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  1. RAM HER
  2. Dickerson is the Rams vice president of business development. And fans are the business...money and marketing end..
  3. Actually ripped off from Winston Salem Univ
  4. Looks like the Rams logo will be changing again.... Dickerson voicing fans opinions..
  5. I’m hoping they make him a tweener and more of a LB role
  6. Has there been any mention of how Keanu is recovering? I haven’t seen him mentioned much lately
  7. Hopefully this isn’t the future of sports. Leading into the simulation technology age, such a crap product. But “player/driver safety” will take a precedents
  8. Wow!!!!
  9. Actually Gurley is in red
  10. Yeah I’m sure we will be fine managing his knee. We have a stable of backs. Ollison will have a much bigger role this year I think
  11. “Gurley’s Left Knee Must Be Managed” Running back Todd Gurley, who is set to sign a one-year, $5 million deal with the Falcons, has a troublesome left knee injury that the team must managed, according to Dr. David J. Chao. “The arthritis in his knee will not go away but can be managed,” wrote Chao in his Thursday update after Gurley was released by the Rams. “Gurley still has plenty of football left in him, but his carriers/touches will need to be limited as well as his practice time. Going forward, Gurley can still add value as a part-time running back, but teams need to adjust expectations given the health of his left knee.” Chao is a former NFL team doctor for 17 years and practicing orthopedic surgeon. “Just two years after a record setting deal with the Rams he has been released,” Chao wrote. “We discussed his left knee in multiplearticles and subscriber updates while also foreshadowing in our (exhibition) season injury report that Gurley was no longer a bell-cow running back.” Gurley averaged 3.8 yards per carry last season and put up career lows in carries (223) and yards (857).
  12. This about sums it up
  13. From my cousin here in town. She is the Store Manager at a grocery store and the HR Manager sent this text to her in confidence... i cant put this on social media bcuz im a human resource mgr and its confidential... so i had someone say they were exposed to the virus his ex-wife lives in bama with their daughter... his ex was admitted to the hospital and tested positive so he brought their daughter to ga with him... i said i need a drs note saying that...the hospital sent me drs excuse saying he was there... i said this wont work i need something saying you were exposed to the virus... he called and the nurse said it was not documented on her chart he told her i was standing there when the dr said she was positive... the doctor didn't specify the strain yesterday, just said "Coronavirus test was positive"-but he said she ONLY has the 2014 strain and not the 2019 one, along with pneumonia, but she's getting discharged on his orders tomorrow and along with the paperwork will be his doctors note stating all that stuff
  14. That was my thought. Suh could be cheap
  15. 3yr $20.25M deal max with Dallas. $6.75M per year https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28919831/cowboys-reach-3-year-deal-dl-gerald-mccoy-source-says