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  1. if you enjoy watching the practices during training camp then you would enjoy going to the preseason games. i personally would not pay anything close to face value for preseason tickets but if I found some cheap, like $25 for decent seats then I would go
  2. Blank didn't even know who Petrino was. Rich McKay was the one who told Blank to hire Petrino and Blank listened to McKay because he was the GM and all. McKay should get like 95% of the blame for hiring Petrino
  3. shockley is not getting cut yet. we need 4 QBs for training camp
  4. Sad thing is Clayton is head and shoulders better than any WR on your roster. Well done though, you've come to a gun fight with a spoon LOL that must have sounded good in your head. are you forgetting Roddy White? He's done in three seasons what Clayton has done in 4 seasons. And Roddy White is improving and had a break-out season last year whereas Clayton hasn't done anything since his rookie year. I hope the Bucs re-sign Clayton soon
  5. maybe Oakland will give McFadden $40 million guaranteed and then D Hall will cry and hold out for a new deal
  6. heh maybe not genius, but I guess getting 6 years and getting the deal done early is worth the extra money. I saw something on NFLN talking about how Ryan's big contract was going to make it difficult for STL and OAK to come to terms with their 1st round picks. it will be funny to watch what happens with those guys, if they hold out and cause their teams a lot of headaches
  7. they don't wanna know the truth, they just wanna ##### about 34 million dollars. If I read it correctly, all Ryan has to do to earn that 7 Mil log bonus is to participate in 30% of the game during any of the 6 seasons he is under contract. If that is the case then unless something preventing him from playing more than 5 games per season for 6 years, that money is as good as his. Still by definition it is not guaranteed money and protects us if he becomes a huge bust or has a career ending injury. Yes it is not guaranteed, but I think it is extremely difficult for any first round QB(let alone t
  8. wow thanks for posting this, it really lifted my spirits
  9. umm Dimitroff was the director of college scouting for NE since 2003. how is he not considered a PROVEN talent evaluator???
  10. and no I'm not saying Ryan is the next Tom Brady. Just that these talent evaluators aren't really the all-knowing gurus that many of you take them for http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/11/03/60minutes/main1008148.shtml'>
  11. I agree with everything you said except for the 3-4 defense part. I really like our 4-3 if we could just get a monster DT to plug the middle. I think Redman has never had an opportunity like he has this season, and if he starts in week 1 and pulls off some wins, there's no reason to rush Matt Ryan onto the field.
  12. On the other hand you've got guys who have all the physical talents and the elite timed speed and they end up having a terrible work ethic and lacking in motivation. see Jimmy Williams and Michael Vick. My theory is that some of these guys think they have it made due to their athleticism and natural talent and they don't work hard because they don't think they have to in order to succeed at the pro level. I'd rather have a guy like Harry Douglas who knows coming in that he's got to work harder than ever. Hard work plus a moderate level of talent will turn out better than elite talent and
  13. Yeah I do want Redman to succeed. Who knows, he could end up playing like Tommy Maddox (also an insurance salesman) and take this team to the playoffs. At least he was able to get a little bit more money with the 2-year deal he signed.
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