposed to get a code for some NFL Sunday ticket thing?
  10. It was right after that jump ball catch
  11. Y'all just see them dabbing it up on the sidelines together? Haha I know they are FSU Alum, but kinda weird
  12. Maybe a scoop and score had Riley not tackled him haha
  13. Actually 21 hours left now lol counter just starts over
  14. The sun and moon are inside the firmament. The sun in NOT 93M miles away